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Mental Reverse by Chris BoyerMental-Reverse-by-Chris-BoyerPrice: $19.50 €17.30
Weight:  195 Gram
The spectator names any card. A deck of cards is spread face up and the magician takes out the named card. The magician shows that the back of the named card is a different color than the back of the rest of the deck. Any card thought of!

Requires no skill! Very easy to do!

Hank The Pet Hanky by Chazpro MagicHank-The-Pet-Hanky-by-Chazpro-MagicPrice: $19.50 €17.30
Weight:  150 Gram
"When my pet rock died, I got a Pet Handkerchief!" Some well-known magician.

Long off the market, it is back again and better than ever! Hank is a comedy utility item for magicians and the Poor Man's Vent Doll! “Hank” can be used by entertainers in a variety of ways. The presentational possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Coin Magic: Use Hank to vanish and appear coins (a coin routine i

Color Changing Candle to FlowerColor-Changing-Candle-to-FlowerPrice: $34.50 €30.60
Weight:  500 Gram
The performer displays a lit candle, (say red) on a candle stand. A narrow tube is now placed over the candle, (with the flames showing over the top) then lifted, and the candle has magically changed to a different color (say Yellow).

This color changing effect can be repeated if you wish. Finally a cap is placed over the tube to extinguish the flame. When the tube is now lifted, the candle has transformed to a

Professors Nightmare, Rope TrickProfessors-Nightmare--Rope-TrickPrice: $3.00 €2.65
Weight:  50 Gram

Performer shows three separate pieces of rope each of a different size. There is a very short piece, a medium size piece, and a long piece. The performer folds the three pieces and when the ropes are opened out again all three pieces are seen to be of the same size.

A perfect illusion. If required the ropes can again be restored to their original different sizes and tossed out for examination.

Mismade Bill, Real US CurrencyMismade-Bill--Real-US-CurrencyPrice: $10.00 €8.85
Weight:  10 Gram
If you can fold a bill into eight equal pieces, you can do this trick. A crisp dollar bill is folded up in the magicians hand. When it's unfolded, the bill is seen in four quarters - literally. The ends of the bill have now gathered in it's center. Just as easily, the bill is returned to its natural state. This is a trick that you'll carry with you everywhere you go. Extremely deceptive and extremely easy to do.
Vanishing Cloth 21 Inch, Black by Duane LaflinVanishing-Cloth-21-Inch--Black-by-Duane-LaflinPrice: $22.50 €19.95
Weight:  60 Gram
Duane Laflin Superb Vanish.

A small object, or a ball up to 3 inch in diameter, is placed on the hand. For a moment it is covered with a cloth. When the cloth is jerked away, the object has VANISHED!

Giant Magic Wand SetGiant-Magic-Wand-SetPrice: $10.50 €9.30
Weight:  350 Gram
A giant magic wand 20 Feet long and 2 Inch in diameter, filled with tricks and a booklet of over 100 amazing tricks you can perform with the props included, and other every day objects like paper and pencil, coins and cards, handkerchief and string.

Contents include props for some easy and effective magic like the Coin Slide, Color Changing Die, Balancing Wand, Houdini Beads, Devil Coin Box, and more! A special

Another Flying Ring, RegularAnother-Flying-Ring--RegularPrice: $9.50 €8.40
Weight:  90 Gram
A borrowed finger ring vanishes from the performer's hand and appears hooked to a link or clip in a Key Case in the performer's hip pocket.

First described by Al Koran in his book Professional Presentations the effect is something of a classic, appealing to many performers as a visual and direct bit of chicanery, involving intimate audience participation. Several commercial models have appeared in the market, u

Cobra TieCobra-TiePrice: $30.00 €26.60
Weight:  750 Gram
As magic effects go, this one is different and will make an impact on any audience.

The performer removes his neck tie, or you may borrow one from someone in the audience. It is examined, then coiled and placed on a flat tray. As the performer whistles a tune, or he can have a spectator play a flute, the tie becomes animated. The broad end of the tie rises like a cobra's hood, crawling higher and higher,

Ultimate Spoon Bend, 2008 by TenyoUltimate-Spoon-Bend--2008-by-TenyoPrice: $32.50 €28.85
Weight:  110 Gram
Show your audience a solid metal spoon. Focus your psychic energy on it, and watch the spoon bend at your fingertips. As a surprising finale, the spoon breaks in half! You can hand our the two broken pieces of the spoon to your audience for examination, and they will find nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. No cover or secret movements. Your audience will shriek when they seen the spoon bend!
Clatter Box, Wood by Jack HughesClatter-Box--Wood-by-Jack-HughesPrice: $35.00 €31.05
Weight:  720 Gram
A colored silk is removed from a decorated box held by a spectator. The Magician vanishes the silk, and claims the silk will magically re-appear in the box. When the spectator attempts to open the box, it falls to pieces, with the silk attached to top of box dangling in spectator's hand. Will draw a laugh from any audience.

Handsomely decorated wood box, complete with silks and instructions.

The box i

Steel Ball And Tube Mystery, BrassSteel-Ball-And-Tube-Mystery--BrassPrice: $12.50 €11.05
Weight:  90 Gram
The ball and tube mystery, where a steel ball magically sinks into a tube which is smaller on the inside than the diameter of the ball is an effect most magicians would be familiar with. The super version of this effect, using solid brass tubes and a much bigger ball, using props that can be handled by the audience.

The performer displays a solid brass tube, measuring some 2.25 inch long and 0.5 inch in diame

Expanded 10 Cent Euro Shell by Tango MagicExpanded-10-Cent-Euro-Shell-by-Tango-MagicPrice: $19.50 €17.30
Weight:  15 Gram
Four 10 cent Euro coins are borrowed from the audience and held in the Magician's left hand. The coins then travel, one coin at a time, from the left hand to the right hand.
Nail Puzzle, StandardNail-Puzzle--StandardPrice: $1.00 €0.85
Weight:  20 Gram
A pair of Nails are twisted around each other, and can not be separated unless you know the simple secret.

You are not permitted to force the Nails out of shape, or straighten them.

Key Melt by Keith LackKey-Melt-by-Keith-LackPrice: $45.00 €39.95
Weight:  65 Gram
Silver Shifter Technology Taken to the Extreme

The magician displays three brass keys to the audience and hands them out for examination. One of the keys is selected and handed back to the magician. He holds the key by its crown end between the thumb and index finger of one hand and begins to rub it between his fingers. Slowly, the shaft of the key visibly begins to melt and bend downward!


Four Flush by Nick TrostFour-Flush-by-Nick-TrostPrice: $7.50 €6.65
Weight:  35 Gram
A Wild Card effect with six cards! You show five blank-faced cards and one Four of Spades. The Four is brushed against two of the blank cards and they change to Fours! This is repeated with the other blank cards and at the finish, all six cards have changed to the Four of Spades'a Four Flush! No double-faced cards are used, yet spectators seem to see the face and back of every card! Each trick comes with specially pr

Appearing Champagne and Wine Bottles from Paper Bag by ToraAppearing-Champagne-and-Wine-Bottles-from-Paper-Bag-by-ToraPrice: $280.00 €248.60
Weight: 3 Kg 200 Gram
Show a paper bag completely empty, then you appear a three Champagne Bottles from the paper bag.

Finally you can appear a real wine bottle that is full of wine! You can show it to the audience.

This item consists of a champagne bottle, three wine bottles and one complete table. The table helps to appear the wine bottle and other things. The table can be folded for easy transportation.

Dove and Fire Sword by ToraDove-and-Fire-Sword-by-ToraPrice: $150.00 €133.15
Weight:  700 Gram
The magician enters the stage with a sword in his hand. The sword is a automatically set on fire and from the flames a dove appears.

This is a great item to be used as a grand entrance.

Wood Palace AKA Doves on Sword by Black MagicWood-Palace-AKA-Doves-on-Sword-by-Black-MagicPrice: $190.00 €168.70
Weight: 3 Kg 700 Gram
Open a box and show it empty. Close and open it again. Now three pigeon appears on a sword. Then close the box without touching the pigeons. When you open the box again, magically three rabbits appear instead of the pigeons.
Dans Magic Van by Ian AdairDans-Magic-Van-by-Ian-AdairPrice: $12.00 €10.65
Weight:  350 Gram
This is IAN ADAIR’S great colorful childrens effect. For those not familiar with Ian he is responsible for many hundreds of children's routines over the last 50 years.
  1. It is colorful, SIX beautiful colours, bright and bold
  2. Large enough to be seen at the biggest venues
  3. Easy to work and NO resetting

This is the absorbing story of Dan the Magic Man and his Ma

Card On Tie by Manuel Muerte and Lex SchoppiCard-On-Tie-by-Manuel-Muerte-and-Lex-SchoppiPrice: $75.00 €66.55
Weight:  190 Gram
The magician riffles the deck of playing cards to the audience, the viewer says stop. The audience remembers the card. Immediately the decked is searched by the audience for their chosen card. It disappears from the deck and appears quickly onto the tie of the magician. This effect is based on the transformation of the tie, without the change. The playing card appears right on the tie. Additional effects are detailed
Cane to Flower and Flower to Cane by ToraCane-to-Flower-and-Flower-to-Cane-by-ToraPrice: $55.00 €48.80
Weight:  300 Gram
Magician displays a solid cane and suddenly, with one hand motion, it becomes a flexible flower bouquet. He places stems of the flowers into a tiny flower pot.

With his magical gesture, the plant jumps up out of the pot and instantly transforms into a solid cane in the air.

  • Easy to do!
  • Cane automatically pops up
  • Soft, feather plant adds lively charm
  • Comes with 2
Wonder Worm by Alan WongWonder-Worm-by-Alan-WongPrice: $24.50 €21.75
Weight:  90 Gram
The magician asks a spectator to select a card from a small pile. The card is returned and mixed up and lay out randomly face down on the table. Next a magic worm is introduced and it starts going around searching among the cards and finally stops on top of the selected card!

Includes complete Wonder Worm prop and instruction sheet.

Wonder Worm Dimensions Approximately: 4 inch x 1 inch x 1 inch.

Arolex Jumbo Spring FlowersArolex-Jumbo-Spring-FlowersPrice: $12.50 €11.05
Weight:  180 Gram
This is a flashy item that is ideal for production routines.

One bunch of 12 Jumbo Spring Flowers. Made from high-quality Arolex polyester glitter paper, these flowers are HUGE! Use in production routines, especially suited for stage due to its flashiness and size.


PSY-Key, GM-Key AKA The Modern Haunted KeyPSY-Key--GM-Key-AKA-The-Modern-Haunted-KeyPrice: $9.50 €8.40
Weight:  20 Gram
From the producers of the Pro PK Kit, comes the newest PK accessory, PSY-Key. This expertly machined key can be made to move or flip over.

Place it on a table covered with a glass, and it turns over. Even make the key turn over in a spectator's hand!

This item is the perfect add-on to your Micro 5 PK Magnet. This listing is for a complete PSY-Key, with a powerful, yet small magnet, included.

Wizard PK Ring, Gold, 16 mm, Flat Band by World Magic ShopWizard-PK-Ring--Gold--16-mm--Flat-Band-by-World-Magic-ShopPrice: $24.50 €21.75
Weight:  75 Gram
Once worn NEVER taken off!!! Possibilities - Endless...

The first fully magnetic ring designed by Magicians for Magicians!

The Wizard PK Ring is a complete, 100% Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet fashioned into a wedding band style ring. It will give you a host of unique opportunities to amaze and impress, limited only by the extent of your imagination. To get you started we have set out

P.K. Pencil and Ring Routine by James GeorgeP.K.-Pencil-and-Ring-Routine-by-James-GeorgePrice: $24.50 €21.75
Weight:  100 Gram
Few effects garner the audience reaction that this routine will. We are also including our very special Kevlar Thread which makes learning this incredible routine easier then ever!

Now follow very closely and try to visualize what is going to take place:
First you produce a beautiful brass ring and an ordinary looking pencil. The ring is placed on the pencil and it mysteriously rises up its length!

Telekinetic BlockTelekinetic-BlockPrice: $19.00 €16.85
Weight:  265 Gram
Mind over matter makes for an extremely interesting and intriguing phenomenon, as performers like Uri Geller have very ably demonstrated. Moving an isolated inanimate object by the powers of your mind is a typical demonstration in this category.

The Telekinetic Block appears like just an ordinary block of wood, which can be examined by the audience. It can be made to topple over by the powers of the mind, defy

Coin Thru Bill by Johnny WongCoin-Thru-Bill-by-Johnny-WongPrice: $39.50 €35.05
Weight:  25 Gram
The performer borrows one bill from the audience, and he draws one Half-Dollar coin from his pocket.

He put the coin near the edge of the bill, rubbing the bill with the coin.

Then the audience will see the coin penetrate the bill in the bill's edge, then he rubs it again, and the coin penetrate the center of the bill completely. He can as well use this coin prop to perform quick coin movement between

Sonic Silver by John KennedySonic-Silver-by-John-KennedyPrice: $19.50 €17.30
Weight:  40 Gram
Display three half dollars, a coffee cup, and a BIC pen. "Watch closely," you advise while holding one of the coins. Wave the pen over your hand and the coin disappears, then pick up the cup and suddenly there's a loud clink - the coin has mysteriously dropped inside!

"A skeptic would think that I used sleight-of-hand while holding the cup, so this time I'll leave it on the table." Take the second coin and wave

Zippered by Wayne DobsonZippered-by-Wayne-DobsonPrice: $52.50 €46.60
Weight:  120 Gram
The performer asks for the loan of a banknote. The spectator signs their name on it before it is then vanished and later found inside a sealed envelope that is taken from a zippered wallet.

Wallet dimensions: 4 x 7 inch or 10.16 x 17.78 cm.

Coin Penetration by AdamsCoin-Penetration-by-AdamsPrice: $3.50 €3.10
Weight:  35 Gram
A coin goes through a solid sheet of rubber and falls into the glass!

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Crystal Cube to Rubik and Dice by ToraCrystal-Cube-to-Rubik-and-Dice-by-ToraPrice: $115.00 €102.10
Weight: 1 Kg 400 Gram
Transform a Crystal Cube to a Rubiks Cube and then to a Dice. Very easy to do and a great stage effect.
Everything to 4 Dove Cages by ToraEverything-to-4-Dove-Cages-by-ToraPrice: $290.00 €257.45
Weight: 6 Kg 500 Gram
A large cube (30 cm X 30 cm X 33 cm) is displayed and shown to be completely empty. You then place into the cube silks/balls or even a small rabbit! Amazingly all these items transform into four large cages that hold artificial doves.
Color Changing Bottles, 5 Times by ToraColor-Changing-Bottles--5-Times-by-ToraPrice: $60.00 €53.25
Weight:  800 Gram
The magician show an empty tube and a shining black bottle to the audience. Then he puts the bottle inside the tube and take out a bottle with a different color. This he can do 5 times and all bottles are different colored.

Comes with 5 Bottles, an aluminum tube and DVD for perfomance instructions.

Instant Flower Vase to Night Lamp by ToraInstant-Flower-Vase-to-Night-Lamp-by-ToraPrice: $230.00 €204.20
Weight: 2 Kg 600 Gram
A Flower Vase instantly transforms to a Night Lamp. The transformation is automatically and mechanically with the pulling of a latch. You can easily perform it in every stages and even in the street.

A training and performing DVD is included.

Appearing of 3 Flower Pots from Cape by ToraAppearing-of-3-Flower-Pots-from-Cape-by-ToraPrice: $750.00 €665.90
Weight: 3 Kg 300 Gram
Imaging producing three flower pots that are each 4 feet wide and 2.5 feet tall.

The magician enters the stage wearing a cape. He shows the cape to the audience that it contains nothing. From the cape he magically appear a flower pot, not only one time but three times.

This trick consists of a cape and three big flower pots with 50 beautiful flowers in each pot.

Appearing of 8 Dove Cages from Empty Frame by ToraAppearing-of-8-Dove-Cages-from-Empty-Frame-by-ToraPrice: $290.00 €257.45
Weight: 4 Kg 100 Gram
Imagine being able to magically produce 4 or 8 wooden, handcrafted birdcages from an empty frame! Just the production of one cage would be amazing, but when you produce several cages sequentially from the same empty frame even the most skeptical spectator will be impressed!

Imagine the power that comes from the final image, after all the cages have been produced and stacked on top of each other, completing fill

Flying Head by ToraFlying-Head-by-ToraPrice: $1150.00 €1021.05
Weight: 16 Kg 0 Gram
Behead a lady and make her head fly in the air!

A lady is invited by the magician to sit on a chair. The magician puts a silk over the ladys head and the head is amputated by a guillotine! The magician then makes the head fly in the air while the lady is sitting on the chair without head.

After a while the magician puts the head back on the body and takes the guillotine away from the table. The

Candle to Carrot by ToraCandle-to-Carrot-by-ToraPrice: $32.00 €28.40
Weight:  60 Gram
The magician enters the stage holding a lit Candle in his hand. Suddenly the Candle transform to a Carrot.

Clown Silk, 20 InchClown-Silk--20-InchPrice: $9.50 €8.40
Weight:  30 Gram
We have Clown designs in a 20 inch which are ideal for Children's shows, Comedy, Clown, and Circus acts.
DLite, Blue, Single by RoccoDLite--Blue--Single-by-RoccoPrice: $10.50 €9.30
Weight:  30 Gram
The greatest thing to hit the magic market since cups and balls!

See Rocco's Best selling Lite from anywhere in a whole new light, White light to be exact! This great crowd pleaser is now available in white light.

Just imagine your audience's amazement when you reach into thin air with a hand that's clearly empty and pluck a glowing ball of white light out of nowhere!

You can pass the

Magic Wallet by ForumMagic-Wallet-by-ForumPrice: $3.00 €2.65
Weight:  80 Gram
This is a special wallet that can be used for several different magic effects or as a very clever billfold. A piece of paper or folded dollar bill is placed in the wallet and will be magically secured behind a different strapped part of the wallet! An amazing effect that your audience will love!
Sleeve Bouquet, 10 Feather Flowers by Black MagicSleeve-Bouquet--10-Feather-Flowers-by-Black-MagicPrice: $45.00 €39.95
Weight:  70 Gram
Colorful feather bouquets produced from nowhere. An essential for a stage or cabaret performer.

These Sleeve Bouquets are made of the finest quality feathers in brilliant colors. These are 7 flower bouquets made for easy production from a silk or from your sleeve.


Passe Passe Bottles, Set of 3, Spun MetalPasse-Passe-Bottles--Set-of-3--Spun-MetalPrice: $45.00 €39.95
Weight: 1 Kg 0 Gram
The performer apparently shows two cylinders, under one of which is a bottle, and under the other a glass. The magician makes a magic pass, and the bottle and glass are found to have changed places, with the bottle now appearing under the cylinder where the glass was, and vice versa.

This is repeated a number of times and can be played for a lot of comedy. For example an assistant can be chasing the bottle, and

Milk Magazine FakeMilk-Magazine-FakePrice: $3.50 €3.10
Weight:  25 Gram
Performer pours liquid into a magazine. The liquid magically stays suspended inside the magazine. Performer turns magazine completely over, then he flips through the pages of the magazine, and the liquid is found to have vanished. Yet, whenever the performer so desires, the liquid may be poured out from the magazine. We supply the special gimmick that makes the effect possible. You fit it into any suitable magazine o
Botty, Colored Bottle TopsBotty--Colored-Bottle-TopsPrice: $22.50 €19.95
Weight:  70 Gram
We give you three different colored bottle tops made from high quality plastic. They really look like glass. With these you can do the bottle through the body illusion, bottle through the table, floating bottle. You can vanish a silk and it will appear back inside the bottle. A good buy as they are so versatile.
Auto MilkoAuto-MilkoPrice: $9.50 €8.40
Weight:  200 Gram
There are many varieties of magic with liquids, and Auto Milko is off beat and different. The performer shows two clear empty glass tumblers, and a transparent plate. One empty tumbler is placed face up on the table, covered with the glass plate, and the other empty tumbler placed over this. Milk or any other colored liquid is now poured visibly into the tumbler on top till it is almost full. The performer now places

Appearing 3 Guitars
Appearing of Three Guitars from Suitcase.

You enter the stage with a suitcase in hand.
From this you are able to produce THREE Guitars. Easy to do.

The guitars are made of wood and look like real guitars.
All in a handy suitcase for easy transportation.

This is a first class trick!

Vanishing Candle, Red ColorVanishing-Candle--Red-ColorPrice: $5.50 €4.85
Weight:  40 Gram
A large candle over 14 inch long is lit. As you nip the flame, the entire candle vanishes. A very effective and popular effect, that you can present by itself, or work into any other routine. The candles use a regular candle tip for the lighting feature, so there is no fuel to run dry. You can pick this up any time, and perform it.
Appearing Table, RoundAppearing-Table--RoundPrice: $60.00 €53.25
Weight:  670 Gram
This is a clever designed table that opens in a snap. It instantly changes to a table by the power of a rubberband when you hold the board. It can be folded compactly. Comes with carrying case.

The table measures 18 cm in diameter. The table stands 90 cm tall.

The Appearing Cape by ToraThe-Appearing-Cape-by-ToraPrice: $70.00 €62.15
Weight:  600 Gram
The Appearing Cape is a very visual trick to use in the finale of your magic show. The magician puts into a bag any object. The bag will without any cover, transform into a very attractive cape that the magician puts on before his final act.
Vanishing Cane, Black Steel by Carl RosiniVanishing-Cane--Black-Steel-by-Carl-RosiniPrice: $45.00 €39.95
Weight:  140 Gram
The Vanishing Cane is a classic Magician's prop, quick, visual and an ideal opening or closing trick. It can, of course, also be used at any spot in your act.

Magician shows a black cane between his hands. Suddently they tranformes into 2 black silks!

This is brand new and maintenance free. They are powder coated stainless steel canes. The very best quality you can get.

Rust and maintenance

Ghost Tube, Square SplitGhost-Tube--Square-SplitPrice: $22.50 €19.95
Weight:  500 Gram
Here is an utility prop based on an idea by Ian Adair of England which enables you to perform varied effects. It is a variation of the Ghost Tube. But unlike the normal Ghost Tube, you can also use it to produce or vanish items, or change one thing to another. In effect the magician shows a square tube, which can be folded in the middle.

The audience can see right through the tube, and both halves-shown complet

Color Changing CDs, PlasticColor-Changing-CDs--PlasticPrice: $12.50 €11.05
Weight:  200 Gram
The magician places a colored disk in a frame with a cut-out which they can see right through. The disk is placed in the frame, and the silver color can be seen both front and back. With a snap of his fingers the magician visibly causes the disk to change color.

The disk is removed from the frame, now in an entirely different color. This is repeated with two other silver disks which are visibly changed to two o

Flash Silk Dye, Happy BirthdayFlash-Silk-Dye--Happy-BirthdayPrice: $22.50 €19.95
Weight:  120 Gram
The performer displays a black (approx. 18 inch silk), printed with a design in white, (like a photograph negative). The silk is displayed clearly and completely on both sides, stretched flat between the hands. He now asks a volunteer spectator, (the Birthday child, for the Happy Birthday Silk design) to toss up some colored confetti into the air, to help color the silk. The performer shakes the silk in the cascading
Mini Die Sucker Box, PlasticMini-Die-Sucker-Box--PlasticPrice: $14.50 €12.85
Weight:  220 Gram
A miniature version of the classic sucker prop, with all the extras of the full size version.

The performer displays a solid die, and a box with two compartments, and doors to each compartment. The die is placed in one compartment, and the doors closed. The box is tilted, and your audience hear the die slide from one side to the other. So they are not impressed when you open the door to show the die has vanishe

Clatter Box, Metal by Jack HughesClatter-Box--Metal-by-Jack-HughesPrice: $49.50 €43.95
Weight:  900 Gram
The Clatter Box is a classic comedy magic prop. A colored silk is removed from a decorated box held by a spectator.

The Magician vanishes the silk, and claims the silk will magically re-appear in the box. When the spectator attempts to open the box, it falls to pieces, with the silk attached to top of box dangling in spectator's hand. This will draw a laugh from any audience.

This model is made in th

Wand To Sausages by Derek RuttWand-To-Sausages-by-Derek-RuttPrice: $35.00 €31.05
Weight:  90 Gram
This is a normal magic wand until you hand it to your helper when suddenly it turns into a LONG STRING OF SAUSAGES.

Ideal for a cooking routine, in fact it can be used in any routine. We can assure you that your helper will be TOTALLY SURPRISED and the audience will erupt into laughter. Not only can you use it in your children shows, but in the adult shows as well. Just hand it to a lady AND SEE WHAT HAP

Caterpillar Wand by Derek RuttCaterpillar-Wand-by-Derek-RuttPrice: $35.00 €31.05
Weight:  160 Gram
The Caterpillar Wand is a great magic wand for children's shows.

When you hand the wand to your helper a LARGE caterpillar slides out of the end that your helper is going to take. The children will soon let you know what has happened and they will SCREAM! SO YOU TAKE BACK THE WAND NO THERE IS NOTHING INSIDE! Hand it back to the helper and once more the CATERPILLAR slides out. Again you take it back and t

Backstage Vanishing Elephant, ComedyBackstage-Vanishing-Elephant--ComedyPrice: $45.00 €39.95
Weight: 1 Kg 930 Gram
The performer offers to teach his audience how to vanish an Elephant!

He displays a draped tray, a picture of an Elephant, and two boards to "cage" the elephant. He now turns his back to the audience, and performs the effect for an imaginary audience in front of him, while the real audience has a backstage view of the working.

The two boards are placed on the tray. The Elephant Card is displaye

Four Appearing Guitars From Suitcase

Four Appearing Guitars From Suitcase

An absolutely astonishing appearing act where you appear not ONE but FOUR full size guitars from a suitcase.


Trap Box, 2011 by TenyoTrap-Box--2011-by-TenyoPrice: $19.50 €17.30
Weight:  90 Gram
Place a finger ring or coin inside of the box. Close the lid and allow your audience to hear the object rattle around inside. Suddenly, the rattling stops, and the box is completely empty!

For years, magicians have used the Rattle Box in their performances. However, this box has been entirely redesigned with a brand new gimmick. The best way to understand how advanced this gimmick has become is to hold it in yo

The Flying Carpet, 2012 by TenyoThe-Flying-Carpet--2012-by-TenyoPrice: $45.00 €39.95
Weight:  320 Gram
With Tenyo's Flying Carpet you can achieve the dream of floating in mid-air in a living room, at a trade show booth, at a sales meeting, just about anywhere!

The spectators need only put on a pair of the 3D glasses, and they will see your body floating right in front of their eyes. It’s a new-generation of magic!

Flying Carpet was invented by Lubor Fiedler, and TENYO is going to release it for

Silk from Hanky by TenyoSilk-from-Hanky-by-TenyoPrice: $3.50 €3.10
Weight:  20 Gram
The magician shows a handkerchief on both sides to the audience. He then drapes it over his left hand which is fisted. He pushes his right thumb into his fist which is covered by the handkerchief and produces a silk from it. He then cause the silk to disappear again in the same mysterious manner.
Crash Dice by TenyoCrash-Dice-by-TenyoPrice: $32.50 €28.85
Weight:  110 Gram
Your audience sees you place a single die inside of a clear container. Yet seconds later, the die explodes into eight tiny dice, or even changes color from white to red! All props can be passed for examination after you've performed this visually startling miracle.

The inventor of this trick, Hiroshi Sawa has inspired magicians the world over with his whimsical and lyrical magic creations. A dentist by trade, D

Black XFour Super Card Tricks
Black X
You can control the outcome of each dice toss! Not only that, all the dice instantly change to the same value. Click here for details
4 Super Card Tricks
Mystify with 4 super tricks, Vanishing Balloons, Wild Ghosts, Chameleon Cards and Find the Rabbit. Click here for details
These classics are not manufactured anymore. When they are gone they are gone. A collectors item!
English Instructions.

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