Show Stopper Card by Lubor Fiedler
Show Stopper Card by Lubor Fiedler
Paul Daniels performed Lubor Fiedler's Show Stopper Card on his television show, and it caused millions of viewers to wonder if it was a camera trick or not!

Using a pack of plastic playing cards, a borrowed lit cigarette is held against the back of one of the cards. The cigarette is then pushed slowly thorough the card and it REALLY melts through!

From the other side of the card, the cigarette is completely pulled out! An adhesive sticker is then placed over the hole to fix the damage. Remove the sticker, and, to everyone's amazement, the card is totally restored!

Naturally, the response is to do it again! and so you do! Once again, you repeat the miracle of pushing a lit cigarette through the same card. It is pushed through as before, leaving the card intact and handed out for examination!

  • Can even be repeated with a different card!
  • No switching or palming of any kind!
  • Everything stays in plain sight of spectator!

Comes complete with plastic playing cards, self-adhesive stickers, special gimmick and full three-phase routine!

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