Mesh Force Bag
Mesh Force Bag
You can perform many amazing mental effects with this specially gimmicked Net Shopping Bag.

To all appearances it is a clear net Shopping Bag. Yet you can use it for some very strong mental effects, or general effects where you need to force an item. Here are just three of the dozens of amazing effects you can perform with this bag.

  • Crumpled notes or bills of different denominations are collected in the bag and mixed. A spectator is invited to pick out one of these. Performer mind-reads the serial number on the note.
  • Assorted finger rings - both gents and lady's are put into the net Bag. Now a couple is asked to drop their rings in to the bag. Rings are mixed then the magician correctly picks out the pair of matching rings, behind his back!

There are several effects on the market, working on a very clever mechanical lock, where one key from half a dozen or more opens a lock, while the others do not. And the key that unlocks some treasure, (like a hundred buck bill between two plates, or a bar of gold in a clear chest) is the last one the performer gets, after the audience has had a free pick of all the others. (We make a model of the mechanical lock, advertised as Kontrol Key!) You can easily duplicate this effect with the Force Shopping bag, using a genuine lock, and several similar keys tied to ribbons or large key tags, only one of which will open the lock.

With each bag you get a 12 page instruction manuscript that gives you the basic handling techniques, and a few examples of the wide variety of effects possible. As you use the prop you will soon create many amazing routines of your own. With routines by Gay Ljungberg, Ian Adair, & Sam Dalal.

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