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Magic Illusion, 3D SpaceMagic-Illusion--3D-SpacePrice: $24.50 €21.75
Weight:  200 Gram
An Optical Illusion That Fools Em.

You will be dazzled when your hand passes right through the floating object hovering above the Magic Illusion Mirage.

Any object placed inside the Mirage is reproduced & floats in 3D space right before your eyes!

Supplied complete and ready to use. No Electricity Required.

Measures 24 cm in diameter and 8 cm in height.

Cane to Flower and Flower to Cane by ToraCane-to-Flower-and-Flower-to-Cane-by-ToraPrice: $125.00 €111.20
Weight:  300 Gram
Magician displays a solid cane and suddenly, with one hand motion, it becomes a flexible flower bouquet. He places stems of the flowers into a tiny flower pot.

With his magical gesture, the plant jumps up out of the pot and instantly transforms into a solid cane in the air.

  • Easy to do!
  • Cane automatically pops up
  • Soft, feather plant adds lively charm
  • Comes with 2
Travelling EggTravelling-EggPrice: $19.50 €17.30
Weight:  285 Gram
The Great Gorgonzola Traveling Egg.

There have been some variations of this effect during the past 125 years (although not all of them have been commercially available). In Professor Hoffrnann's day the fake was covered with bran. Confetti and sawdust have also been used. Confetti seems to have been the most favored material since it is the most colorful.

The magician shows an egg and vanishes

Ball/Silk Casket, SmallBall/Silk-Casket--SmallPrice: $24.50 €21.75
Weight:  150 Gram
The magician displays a small, empty cabinet to the audience. The cabinet has open sides, which can be seen through. When the lid of the cabinet is lifted, instantly and visibly it fills with a silk handkerchief or a sponge ball! For added oomph, the magician can place a square of flash paper inside the cabinet. Upon ignition, the paper is seen to visibly transform into the ball, silk, etc.

Made entirely of pow

Mental DiscsMental-DiscsPrice: $7.50 €6.65
Weight:  40 Gram
Telling your helper that you have made a prediction, you have them stack a group of colored chips together by matching the colors together.

After the stack has been completed, the top and bottom color match your prediction!

  • Easy to do!
  • Can Be Repeated!
  • Packs Small!

Tear No Tear Paper by Magic EffexTear-No-Tear-Paper-by-Magic-EffexPrice: $9.50 €8.45
Weight:  80 Gram
The magician and a volunteer each take a piece of paper from a notepad. After drawing a stone on each of the sheets, the spectator is unable to tear his paper! The magician easily tears the spectators sheet!

Comes with special prepared notepad with 50 sheets and detailed instructions. Ideal for Close-Up and Stand-Up work!

Dove From ScarfDove-From-ScarfPrice: $5.50 €4.85
Weight:  70 Gram
The magician removes his scarf, then while folding the scarf, a dove appears.
Card Silk, Jack of Diamond plus Blank, 18 InchCard-Silk--Jack-of-Diamond-plus-Blank--18-InchPrice: $14.50 €12.90
Weight:  50 Gram
Court Card Silk Outfit JD plus blank. The props supplied for this item comprises of:
  • A plain white silk about 18 inch square
  • A matching silk with a picture of a Court Card

Jumbo Selected Card AcrossJumbo-Selected-Card-AcrossPrice: $12.50 €11.10
Weight:  95 Gram
The Card Across is an old effect that is known to most magicians and many versions are available in books and magazines.

In this effect, the magician counts two packets of five cards and requests a spectator to select one of the packets. The person next chooses any one card in the packet. With the wave of his magic wand, the magician causes the chosen card to fly invisibly to the other packet. The effect is not

Sticker PredictionSticker-PredictionPrice: $5.50 €4.85
Weight:  15 Gram
Performer takes out a wallet with a prefixed sticker on it. Spectator picks any card. Heat up the prediction sticker with a lighter and the value of the chosen card will magically appear.
  • High quality stickers that can be used many times
  • Can be put on the wallets or card clips and so on
  • One package includes two stickers
  • Perform with bicycle card and lighter

Double Tail Nickel, 5 CentDouble-Tail-Nickel--5-CentPrice: $7.50 €6.65
Weight:  10 Gram
You never lose with a Double Sided coin. Flip the coin into air or spin on table, coin will always turn up the winner.
Trinity Coin Set, 3 in 1 Coin by Johnny WongTrinity-Coin-Set--3-in-1-Coin-by-Johnny-WongPrice: $95.00 €84.50
Weight:  35 Gram
Trinity Coin is made of three Half Dollars. It looks just like a regular Half Dollar, and it is examinable. You can easily do effects like appearing, vanishing, transposing, penetrating, and more!

Imagine your audience's surprise when one half dollar coin suddenly turns into four and vice versa!

Includes effects like:

  • The Combination Trick
  • Coin Through the Glass
  • Tw
Appearing and Vanishing 6 Bottles by ToraAppearing-and-Vanishing-6-Bottles-by-ToraPrice: $390.00 €346.95
Weight: 4 Kg 500 Gram
Effect One: Performer shows a two-door box, which is empty. Next the magician appears a bottle from inside of it, and again shows the empty box. After which the magician continues to produce bottle, after bottle until there are six different colored bottles!

Effect Two: Magician puts all six bottles inside a bigger box. He then asks a member of the audience to choose one of the bottles; they can choose any colo

Pull Coin, Quarter Dollar, 25 Cent by Tango MagicPull-Coin--Quarter-Dollar--25-Cent-by-Tango-MagicPrice: $9.50 €8.45
Weight:  20 Gram
The magician shows 4 coins and proceeds to drop them, one at a time, into their right hand. When the 4th coin is about to be dropped, the hand is opened to reveal that the 3 coins have vanished. The last coin is then dropped into the performer's hand where it also disappears!
Coin Slide Dropper, US 50 C SizeCoin-Slide-Dropper--US-50-C-SizePrice: $4.50 €4.00
Weight:  70 Gram
This is a special metal gimmick, specially designed to hold a number of coins in your sleeve or under your coat, and the coins can be secretly dropped into your hand one at a time, by pressing on the lever. The apparatus can be used for any coin production routine, such as the Miser´s dream, where coins are required to be produced one at a time.
Ball/Silk Casket, LargeBall/Silk-Casket--LargePrice: $34.50 €30.65
Weight:  470 Gram
The magician displays an empty cabinet to the audience. The cabinet has open sides, which can be seen through. When the lid of the cabinet is lifted, instantly and visibly it fills with silks, sponge balls and the like! For added oomph, the magician can place a square of flash paper inside the cabinet. Upon ignition, the paper is seen to visibly transform into sponge balls, silks, etc.

Made entirely of powder-c

Fire Newspaper by ToraFire-Newspaper-by-ToraPrice: $38.00 €33.80
Weight:  380 Gram
Open an ordinary newspaper and while reading, the newspaper suddenly is on fire with huge flames.

The trick can be done repeatedly. Close the newspaper to put the flames out.

Ulti-Rose, Single Color Changing RoseUlti-Rose--Single-Color-Changing-RosePrice: $45.00 €40.00
Weight:  190 Gram
Magician is seen holding a full sized white rose. He places some glitter on the rose and passes his hand in front of the rose, and it changes into a red rose.
Spot On by Wayne DobsonSpot-On-by-Wayne-DobsonPrice: $9.50 €8.45
Weight:  55 Gram
A large domino is removed from a vinyl holder. The spots are magnetic and can be freely moved. You claim lots of people think that magic is done with mirrors. As you say this you remove a small mirror from within the holder. The spectator is asked to move the spots and make any domino they like. NO FORCE, no wording etc they move the spots anyway they like.

Let's assume they make a 4-2 domino. You say you had a

Invisible Deck, Blue Back, BicycleInvisible-Deck--Blue-Back--BicyclePrice: $7.50 €6.65
Weight:  100 Gram
This is a Professional Bicycle Invisible Deck, The cards stay firmly together when spread from the middle, yet easily separate when spread at the ends.
I Love You Frame by Black MagicI-Love-You-Frame-by-Black-MagicPrice: $55.00 €48.90
Weight: 1 Kg 700 Gram
You have a black frame. You put a handkerchief to cover the frame and when you pull off the handkerchief, I Love You will be appear on the frame.

Very easy to perform. Top quality and beautiful design. Your audience will never understand the secret.

Sneak Preview by Denny ArcherSneak-Preview-by-Denny-ArcherPrice: $11.50 €10.20
Weight:  240 Gram
A spectator thinks of their favorite movie. You reach into their mind and name that movie. Using a clever gimmick and a very simple handling, mind-reading rarely gets this direct.
  • Comes with custom-made cards and an instructional DVD
  • Popcorn and candy not included

Just like a good movie, Sneak Preview has an interesting plot with lots of potential for drama, intrigue, comedy,

Appearing 3 Crystal Cubes from Empty Box by ToraAppearing-3-Crystal-Cubes-from-Empty-Box-by-ToraPrice: $285.00 €253.55
Weight: 3 Kg 900 Gram
The magician shows an empty box to the audience. Then he appears three cubes full of balls.
Thirsty Straw by G. SparksThirsty-Straw-by-G.-SparksPrice: $20.00 €17.75
Weight:  30 Gram
Anywhere, anytime, a glass fills from a single Straw.

Thirsty Straw, fills a Shot Glass with the Liquid of your choice. Display a single Straw. Tear off the Wrapper. Put the Straw into the Glass. Magically the glass fills with liquid.

After the glass is full, you can use the straw to have a drink. Works Great for Close Up and is Visual enough for the Stage. (shot glass not supplied)


PK Factor by Patrick SnowdenPK-Factor-by-Patrick-SnowdenPrice: $29.50 €26.20
Weight:  440 Gram
True PK Levitation Supreme! Nothing is attached to the leviated object. Instantly make a match, business card, cigarette float under a glass! Perform standing, seated, even in a spectator's hand. Tons of routines possible!
Wizard PK Ring, Gold, 23 mm, Flat BandWizard-PK-Ring--Gold--23-mm--Flat-BandPrice: $24.50 €21.75
Weight:  90 Gram
The Bandstyle Wizard PK ring.

Slightly thicker, with a larger external diameter than the original ring, and is approximately 25% more powerful. The ring is also slightly narrower across, making it less obtrusive.

Presented in a gorgeous jewellery box, the ring is designed for many years of use, and can be worn continuously as you would wear any item of jewellery. That's the beauty of the Wizard

Micro 5 Pro PK KitMicro-5-Pro-PK-KitPrice: $70.00 €62.25
Weight:  700 Gram
Make matches stand in a spectator's hand, stop watches, move objects with your mind and much more! The Pro PK Kit contains the thinnest and most powerful magnet available-the Micro 5 PK magnet. Thin enough to conceal on your wrist or under a coat, yet strong enough to penetrate the thickest hands and tables.

You also get the PK Book with over 70 routines and tips, a manuscript of additional routines, plus 2 bra

Cesaral Psychokinetic Pencil by Cesar AlonsoCesaral-Psychokinetic-Pencil-by-Cesar-AlonsoPrice: $110.00 €97.85
Weight:  90 Gram
A wooden pencil is balanced on the edge of a table, on top of a glass, or in a spectator's hand. The performer then walks to the other side of the room. After exerting tremendous mental powers directed at the pencil, it slowly moves and finally falls onto the floor!. The spectator can immediately pick it up and examine it. It can even be used as an ordinary pencil for the rest of the show.

Important points:


Dynamic Coins, Fifty Cent EuroDynamic-Coins--Fifty-Cent-EuroPrice: $9.50 €8.45
Weight:  80 Gram
A pile of coins invisibly jumps from one brass lid to another. It then penetrates through the lid, as well as disappears completely!

Available in 50C and One Euro coins. Precision made, top quality item.

Double Tail Dime, 10 CentDouble-Tail-Dime--10-CentPrice: $7.50 €6.65
Weight:  10 Gram
You never lose with a Double Sided coin. Flip the coin into air or spin on table, coin will always turn up the winner.
Copper Topper Coin by Mark AspiazuCopper-Topper-Coin-by-Mark-AspiazuPrice: $19.50 €17.30
Weight:  60 Gram
Used by itself or in conjunction with the classic Scotch & Soda, this subtle new idea will give your coin magic a whole new dimension!

Effects include: Bottled Scotch & Soda, Scotch & Matches, Box & Soda, Bottled Copper, Copper-Feeled, and Melting Copper.

Vodka and Orange JuiceVodka-and-Orange-JuicePrice: $26.00 €23.10
Weight:  20 Gram
There has been coin tricks as Scotch and Soda and Gin and Tonic for many years now. Along comes a beautiful golden colored $1 United States Coin and we couldn't resist making a new effect that we are calling Vodka and Orange Juice. The magician wagers he can remove one of two coins from the spectator's closed hands, without touching the coins or the spectator! IMPOSSIBLE? When your victim opens his hands, the dolla

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Appearing Champagne and Wine Bottles from Paper Bag by ToraAppearing-Champagne-and-Wine-Bottles-from-Paper-Bag-by-ToraPrice: $380.00 €338.05
Weight: 3 Kg 200 Gram
Show a paper bag completely empty, then you appear a three Champagne Bottles from the paper bag.

Finally you can appear a real wine bottle that is full of wine! You can show it to the audience.

This item consists of a champagne bottle, three wine bottles and one complete table. The table helps to appear the wine bottle and other things. The table can be folded for easy transportation.

Candle to Carrot by ToraCandle-to-Carrot-by-ToraPrice: $69.00 €61.35
Weight:  60 Gram
The magician enters the stage holding a lit Candle in his hand. Suddenly the Candle transform to a Carrot.
Asrah (Floating Lady) by ToraAsrah-(Floating-Lady)--by-ToraPrice: $895.00 €796.25
Weight: 1 Kg 500 Gram
This is a new model of the well know stage show Asrah. A lady is covered by a foulard, then begins to float vertically and then horizontally. The performers hands are free and the lady floats in the air. Suddenly she vanishes into thin air. A stunning performance. You perform the Modern Asrah with an assistant in a ballroom, living room or on a stage.

All parts are easily disassembled into a small suitcase for

Fire Newspaper by ToraFire-Newspaper-by-ToraPrice: $38.00 €33.80
Weight:  380 Gram
Open an ordinary newspaper and while reading, the newspaper suddenly is on fire with huge flames.

The trick can be done repeatedly. Close the newspaper to put the flames out.

Automatic Fire to Dove Box by ToraAutomatic-Fire-to-Dove-Box-by-ToraPrice: $125.00 €111.20
Weight: 1 Kg 400 Gram
The magician shows a box to the spectators completely empty. Flames appear from the box automatically, the magician is looking at the fire and suddenly the flames disappear and a dove appears from the box! This item can be performed easily and anywhere you wish. The mechanism is automatically operated.
Vanishing Tissue Box by ToraVanishing-Tissue-Box-by-ToraPrice: $65.00 €57.80
Weight:  430 Gram
A tissue box is shown to the audience, then the tissue box is placed into a black box, hey presto a wave of your arm and the tissue box vanishes, showing the black box completely empty.

The vanishing Tissue Box may be used in conjunction with the Appearing Tissue Box wallet, making a great routine and will amuse and astound your audience. This item contains one tissue box and one black frame.

Flower Vase to 5 Night Lamps by ToraFlower-Vase-to-5-Night-Lamps-by-ToraPrice: $920.00 €818.50
Weight: 6 Kg 200 Gram
A flower vase is on a table. The magician picks it up and with a blink of an eye, it transforms into a beautiful night lamp. You can even light the night lamp and play with it!

Then he puts it on the table and magically produces four night lamps until you have five beautiful night lamps on the table.

This item is easy to perform and requires no practice. All the night lamps can be folded flat for easy

Silk To Umbrella by Tora Silk-To-Umbrella-by-Tora-Price: $50.00 €44.45
Weight:  260 Gram
This is a great opening trick with its quick-slick style. The magician enters the stage holding a colored silk. In a second, WOW! The silk changes to an umbrella. Comes with silk, umbrella and a training DVD. A very striking effect, fully automatic. Can be done with people on all sides.

Balloonatrick by Paul RichardsBalloonatrick-by-Paul-RichardsPrice: $15.00 €13.30
Weight:  50 Gram
Give your spectator an impossibility to keep!

Two coins and a clear balloon are placed on the table. The magician inflates the balloon while the spectator selects a coin. The balloon is sealed off and the magician now takes a coin and visibly pushes it into the balloon! If that´s not enough, the magician now plucks the coin back through the wall of the balloon and shows the coin free again! Instantly the

Change Bag One Hand, EconomyChange-Bag-One-Hand--EconomyPrice: $7.50 €6.65
Weight:  150 Gram
We have a wide variety of Change Bags, which enable you to produce, vanish or change any items that will fit into the bag.

There are two basic models, the One Hand models, with a small flat handle, that you can hold and operate with one hand. The standard or regular handle models are with longer handles, and require two hands to operate.

There are models that permit a single change, and repeat models,

Murray Coin Dropper by Norm NielsenMurray-Coin-Dropper-by-Norm-NielsenPrice: $12.50 €11.10
Weight:  20 Gram
Suitable for 1 to 3 regular dollar size coins, or 5 Nielsen Palming Coins.
Silk Streamer, Ribbon Fountain, 35 MetersSilk-Streamer--Ribbon-Fountain--35-MetersPrice: $19.50 €17.30
Weight:  170 Gram
Never Ending Silk Ribbon Production.

The magician produces a magic bowl from some production item. The bowl is kept on a table and short length of ribbon is pulled out of the bowl. As it is dropped to the floor, like a fountain a long colorful ribbon cascades down from the bowl. It seems that the ribbon is never ending. The speed at which it flows down is really remarkable.


Cane, Silk and Bottle with DVD by ToraCane--Silk-and-Bottle-with-DVD-by-ToraPrice: $165.00 €146.80
Weight:  720 Gram
On the magician's table, there is a bottle which is knotted with a silk on the top. There is also a tube which is the cover for the bottle and a cane. The magician unfastens the knot on the top of the bottle and then shows the tube completely empty to the audience and puts it on the bottle.

At this very moment, the silk is in the magician's hand. Instantaneously, the magician makes the silk vanish with his can

The New Vanishing Coca-Cola (Coke) BottleThe-New-Vanishing-Coca-Cola-(Coke)-BottlePrice: $29.50 €26.20
Weight:  80 Gram
The New Vanishing Coca-Cola Bottle
  • This unique, new model has ROUNDED, CLOSED BOTTOM!
  • It also has "Coke" inside!
  • Look at the photo, the bottle looks exactly like this!
  • New, better routine with extra surprise!
  • Original, hand made direct from the producer!

The bottle disappearing in a tube has been on the market for a long time, but this

Foo Can Mini with Handle, Stainless SteelFoo-Can-Mini-with-Handle--Stainless-SteelPrice: $9.50 €8.45
Weight:  150 Gram
The Foo Can is a utility device which can do with liquids, what a change bag can do with solids. You can use this to vanish a quantity of liquid, or produce a quantity of liquid, or even change one liquid into another, for example water into wine, or water into milk etc.

This Foo Can is 11 cm (4 1/2 inches) in height and made from stainless steel to give you a non rusting prop that will maintain its gleaming s

Wonder GlassWonder-GlassPrice: $2.50 €2.20
Weight:  120 Gram
This is, without a doubt one of the finest pieces of utility apparatus ever created. The apparatus supplied consists of what appears to be an ordinary transparent clear plastic glass. Basically, the effect is that the liquid in the glass visibly diminishes from a glass full, to a fraction of the original contents. You can use this as a milk glass - you apparently pour a glass full of liquid into a paper cone, fr

Appearing 3 Guitars
Appearing of Three Guitars from Suitcase.

You enter the stage with a suitcase in hand.
From this you are able to produce THREE Guitars. Easy to do.

The guitars are made of wood and look like real guitars.
All in a handy suitcase for easy transportation.

This is a first class trick!

Appearing Wand, Black SteelAppearing-Wand--Black-SteelPrice: $34.50 €30.65
Weight:  100 Gram
A silk or a few short pieces of ribbon are waved, and visibly transform to a Magic Wand. Alternatively, the magician reaches into the air and a Magic Wand over 12 inches long instantly appears at his fingertips.

The Appearing Magic Wand is really a high quality steel spring coil with a locking arrangement that works on the same principle as the Appearing Cane.

Appearing 3 Guitars from Suitcase by Black MagicAppearing-3-Guitars-from-Suitcase-by-Black-MagicPrice: $380.00 €338.05
Weight: 6 Kg 0 Gram
Appearing of Three Guitars from Suitcase.

You enter the stage with a suitcase in hand. From this you are able to produce THREE Guitars. Easy to do.

The guitars are made of wood and look like real guitars. All in a handy suitcase for easy transportation.

Vanishing Bouquet and Vase by Tora MagicVanishing-Bouquet-and-Vase-by-Tora-MagicPrice: $460.00 €409.25
Weight: 3 Kg 850 Gram
The exciting and attractive trick Vanishing Bouquet and Vase is what many of the world-known magicians open their performance with.

A beautiful bouquet in a vase on a table is vanished with a brisk gesture. The other performance is to cover it with a handkerchief and when the magician says pop, suddenly the bouquet and its vase vanish.

This item consists of a bouquet and vase and a table. All p

Vanishing Hanky Ring, White by BazarVanishing-Hanky-Ring--White-by-BazarPrice: $5.50 €4.85
Weight:  40 Gram
The magician borrows a ring from a spectator and places it under a handkerchief. He hands the hanky to the owner of the ring who holds onto it through the cloth. The magician snaps his fingers and tells the spectator to let go of the ring vanishes! The borrowed ring is later produced in any impossible location the magician chooses. Handkerchief measures 16.75 by 16.25 inches.

Color It, Two Picture Pair, SmallColor-It--Two-Picture-Pair--SmallPrice: $1.50 €1.30
Weight:  35 Gram
Color It is a novelty, where a black and white picture visibly changes into a colored one. The performer displays a black and white picture in an envelope with a cut-out front. The picture is pulled out of the envelope, and as it emerges it is visibly coloured in many eye catching colours. Push the picture back in, and it is in black and white once again. Repeat it as often as you like.
Little Gray Hare by Gerald KirchnerLittle-Gray-Hare-by-Gerald-KirchnerPrice: $14.00 €12.45
Weight:  50 Gram
The Magician brings attention to the hair hanging above your face. As you pluck out a single hair, it instantly pops into view at your fingertips in the form of a small bunny rabbit. The included routine has you producing 3 bunnies at your fingertips, then having all 3 vanish entirely! No added gimmicks or difficult moves. Extra ideas and jokes.
Amazing Birthday Bear Photo Frame, Type 1Amazing-Birthday-Bear-Photo-Frame--Type-1Price: $45.00 €40.00
Weight:  900 Gram
Performer shows a large 8 Inch x 10 Inch Photo Frame, with a picture of black spots splattered all over.

As the audience attempt to make sense of this piece of "Modern Art", the picture visibly and instantly transforms into a perfectly legible black and white drawing. But the performer comments the picture is too drab for such an expensive frame. He waves the picture, and it is instantly colored in bright color

Clown Surprise Act, 3 ChangesClown-Surprise-Act--3-ChangesPrice: $55.00 €48.90
Weight: 1 Kg 600 Gram
Visible Birthday and School Show Shocker Climax Magic.

4 DIFFERENT Changes! Clown Surprise will be an all-time favorite and always remembered by the kids. The clowns suit changes color THREE times, and a finale change that shows his back.

All the magic happens in the Fun House. Introduce Charlie the Clown in this BLUE suit. He quickly goes back into the Fun House, and his suit cha

Phoney Magnet by Eric BussPhoney-Magnet-by-Eric-BussPrice: $59.00 €52.45
Weight:  740 Gram
Don't let another cell phone interrupt your show! Simply pull out the "Phoney" Magnet at any time during your act, aim and BAM! A cell phone instantly appears stuck on the end!
  • "Funny & clever... I keep it ready to use at all times." - Lance Burton
  • "I wish I thought of it... Can I market it?" - Kevin James
  • "Hilarious! Audiences love it!" - Chipper Lowell
Comedy FunnelComedy-FunnelPrice: $28.00 €24.90
Weight:  460 Gram
A classic Comedy prop. Liquid can be made to pour out at will from an empty funnel.

Similar to the Comedy Funnel in effect, but larger and working on a different method. This funnel permits you to produce a large quantity or water or other liquid from any part of a spectator's body, or anywhere else you wish.

Have a small boy drink a glass full of water. Now ask him to pump his arms up and down

Get Up Table by Derek RuttGet-Up-Table-by-Derek-RuttPrice: $450.00 €400.35
Weight: 9 Kg 200 Gram
The best comedy table on sale today and the audience love it.

The get up table is not a new idea but this method and making are new. With our table you can place props etc. on it and it will not fall down. So when you want the table to fall down you press a small lever with your foot, you do not have to look down, it is easily located. When you want the table to jump up again all you have to do is lightl

Breakaway Fan, Economy by Robert NickleBreakaway-Fan--Economy-by-Robert-NicklePrice: $7.50 €6.65
Weight:  130 Gram
One of the greatest laugh producers! During your performance, you open the fan to magically fan some object. Then ask for a member of your audience to help by holding the fan. When your assistant opens the fan, it FALLS APART. However, you take the fan, open it and it is restored again. This may be repeated several times and is always sure of a big laugh.

Four Appearing Guitars From Suitcase

Four Appearing Guitars From Suitcase

An absolutely astonishing appearing act where you appear not ONE but FOUR full size guitars from a suitcase.


Vanishing Point, 2009 by TenyoVanishing-Point--2009-by-TenyoPrice: $24.50 €21.75
Weight:  130 Gram
Truly Astonishing! A completely astounding vanish!

This magic effect baffles everyone, including experienced magicians. The solid ball completely vanishes, and reappears from below the tabletop. When you learn the secret, you'll be just as impressed as your audiences. A simple gimmick, used in a diabolically clever way, has enabled us to develop this brand-new effect.

Place a solid ball on the

Ultimate Spoon Bend, 2008 by TenyoUltimate-Spoon-Bend--2008-by-TenyoPrice: $32.50 €28.90
Weight:  110 Gram
Show your audience a solid metal spoon. Focus your psychic energy on it, and watch the spoon bend at your fingertips. As a surprising finale, the spoon breaks in half! You can hand our the two broken pieces of the spoon to your audience for examination, and they will find nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. No cover or secret movements. Your audience will shriek when they seen the spoon bend!
Card Case, Magnetic by TenyoCard-Case--Magnetic-by-TenyoPrice: $11.50 €10.20
Weight:  70 Gram
An astounding variety of effects can be generated with just this single innocuous-looking case. The perfect apparatus for card vanishes and productions.

The gimmick is precision made made and so thin that it can't be found even by the closest inspection. A card is placed into the case and the lid is closed. The lid is then opened revealing a totally different card. The case may be passed out for examination. Ma

The Flying Carpet, 2012 by TenyoThe-Flying-Carpet--2012-by-TenyoPrice: $45.00 €40.00
Weight:  320 Gram
With Tenyo's Flying Carpet you can achieve the dream of floating in mid-air in a living room, at a trade show booth, at a sales meeting, just about anywhere!

The spectators need only put on a pair of the 3D glasses, and they will see your body floating right in front of their eyes. Its a new-generation of magic!

Flying Carpet was invented by Lubor Fiedler, and TENYO is going to release it for

Black XFour Super Card Tricks
Black X
You can control the outcome of each dice toss! Not only that, all the dice instantly change to the same value. Click here for details
4 Super Card Tricks
Mystify with 4 super tricks, Vanishing Balloons, Wild Ghosts, Chameleon Cards and Find the Rabbit. Click here for details
These classics are not manufactured anymore. When they are gone they are gone. A collectors item!
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