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BIG "Heavy Items" SALE!

Heavy Items Sale We are continuing our BIG "Heavy Items" SALE with HUGE Discounts! We have reduced the price on nearly all of our large and heavy items.

The item shown in the picture is our amazing "Appearing Dove and Rabbit in Glass Cage", an original from Black Magic.

Some items are unique and there may be only one in stock. Get yours while they are available!

Click here for a Complete List

Chinese Sticks, Bamboo

Chinese Sticks, Bamboo

  • Price: $39.00
  • Available: 1
  • Weight: 500 Gram
  • ID: fu-10218
  • Watch

This is one of the classic effects of Magic, as popular and effective today as it was many centuries ago when first created.

We supply a professional outfit, with each stick measuring some 14 inch long. The magician displays a pair of sticks, with a cord apparently running though them. When the cord is pulled at one end, the opposite end on the second stick is pulled in, and vice versa. The audience is obviously un-impressed, till the two sticks are separated at the top, to show there is no connection between them. Again as you pull one end of the cord, the other end is pulled in, and so on. The audience will soon tell you that the cord passes through the bottom of the stick, where they are held together. Once again the sticks are separated at the bottom, and you show them both separately, with no connections between them of any sort. Inspite of this, the cords behave as one continuous length of string, with one end receding as the other end is pulled out.

This is a first rate children's item, with excellent comedy potential.

Appearing Bird Cage, Hat Production

Appearing Bird Cage, Hat Production

  • Price: $38.00
  • Available: 4
  • Weight: 300 Gram
  • ID: fu-10423

A metal cage that folds so you can fit 3 or more of these into a hat, and which expands when produced, complete with a real small bird.

Handcrafted metal work, on a design by Prof Hoffman from a century ago, this magic prop is a piece of craftsmanship you will be proud to own and use.

It measures when closed: 4,5 x 4,6 x 2,5 Inch and when open it measures 4,5 x 4,6 x 5,5 Inch in locked position.

Multiplying Balls, Green by Vernet

Multiplying Balls, Green by Vernet

  • Price: $12.00
  • Available: 3
  • Weight: 50 Gram
  • ID: vt-10162
  • Watch

The magician holds one ball between his thumb and first finger. With a wave of the hand, another ball appears, this one between the first finger and second finger! The magician continues this procedure until the spaces between his fingers are filled with brightly colored balls!

This classic effect, known as the Excelsior Billiard Ball Trick is now made better than ever with easy-to-grip balls by Vernet Magic of Argentina. Each set is supplied in a colorful box and comes complete with instructions and all necessary props. Perfect for the beginner because the balls have an easy to grip surface.

Silk Streamer, Multicolor, 4.5 Inch x 12 Feet

Silk Streamer, Multicolor, 4.5 Inch x 12 Feet

  • Price: $18.00
  • Available: 40
  • Weight: 10 Gram
  • ID: ud-10102
  • Watch

A multicolor streamer 4.5 inch width and 12 feet long. Ideal for production.

Dart Flower, #15 by Magic King

Dart Flower, #15 by Magic King

  • Price: $24.00
  • Available: 6
  • Weight: 400 Gram
  • ID: ms-11287
  • Watch

15 roses with leaves- this production item looks extremely lifelike. Produce this bouquet, toss it high into the air, and it will flip and land right-side-up creating part of a beautiful on-stage garden! Be sure to have two or three of these ready to produce the biggest reaction from your audience!

Effect is beautifully packaged and includes complete illustrated instructions in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish!

Diamond Silk Fountain by Jay Scott Berry

Diamond Silk Fountain by Jay Scott Berry

  • Price: $75.00
  • Available: 1
  • Weight: 55 Gram
  • ID: ms-11112
  • Watch

Introducing a great new working of a classic effect. Traditionally, the Fountain of silks is a pretty effect, an elegant effect. Rarely, if ever, is it considered to be a truly mysterious effect. That is, until now. Imagine being able to show both hands empty (really) then reach into the air and produce a 24 inch red Diamond silk. This is freely shown and pulled through the hands. Then, without and false moves, a fountain of multi- colored silks appears and cascades from the center of the red silk. This effect is as clean and visual as it sounds.

  • Gone are the awkward table or chair steals.
  • Gone are the large lumpy silk bundles.

That's right, you really can produce 9 - 24 inch Diamond silks at you fingertips! Pretty, elegant and mysterious.

Wizard PK Ring, Gold, 18 mm, Flat Band by World Magic Shop

Wizard PK Ring, Gold, 18 mm, Flat Band by World Magic Shop

  • Price: $48.00
  • Available: 5
  • Weight: 75 Gram
  • ID: ms-11123
  • Watch

Once worn NEVER taken off! Possibilities - Endless

The first fully magnetic ring designed by Magicians for Magicians!

The Wizard PK Ring is a complete, 100% Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet fashioned into a wedding band style ring. It will give you a host of unique opportunities to amaze and impress, limited only by the extent of your imagination. To get you started we have set out two basic routines for you to try.

The beauty of the ring lies not only in how it looks, a wedding band on your finger looks completely natural to any spectator, but also in the fact that the ring does all the work for you. There is no need for you to conceal anything a rare treat.

  • Stop time on a person's watch using the power of suggestion.
  • Make items such as cutlery or stationery move, using the power of a person's mind.
  • Chopless chop-cup.
  • Coin vanishes and appearances.

Limited only by the extent of your imagination.

Routines Included:
  • Routine 1 - Stopping Time
  • Routine 2 - Coin Through Glass

What people are saying:

"Had mine for 5 weeks, never taken it off!" - Mike (Lancashire)

"It's about flippin time someone came up with a totally innocent looking band ANYONE could use. No more HUGE skull, gem or pentagram encrusted beasts. No having to wear it in any odd way to get to work with it. This is the proper job." - Tom Lauten

"My opinion, this is the best product of its type on the market, and I cannot see a product that will surpass it. If you are interested in the type of effects that this kind of product can produce, buy this ring." - TonyEye (Magicaffe forum)

"I am becoming more and more attracted to this ring. Could it be the plate in my head?" - E-Man (Magicaffe forum)

"This is a nice classy looking ring. It has a good amount of strength and has made a nice addition to my impromptu arsenal." - Scott Alexander (Magicaffe Forum)

"I received mine a few days ago and I am really satisfied with it! Nicely designed (simple & pure), comfortable to wear and the magnetic strength is well ok! This item won't see my magic drawer with 'items bought and never used'; this ring will be used." - Bernd Maucksch

Comes complete with Wizard PK Ring, ring case and detailed instructions for 2 effects.

Please be aware that it is not advisable to use the ring if you have been fitted with a pacemaker.

US Ring Size 8 (Approximately 18 mm Diameter)

The Card Expert Lesson by Henry Evans

The Card Expert Lesson by Henry Evans

  • Price: $30.00
  • Available: 7
  • Weight: 130 Gram
  • ID: he-10055
  • Watch

The magician shows his amazing skills with a deck of cards by performing cuts in the deck to find the card he desires. One effect: Magician says the dream of many people is to cut in the four aces, and he cuts the deck finding them. Then he finds the four kings, completing 4 blackjacks. 3 other effects included in instructions with this trick.

Dice Through Mirror, Pro

Dice Through Mirror, Pro

  • Price: $13.00
  • Available: 7
  • Weight: 200 Gram
  • ID: mm-10509
  • Watch

The performer shows a wallet with a small square in the middle. A mirror attached to a ribbon is passed around for inspection, then inserted into the wallet. A die is also inspected. The die is placed in the square in the wallet, then, bit by bit, it very slowly sinks until it completely penetrates the mirror and drops to the floor.

The die and mirror are once more passed round for examination.

4-Dimensional Trunk, 2007 by Tenyo

4-Dimensional Trunk, 2007 by Tenyo

  • Price: $33.00
  • Available: 1
  • Weight: 165 Gram
  • ID: to-10182
  • Watch

Open a small briefcase and show that it contains your golfing accessories, a golf tee and marker. Close the case and open it again. This time, the case is completely filled by a full sized golf ball! Amazingly the ball is much larger than the briefcase itself!

American magic creator J.C. Doty became famous for his production of a full-sized bowling ball from a thin briefcase that was much too small to contain the ball. This trick is a light-weight version of the same trick that enables you to perform this powerful effect at any time. A plastic golf ball is included in this package so that you can start performing right away. You may choose to substitute the plastic ball for a real golf ball that you supply.

Heavy Metal by Sam Woodrow

Heavy Metal by Sam Woodrow

  • Price: $18.00
  • Available: 9
  • Weight: 65 Gram
  • ID: ms-10111

A bolt and nut with a washer threaded in the middle are handed out for close examination. The assembled hardware is dropped inside a paper bag and the magician claims that with "just a few shakes of the bag" he can loosen the nut, slip off the washer, then actually screw the nut back onto the bolt! He then does precisely that, and everything can be once again examined, including the bag!

Heavy Metal comes complete with the specially machined hardware, paper bag and illustrated instructions with a full professional presentation.

Zombie Silk, Stars Pattern

Zombie Silk, Stars Pattern

  • Price: $14.50
  • Available: 1
  • Weight: 90 Gram
  • ID: df-10162

Double thick silk specifically realized for the Zombie ball. Stars design.

Chop Cup, Copper

Snowstorm in China, Rainbow by Alan Wong