Invisible Thread Reel, Mini
Invisible Thread Reel, Mini
One of the most useful gimmicks in modern time is the Invisible Thread Reel. As most magicians know invisible thread is used for a variety of floating, animation and suspension effects performed right under the audience's nose.

Unfortunately, because of the invisible nature of the thread, most performers have a problem in finding, set-up and handling the thread.

The Invisible Thread Reel is a gimmick that overcomes these problems, giving you a length of invisible thread of the required size in an instant, as and when you require it, and removing it safely into the reel when your use for it is over. Simply pin the gimmick under your collar, in your pocket, or in any other convenient place, and you are set to perform miracles right under their nose.

By itself any gimmick is useless, unless you know what to do with it. For this purpose each reel comes to you with five large pages of illustrated instructions, covering the use and maintenance of your reel, and the many, many types of effects you can do with it.

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