One Night Stand by Kenton Knepper
One Night Stand by Kenton Knepper
This has been one of Kenton Knepper's favorite walk-around mental effects since the 1980s and now he's tipping his hand for the first time.

The performer opens a common magnetic pocket phone number book, about the size of a business card. The pages of the book are shown all around and on all sides and the spectators verify that the numbers and names in the book are all different.

A participant opens the book to any page while holding the book in her own hands. She sees two different names and numbers on her chosen pages. The participant simply thinks of one of these secret phone numbers, and the performer immediately begins to call out the area code, and the full number the participant has chosen! He even gives the initials of the person to whom the number belongs!

But that's not all-the performer mentions that most people think this must be some sort of trick. "Would you like to see the trick?" the performer teases. "It's simple really. You see, I wrote that very number down a long time ago." Sure enough, the initials and phone number only thought-of by the spectator have been predicted on the back of a photo, a napkin, another business card - you name it. The prediction was in full view before the address book is ever introduced.

No memory needed. No pumping-one "miss" at most, and then all is 100% correct. No multiple outs. The paper with the prediction is the only one used. No impression devices. You may carry and use the magnetic address/phone book as your actual pocket phone book. No sleights. No nail or other on-the-spot writing.

Comes complete with instructions and the address/phone book, with the cover as designed by Kenton. You supply your own handwriting and phone numbers. A miracle in your pocket which can be performed close-up or on stage. Complete with "Trance Illusion" notes and cover.

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