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Telekinetic BlockTelekinetic-BlockPrice: $29.00 €22.05
Weight:  265 Gram
Mind over matter makes for an extremely interesting and intriguing phenomenon, as performers like Uri Geller have very ably demonstrated. Moving an isolated inanimate object by the powers of your mind is a typical demonstration in this category.

The Telekinetic Block appears like just an ordinary block of wood, which can be examined by the audience. It can be made to topple over by the powers of the mind, defy

Wizard PK Ring, Silver, 21 mm, Flat Band by World Magic ShopWizard-PK-Ring--Silver--21-mm--Flat-Band-by-World-Magic-ShopPrice: $24.50 €18.60
Weight:  75 Gram
Once worn NEVER taken off! Possibilities - Endless...

The first fully magnetic ring designed by Magicians for Magicians!

The Wizard PK Ring is a complete, 100% Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet fashioned into a wedding band style ring. It will give you a host of unique opportunities to amaze and impress, limited only by the extent of your imagination. To get you started we have set out two

Wizard PK Ring, Silver, 25 mm, G2 by World Magic ShopWizard-PK-Ring--Silver--25-mm--G2-by-World-Magic-ShopPrice: $24.50 €18.60
Weight:  75 Gram
The Second Generation Wizard PK ring!

The new G2 Wizard PK ring has all the same qualities as the G1 rings, but has a new curved surface and a bit more grunt! Solid as oak, and as pretty as silk, this new G2 ring is shaped like a regular wedding band.

For those of you wondering Why ANOTHER Wizard Ring?... the answer is simple. YOU, the customer wanted more power (This one is N40+). YOU, the

Vortex PK Pro Ring, Silver, Medium, 20 mmVortex-PK-Pro-Ring--Silver--Medium--20-mmPrice: $26.00 €19.75
Weight:  40 Gram
Take the World by STORM!

Polarized on the curve, not the edge like other rings, The Vortex directs its power towards the item under your control at all times! A revolutionary advance in magnetic rings by the original distributors of PK magic, made affordable without the bulky look of other "rings."

Wearing The Vortex PK Pro Ring you can magnetically switch, change, and control cards, stop time,

Fire NewspaperFire Newspaper by Tora
Open an ordinary newspaper and while reading, the newspaper suddenly is on fire with huge flames.

The trick can be done repeatedly. Close the newspaper to put the flames out.

Now Only $35


Twisting Spoon by KikuchiTwisting Spoon by Kikuchi
A spoon examined by an audience member, becomes pliable as clay in your hands. With no effort on your part, a metal spoon is easily Twisted several times and can be handed out afterwards.
  • Unbelievable Magic
  • Kikuchi Magic from Japan
  • Comes with DVD and Gimmick

Now Only $42


Alien AutopsyAlien Autopsy by Jim Pace & Steve Dobson
Four differently colored alien faces appear and disappear one at a time between pictures of earth and space. Then, with a wave of the hand, the four cards with aliens change to four "green immigration cards" which then magically change into the aliens again, this time all four at once!

For the finale, all four cards are shown to have once again changed into photographs of the infamous "alien autopsy."

Now Only $12


Pop PopPop-Pop, Small Illusion
Pop-Pop is a great pocket or close-up illusion.

You have a small note pad with shiny black covers with the title beautifully printed on the front. You open the pad and draw the picture of a golf ball or a small orange on a stand.

Having finished the drawing you close the note book, give it a little squeeze and a real golf ball or orange falls down from inside the note book and you catch it in your free hand, WOW! This looks fantastic and so unexpected. Now you open the note book and SURPRISE! the picture of the ball or orange has DISSAPEARED and all that is left is the picture of the stand.

Now Only $35


The New Vanishing Coca-Cola Bottle
Now 50% OFF, only $32.50


iTwistiTwist, Black and White by Skulkor
Imagine yourself borrowing an iPhone from anyone, twist it in half while the phone screen is still on, then Twist it back and restore the phone. And hand the phone back to its owner.

You heard it right. It's a borrowed phone. Can't get crazier than this.

Talk about performing organic miracle with everyday objects. Some may use a coin, some may use a dollar bill. Nothing, is like borrowing people's everyday phone and perform miracles.

Now Only $29


My Lady RingMy Lady Ring
This is a high quality original trick from Europe where a ring appears on a finger selected by the audience.

A transparent support with two columns is shown to the audience. The magician fits a black hand in the center of the support, covers it with a golden bag and shows that nothing can go through the bag.

The magician asks a member of the audience which wears a ring and borrows the ring, puts it into a silk and give the silk to the spectator. The magician also ask the spectator which finger he likes the most. The audience counts, one, two, three and the spectator throws the silk into the air and the ring dissapears.

The magician goes to the stand with the black hand, uncovers it and the ring appears in the black hand. Not only that, the ring appears on the finger selected by the spectator.

Now Only $240


Pull TopPull Top, DVD and Gimmick by Mr. Maric
Imagine, taking two borrowed soda pull tops and visibly linking them together or having them link in a spectators hand! Just as easily, you visibly unlink the pull tops and hand them back out for full examination! This is just one of the many effects that are possible with Mr. Maric's Pull Top.

Now Only $55


Watch Crystal by Eric MaurinWatch-Crystal-by-Eric-MaurinPrice: $45.00 €34.20
Weight:  45 Gram
Throughout the ages man has been fascinated with the concept of time. His quest to harness it has taken him from the ancient sundial to the atomic clock. But never before has time been told like this.

The mystery begins with the magician displaying a small glass disc; the crystal from an old pocket watch. A spectator thinks of any time of a secret time.

After blowing on the crystal, a va

Parasol Production, SilverParasol-Production--SilverPrice: $8.00 €6.05
Weight:  190 Gram
Produce from thin air anytime during your act. Beautiful silk Parasol, Silver color.

40 cm (16 inch) in length, 60 cm (24 inch) in diameter.

Exit by Peter EgginkExit-by-Peter-EgginkPrice: $46.50 €35.35
Weight:  55 Gram
Peter Eggink's EXIT is the perfect effect for the latchkey kid! - Nathan Kranzo

There have been many versions of borrowed-object-to-impossible-location, but Peter Eggink's Exit has the most cunning, direct and elegant method imaginable. The result is an effect with the feel of pure, undiluted magic. David Regal

Exit is f***ing Brilliant! - Alexander De Cova

Peter Eggink's Exit shows not on

Card Toon, Vol. 2 by Dan HarlanCard-Toon--Vol.-2-by-Dan-HarlanPrice: $13.50 €10.25
Weight:  110 Gram
The original Card-Toon was one of the fastest selling tricks in magic. A brand new version of this all-time favorite is available. This time when the spectator freely selects a card, an animation of a little magician being shot out of a canon and revealing the card is seen when the cards are flipped.
Rope Gimmicks Pair, Rod Type MagnetsRope-Gimmicks-Pair--Rod-Type-MagnetsPrice: $5.00 €3.80
Weight:  15 Gram
Rope Gimmicks Pair, Rod Type Magnets.
Ripped Up by Peter EgginkRipped-Up-by-Peter-EgginkPrice: $22.50 €17.10
Weight:  30 Gram
The Ultimate Flash Restoration.

Peter Egglink's "Ripped-Up" is a new and fresh take on the Torn & Restored Card plot. Within the "Flash Restoration" category, "Ripped-Up" is the one you're looking for!

The effect is simple and straightforward:

A signed selection is torn into 4 pieces. Next, the 4 pieces are placed on top of the deck. Get this: with just a shake and with no cover whatsoev

Spirits Mental Gimmick by Panda Magic, Pack of 2Spirits-Mental-Gimmick-by-Panda-Magic--Pack-of-2Price: $12.00 €9.10
Weight:  15 Gram
This incredible pen will allow you to perform the very famous ashes on the arm effect (as seen in David Blaine's Magic Man). However, it will also allow you to do much more than that since it can be used with ash, of course, but also with any kind of powder and on quite all supports !

Spirits is a new evolution in the ashes on the arm effect. In addition to this effect, which is absolutely crazy,

Celebri-TieCelebri-TiePrice: $115.00 €87.45
Weight:  480 Gram
Anytime during your show you take off your coat, let it hang casually over your shoulder and throw your tie backwards over the opposite shoulder.

A split second later the tie rises above your shoulder and... it's alive!

It can dance, sing and even find a card chosen by a spectator! At the end of this routine you put the tie in its original position, put on your coat and continue with your act.

Vanishing Card Box, BicycleVanishing-Card-Box--BicyclePrice: $4.50 €3.40
Weight:  30 Gram
The magician takes a deck of cards out of the case and places them on the table (or spreads them out in a fan).

The audience will be absolutely surprised to realize that the box has disappeared. What is left, is an empty hand and a deck of cards the magician can produce further tricks with.

Pharaoh Decal, Large, 12 Inch, EachPharaoh-Decal--Large--12-Inch--EachPrice: $2.00 €1.50
Weight:  10 Gram
Printed on the back of a transparent PVC sheet with protective backing, and self adhesiv ready for you to peel off, cut out, and press onto your magic props. They add a magical motif and flash of color to your magic props. Silk screened in five bright colors.
Production Card Tube with SilkProduction-Card-Tube-with-SilkPrice: $8.00 €6.05
Weight:  50 Gram
Quick Change of Pace Production.

Display four cards hinged together to form a box. Produce Silks from inside the square card box. One Silk Included!

Spirit Nut, Small by Carl BremaSpirit-Nut--Small-by-Carl-BremaPrice: $6.50 €4.90
Weight:  30 Gram
The performer shows a solid brass nut, which can be threaded on to a lace, string, or even over a knitting needle. Yet the nut can be made to penetrate off the string or needle in an instant.

This is a very fine piece of mechanical magic, and we guarantee you will be delighted with the clever working of this item. We supply you the special fake nut, a matching ordinary nut, both precision made in solid brass, a

Infra-Red Box by WerryInfra-Red-Box-by-WerryPrice: $9.50 €7.20
Weight:  50 Gram
Let a spectator choose a playing card (or ESP card). Let's say the Eight of Hearts. The card is placed face up on the table. Show a small white disc on both sides to be blank (and it is!). You sign it on one side and the spectator signs it on the reverse side. The disc is then placed into the transparent Infra-Red Box.

Because the box is transparent, both signatures can be seen on the disc. The spectator places

Quantimental Rods by Ed MellonQuantimental-Rods-by-Ed-MellonPrice: $5.50 €4.15
Weight:  100 Gram
Ed Mellon's Quantimental Rods is one of the best mental apparatus props, with an extremely clever working secret. The performer displays four different colored rods on a stand. A spectator is asked to thinks of any of the rods, show it to the audience, and place it back on the stand, while the performer's back is turned. The performer turns around and immediately reveals the selected color.

The effect can be im

Bite Out Quarter Coin by RoyalBite-Out-Quarter-Coin-by-RoyalPrice: $7.50 €5.70
Weight:  15 Gram
A wildly popular trick. This is a seemingly impromptu miracle.

The magician displays a quarter, and then takes a bite out of it! The spectators actually see teeth marks in the quarter. A piece of the coin is missing, apparently in the magician's mouth.

The magician then restores the quarter in a flash - by spitting the bit-out portion of the quarter back on to the chunk remaining in his hand. In the b

Crystal Block DeckCrystal-Block-DeckPrice: $9.50 €7.20
Weight:  130 Gram
Perform any Ambitious Card routine with a KILLER CLIMAX!

A signed card put in the center of the deck jumps to the top of the deck. Explain You don't do magic with a real deck.

Have the spectator hold this deck it's a PIECE OF SOLID BLOCK OF PLASTIC.


FREE Bicycle How to Play AppFREE Bicycle How to Play App

The Bicycle Brand's How to Play App is available (and free) in the iTunes store for the iPhone and iPad and Google Play for Android.

It includes easy-to-follow rules for over 75 card games, and lets you search for games by number of players, the type of group playing, or simply by name. Whether you need a rules refresher or want a new game to play for your game night, How to Play is the app for you!

Available for iPhone
Available for iPad
Available for Android

Appearing 2 Radios from Empty Paper Bag by ToraAppearing-2-Radios-from-Empty-Paper-Bag-by-ToraPrice: $210.00 €159.70
Weight: 2 Kg 100 Gram
Appearing Two Radios from Empty Paper Bag includes a paper bag and two hand crafted folding radios.

Very easy to do, the magician shows an empty paper bag to the audience and then appears two radios from the paper bag one by one.

Dimensions of radios: 31 x 22 x 21.5 cm.

I Love You Frame by Black MagicI-Love-You-Frame-by-Black-MagicPrice: $45.00 €34.20
Weight: 1 Kg 700 Gram
You have a black frame. You put a handkerchief to cover the frame and when you pull off the handkerchief, I Love You will be appear on the frame.

Very easy to perform. Top quality and beautiful design. Your audience will never understand the secret.

Encore Block ReleaseEncore-Block-ReleasePrice: $12.50 €9.50
Weight:  225 Gram
A large golden cube is threaded on to a loop of rope. Offering to show how it can be removed without untying the ends of the loop, the magician cuts the rope and removes the block. Suddenly, and in a most surprising manner, the rope is restored again!

The Block is re-threaded on the rope and now it penetrates! On the count of three, it passes right through the loop of rope, leaving all intact, and everything ca

Appearing of 1 Flower Pot from Silks, Multicolor by ToraAppearing-of-1-Flower-Pot-from-Silks--Multicolor-by-ToraPrice: $285.00 €216.75
Weight: 1 Kg 200 Gram
The magician shows four colorful silks and one by one places the silks in his hand. He shakes the silks and a huge Flower Pot appear. Amazing.

This is a great trick, and easy to perform.

This trick consists of four Silks and one Flower Pot.

We can supply this in various colors. If you want a special color we can accommodate you but production time for different colors are around two weeks.Details...

Appearing CD Player from Empty Paper Bag by ToraAppearing-CD-Player-from-Empty-Paper-Bag-by-ToraPrice: $220.00 €167.30
Weight: 1 Kg 700 Gram
An impossible act!

The magician show an empty paper bag. Then he appears a CD Player the same size as the bag.

Dimensions of the CD player: 26 cm x 25.5 cm x 40 cm. Dimensions of the Paper Bag: 30 cm x 27 cmx 42 cm.

Wood Palace AKA Doves on Sword by Black MagicWood-Palace-AKA-Doves-on-Sword-by-Black-MagicPrice: $280.00 €212.95
Weight: 3 Kg 700 Gram
Open a box and show it empty. Close and open it again. Now three pigeon appears on a sword. Then close the box without touching the pigeons. When you open the box again, magically three rabbits appear instead of the pigeons.
Dove and Fire Sword by ToraDove-and-Fire-Sword-by-ToraPrice: $195.00 €148.30
Weight:  700 Gram
The magician enters the stage with a sword in his hand. The sword is a automatically set on fire and from the flames a dove appears.

This is a great item to be used as a grand entrance.

Cup Zero with DVD by Twister MagicCup-Zero-with-DVD-by-Twister-MagicPrice: $42.50 €32.30
Weight:  60 Gram
Another great idea by George Iglesias, comes to us, this time with an incredible NEW levitation trick that will blow everybody's mind!

Imagine being able to float on stage a cup full of liquid in the mid air and many heavy objects full of their own contents...

Now with Cup Zero it's possible!

An amazing levitation system that will allow you to perform miracles, making possible

Money CountingMoney-CountingPrice: $3.50 €2.65
Weight:  30 Gram
Magician displays a packet of bills in front of the spectator. The first counting shows $90. The second counting shows $80. The money actually gets less and less. The third time there is only $70! It's very baffling, as each bill is counted singly and with no cover of any kind. The procedure can be reversed and magi can show more money each time the bills are counted.
Karate Coin, 50 Cent Euro by Tango MagicKarate-Coin--50-Cent-Euro-by-Tango-MagicPrice: $19.50 €14.80
Weight:  20 Gram
The magician shows a coin and throws it into the air. While in the air, he strikes it with his finger. Incredibly, the finger pierces the center of the coin.
Quick Change by Steve DusheckQuick-Change-by-Steve-DusheckPrice: $24.50 €18.60
Weight:  30 Gram
This is an oldie, but goodie brought back from the past. Brought back from years gone by comes Steve Dusheck's Quick Change.

Steve gave Definitive Magic permission to release this classic coin effect. We're very excited about this one! Here's the effect...

You concluded your favorite coin routine. Explain to the audience how easy it is for a magician to skillfully manipulate coins. Suppose he w

Euro-Dollar Scotch and Soda Magnetic by Tango MagicEuro-Dollar-Scotch-and-Soda-Magnetic-by-Tango-MagicPrice: $29.50 €22.40
Weight:  25 Gram
Effect 1

The magician shows a 50 cents euro coin and a quarter dollar coin in his left hand. He closes both hands and when he opens his hands, he finds only a 50 cents euro coin, because the quarter dollar has traveled to the other hand.

Effect 2

The magician shows two coins, a quarter dollar and a 50 cents euro coin, he places them on the pad or a tablecloth. He covers them with the hand for a second

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Vanishing and Appearing Lit Cigarette by ToraVanishing-and-Appearing-Lit-Cigarette-by-ToraPrice: $20.00 €15.20
Weight:  25 Gram
The magician lights a cigarette and places it in his hand and then closes his hand. Wow! Upon opening his hand, the cigarette has been vanished! In order to make his audiences completely assured about the honesty of his action, he opens his both hands and with surprise, everybody sees that the cigarette has already been vanished and there is nothing left. The lit cigarette returns to his hand with a very fast movemen
Appearing and Vanishing Dice Frame by ToraAppearing-and-Vanishing-Dice-Frame-by-ToraPrice: $60.00 €45.60
Weight: 1 Kg 100 Gram
This Dice frame can appear and disappear a dice.

Magician brings out a dice from the dice frame, and show the empty dice frame to spectators and then amazingly he disappears the dice.

After vanishing the dice, the magician can make the dice appear again from a different place in the frame.

The frame is made of high quality plastic witha pretty base. This Dice frame can appear and vani

Light Candles Flight, Gold Cloth by ToraLight-Candles-Flight--Gold-Cloth-by-ToraPrice: $70.00 €53.20
Weight:  480 Gram
This wonderful item will bring the audience out of their seats!

The magician lights a candle then put it in a candlestick. After that he flies it thru a silk and the candle can easily moves to everywhere he wants. You will have a great shows with this excellent item.

After performing this item with silk, the magician can flies the candlestick without silk too. You can perform it in different st

Fire and Silk Box with DVD by ToraFire-and-Silk-Box-with-DVD-by-ToraPrice: $55.00 €41.80
Weight:  480 Gram
The magician shows the box empty to the audiences and with his glance it suddenly bursts into flames but the flames immediately vanish. (You can keep the flames as long as you wish). The magician then shows the box empty to the audiences again, and he makes a very big silk appear from the box. He passes the corners of the silk from the holes, which are seen on the sides of the box.

This action is clearly done i

Arsy Varsy Bottle by ToraArsy-Varsy-Bottle-by-ToraPrice: $60.00 €45.60
Weight:  700 Gram
Display a lovely bottle and cover it with a tube. With a magical gesture, raise the tube to reveal that the bottle has turned upside down! Slip the tube back over the bottle, repeat the gesture and raise the tube to show that the bottle has righted itself.

This effect can be repeated. To complete the routine, pour drinks from the bottle... then produce perfectly dry silks from it!

Strange and Colorful Rose by ToraStrange-and-Colorful-Rose-by-ToraPrice: $30.00 €22.80
Weight:  70 Gram
New and attractive flower trick. A flower stick is seen in magician's hand whose color is red, a yellow flower can be used as well. He parts the red flower off its stick and displays it to the audiences isolated from stick. Upon moving away his hand, spectators is surprised to see that another red one has appeared instead of the first. He parts this one from its stick too and puts those two isolated flowers in his po
Appearing Coin in Tweezers by ToraAppearing-Coin-in-Tweezers-by-ToraPrice: $40.00 €30.40
Weight:  120 Gram
The magician shows a coin to the audiences and vanish it then he shows a pair of tweezers, flicks it in the air, then in a magical movement the tweezers take the vanished coins from the air.

The magicians again vanish the coin and this time the tweezers take the coins from near the ear of the magician and again he vanishes the coin and he can takes it from its favorite place so the tweezers can appear the vanis

Sword Through Neck by ToraSword-Through-Neck-by-ToraPrice: $60.00 €45.60
Weight:  600 Gram
Show the audience a sword. Take an apple or orange and push the sword through it. Then push the sword through the stocks and show it to the audience.

Ask an spectator to wear the colllar-like stocks round his / her neck. To be more sensational, ask the person if he wants to say anything, as his last will. This causes laughter as well as excitement. Then thrust the sword through the neck so that both ends of the

Chameleon Rainbow StreamerChameleon-Rainbow-StreamerPrice: $19.50 €14.80
Weight:  30 Gram
A very good, easy, quick and highly visible effect where a black silk streamer shown freely all around and waved in the air changes into a multicolor streamer, as if stealing the colors from a rainbow. It can be worked in reverse too. Just a flick of the multicolored streamer in the air and the colors disappear in the wink of an eye leaving the streamer dark black.

The streamers are 15 cm wide and over a meter

Color Changing CDs, Double PocketColor-Changing-CDs--Double-PocketPrice: $22.50 €17.10
Weight:  125 Gram
One trick. Two distinct methods with the special DOUBLE sleeve!

Show the audience an empty CD sleeve with one side transparent. Freely show three CDs that are silver on both sides.Place at the CDs one after another into this CD sleeve and wave a colored silk at the combination. The CDs one after another change color to match the silk.

The audience sees BOTH sides of the CDs. This astounding eff

Triception, ESP MentalTriception--ESP-MentalPrice: $12.00 €9.10
Weight:  75 Gram
An ESP effect you can't pass by! Spectator deals 10 ESP cards face up in the shape of a pyramid. Magician now openly deals from the bottom of the deck a face down card on top of each face up card. As the cards are dealt, the spectator uses an "image receptor" consisting of a triangular piece of clear plastic to indicate which cards he thinks match and which do not.

When the cards are turned over, the spectator

Color Changing Bottles, 5 Times by ToraColor-Changing-Bottles--5-Times-by-ToraPrice: $60.00 €45.60
Weight:  800 Gram
The magician show an empty tube and a shining black bottle to the audience. Then he puts the bottle inside the tube and take out a bottle with a different color. This he can do 5 times and all bottles are different colored.

Comes with 5 Bottles, an aluminum tube and DVD for perfomance instructions.


Vanishing British Coca-Cola Bottle, Full by Norm NielsenVanishing-British-Coca-Cola-Bottle--Full-by-Norm-NielsenPrice: $45.00 €34.20
Weight:  140 Gram
Vanishing British Coca-Cola Bottle, Full. Bottle dimensions: 8.5 inch high X 2.5 inch diameter.

This 0.3 liter bottle is the bottle used in England.

Foo Can Mini with Handle, Stainless SteelFoo-Can-Mini-with-Handle--Stainless-SteelPrice: $9.50 €7.20
Weight:  150 Gram
The Foo Can is a utility device which can do with liquids, what a change bag can do with solids. You can use this to vanish a quantity of liquid, or produce a quantity of liquid, or even change one liquid into another, for example water into wine, or water into milk etc.

This Foo Can is 11 cm (4 1/2 inches) in height and made from stainless steel to give you a non rusting prop that will maintain its gleaming s

Passe Passe Bottles, Set of 3, Spun MetalPasse-Passe-Bottles--Set-of-3--Spun-MetalPrice: $45.00 €34.20
Weight: 1 Kg 0 Gram
The performer apparently shows two cylinders, under one of which is a bottle, and under the other a glass. The magician makes a magic pass, and the bottle and glass are found to have changed places, with the bottle now appearing under the cylinder where the glass was, and vice versa.

This is repeated a number of times and can be played for a lot of comedy. For example an assistant can be chasing the bottle, and

Botty, Colored Bottle TopsBotty--Colored-Bottle-TopsPrice: $22.50 €17.10
Weight:  70 Gram
We give you three different colored bottle tops made from high quality plastic. They really look like glass. With these you can do the bottle through the body illusion, bottle through the table, floating bottle. You can vanish a silk and it will appear back inside the bottle. A good buy as they are so versatile.

Appearing 3 Guitars
Appearing of Three Guitars from Suitcase.

You enter the stage with a suitcase in hand.
From this you are able to produce THREE Guitars. Easy to do.

The guitars are made of wood and look like real guitars.
All in a handy suitcase for easy transportation.

This is a first class trick!

Automatic Dove to Rabbit Cage by Tora MagicAutomatic-Dove-to-Rabbit-Cage-by-Tora-MagicPrice: $280.00 €212.95
Weight: 3 Kg 900 Gram
The magician shows one an empty cage to the spectators. Then he opens the front door and places one or two doves in it. Then he closes the door. Now there are two doves in the cage. After a while he lifts the upper lid off the cage and suddenly everyone see that two doves have changed into two beautiful rabbits.

All sides, front and back walls are completely open to show that nothing is in the cage except the

Vanishing Cane, White PlasticVanishing-Cane--White-PlasticPrice: $12.50 €9.50
Weight:  60 Gram
A large cane over three feet in length held with between the performer's hands visibly vanishes, or transforms into a pair of silks or ribbons. We now offer you a new model in gleaming metallic silver finish.

These canes are made of plastic, and do not have the same spring tension as steel canes, and are not suitable for transformation to flowers etc.

But if your requirement is for just a Vanishing

Impossible Bill in Bottle by Gerald KirchnerImpossible-Bill-in-Bottle-by-Gerald-KirchnerPrice: $30.00 €22.80
Weight:  55 Gram
Allows you to seal objects inside a bottle, vanish duplicate objects in front of the spectator, and reveal them floating inside the bottle. The results are simply amazing! The other two tricks in this series each contain something that make them unique. They're powerful reflections of what magic should be. In this, the third trilogy, you'll see the evolution of what the other two made possible.
Appearing Decks (from Europe) by JokerAppearing-Decks-(from-Europe)-by-JokerPrice: $49.50 €37.60
Weight:  120 Gram
The magician presents a wallet, takes three cards with red blacks out of it, two black cards and a red one. He asks a spectator to draw out the red card. The card he has drawn out changes into a black one in the hand of the spectator. The magician now tells the spectator that the red card has "jumped" back into his wallet, which has been lying on the table right in the eyes of the whole audience. He opens the wallet

Color Changing Rope To SilkColor-Changing-Rope-To-SilkPrice: $5.50 €4.15
Weight:  30 Gram
The magician displays a piece of white rope between his hands. He passes his hand over the rope, and it changes to an entirely different color. He passes his hand again over the rope, and it is now a silk of yet another color. Easy, automatic and visual magic that can be carried in the pocket, and is suitable for a large audience. Always ready to perform, complete with illustrated instructions.
Dice Tray by ToraDice-Tray-by-ToraPrice: $95.00 €72.25
Weight: 1 Kg 180 Gram
The magician shows the spectators an empty tray with both empty sides. Next, 5 big dices can be appeared one after another in a way that every time that the empty tray is shown, a dice will appear. The performer can do it five times.

This new item is made of high quality material and consists of a tray and five dices.

Ghost Tube, Square SplitGhost-Tube--Square-SplitPrice: $22.50 €17.10
Weight:  500 Gram
Here is an utility prop based on an idea by Ian Adair of England which enables you to perform varied effects. It is a variation of the Ghost Tube. But unlike the normal Ghost Tube, you can also use it to produce or vanish items, or change one thing to another. In effect the magician shows a square tube, which can be folded in the middle.

The audience can see right through the tube, and both halves-shown complet

Amazing Birthday Bear Photo Frame, Type 1Amazing-Birthday-Bear-Photo-Frame--Type-1Price: $32.50 €24.70
Weight:  900 Gram
Performer shows a large 8 Inch x 10 Inch Photo Frame, with a picture of black spots splattered all over.

As the audience attempt to make sense of this piece of "Modern Art", the picture visibly and instantly transforms into a perfectly legible black and white drawing. But the performer comments the picture is too drab for such an expensive frame. He waves the picture, and it is instantly colored in bright color

Tie One On Trick by Jim PaceTie-One-On-Trick-by-Jim-PacePrice: $9.50 €7.20
Weight:  25 Gram
Turn your own tie into a comedy gag tie! Watch the laughs as your tie rolls up when you active it.

Dimensions Approximately 9 1/2 inch x 1 inch 24 cm x 2.5 cm. Colors May Vary.

Comedy FunnelComedy-FunnelPrice: $26.50 €20.15
Weight:  460 Gram
A classic Comedy prop. Liquid can be made to pour out at will from an empty funnel.

Similar to the Comedy Funnel in effect, but larger and working on a different method. This funnel permits you to produce a large quantity or water or other liquid from any part of a spectator's body, or anywhere else you wish.

Have a small boy drink a glass full of water. Now ask him to pump his arms up and down

Cut And Restored Tie, Yellow Color by Derek RuttCut-And-Restored-Tie--Yellow-Color-by-Derek-RuttPrice: $59.50 €45.25
Weight:  130 Gram

The best cut and restored tie we have ever seen! You can use the SAME TIE OVER AND OVER AGAIN! And the cutting and restoring is done in front of the audience. NO CHANGE BAGS and NO EXCHANGE IN YOUR POCKET. You hold a piece of paper in front of your tie and ask a helper to cut the paper across, he does this and when you take the two pieces of paper away you have one piece i

Foam PencilFoam-PencilPrice: $16.50 €12.50
Weight:  50 Gram
This hilarious over-sized pencil is a perfect crowd pleaser for any close-up or stage act.

Four Appearing Guitars From Suitcase

Four Appearing Guitars From Suitcase

An absolutely astonishing appearing act where you appear not ONE but FOUR full size guitars from a suitcase.


Cloud Money, 2011 by TenyoCloud-Money--2011-by-TenyoPrice: $19.50 €14.80
Weight:  90 Gram
A dollar bill floats out of your hand, and dances in mid-air left and right, up and down and finally straight up. The clever gimmick enables you to take a bill from any country, U.S. dollars, Euros, etc. and instantly make it float upward from your hands. You can show the front and back of the bill, and since there are no threads involved, you can perform this virtually anywhere.
China Surprise, 2010 by TenyoChina-Surprise--2010-by-TenyoPrice: $39.50 €30.00
Weight:  80 Gram
Push a sheet of tissue paper into your closed fist. On top of the tissue, you place a small green ball. Make a magical gesture, and... the tissue has transformed magically into a delicious looking shumai dumpling!
Crash Dice by TenyoCrash-Dice-by-TenyoPrice: $29.50 €22.40
Weight:  110 Gram
Your audience sees you place a single die inside of a clear container. Yet seconds later, the die explodes into eight tiny dice, or even changes color from white to red! All props can be passed for examination after you've performed this visually startling miracle.

The inventor of this trick, Hiroshi Sawa has inspired magicians the world over with his whimsical and lyrical magic creations. A dentist by trade, D

Vanishing Point, 2009 by TenyoVanishing-Point--2009-by-TenyoPrice: $29.50 €22.40
Weight:  130 Gram
Truly Astonishing! A completely astounding vanish!

This magic effect baffles everyone, including experienced magicians. The solid ball completely vanishes, and reappears from below the tabletop. When you learn the secret, you'll be just as impressed as your audiences. A simple gimmick, used in a diabolically clever way, has enabled us to develop this brand-new effect.

Place a solid ball on the

Flying Head

Black XFour Super Card Tricks
Black X
You can control the outcome of each dice toss! Not only that, all the dice instantly change to the same value. Click here for details
4 Super Card Tricks
Mystify with 4 super tricks, Vanishing Balloons, Wild Ghosts, Chameleon Cards and Find the Rabbit. Click here for details
These classics are not manufactured anymore. When they are gone they are gone. A collectors item!
English Instructions.

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