Wand Thru Quarter by Telic
Wand Thru Quarter by Telic
Beautiful wand, special designed quarter (Sasco) and complete instructions

Telic Close-Up Wand with a cigarette quarter 6 inch x 5/16 inch.

A Genuine U.S. Coin is shown to the spectator. The amazing novelty is that BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN CAN BE SHOWN. With a slide of the hand and fingers, the magic wand is thrust straight through the coin.

Key Benefits:
  • Use this beautiful wand to replace the cigarette, Cigarettes have been banned in many Restaurants.
  • You can use the wand for other tricks then borrow a quarter and do a switch to do your magic.
  • Can be carried with you at all times, very small and very nice looking.
Itemid: ms-10424
Weight: 30 Gram
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Price: $39.00
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