Repeat Bead Cocktail
Repeat Bead Cocktail
The original effect was created by Tan Hock Chuan of Singapore, and has become a favorite with magicians over the years. Models are sold by many magic dealers, but very few take the trouble of manufacturing this by the correct method, which is most essential for the effective illusion.

The performer displays three glasses with different colored beads in each glass. After showing the beads to be loose and separate, the beads from one glass are poured into the other. The glasses are placed mouth to mouth and shaken, so that the beads of the two glasses are totally mixed. Placing the glass behind his back for a moment, the magician´s magically separates the beads into their two different colors. This is repeated once again. Repeat Bead Cocktail is very simple to do, and requires nothing more than a few handling trials. The mechanics are into the special apparatus supplied. We supply you the three clear tumblers, and the three sets of beads in three different colors. The beads are large pearlescent ones highly visible for stage use, although the trick can be performed close-up as well.

Illustrated working instructions and routine are included with the trick, which comes to you ready to work.

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