Universal Anti-Gravity Wand
Universal Anti-Gravity Wand
The Antigravity Glass is a well known magic effect. A Wand is inserted into a clear (transparent) glass of liquid, and when the wand is lifted up, the glass of liquid magically clings to the end of the wand, floating up, and defying the laws of gravity. The traditional method involves the use of a specially prepared glass and a specially prepared wand.

We now give you a completely new method and prop, enabling you to perform this effect under most performing conditions, and with almost any glass of liquid.You could use this in a stage or platform show, or walk on to the floor in Cabaret act, or a bar and perform this with a wine glass in use by your spectators.

We supply you the special wand which is responsible for this effect, with complete instructions. There are no thread or wire loops to fix around the glass, no magnets and shims, and nothing to add or take away. The glass requires no preparation. The special mechanical wand has all the required "gimmickry" built into it. And you could use this same wand as a regular magic wand in your act. Glass not supplied - you can use almost any plastic glass, or most crystal glass wine glasses.

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