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Appearing 3 Guitars
Appearing of Three Guitars from Suitcase.

You enter the stage with a suitcase in hand.
From this you are able to produce THREE Guitars. Easy to do.

The guitars are made of wood and look like real guitars.
All in a handy suitcase for easy transportation.

This is a first class trick and not a cheap Chinese Rip-off!

New items!

Hameds Dove Frame by ToraMore info...Price: US$280.00 €206.00
A fantastic quick trick where a silk is trown on an empty frame and a dove appears.
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Hameds CD Player, Transformation of Drawing to CD Player by ToraMore info...Price: US$890.00 €654.85
The audiences see a painting frame on a table. The magician takes the frame and draws a CD player on it using a marker pen.

He puts it on the table. Then he takes an empty cover and shows it to the audience that is empty. He puts the cover on the frame that has the picture of a CD player drawn on it.

Then he picks the cover and this time the audiences see with disbelief that the painting frame transforms to a big CD player.

Of course the magician can show all sides of CD player to the audi
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Appearing 2 Radios from Empty Paper Bag by ToraMore info...Price: US$270.00 €198.65
Appearing Two Radios from Empty Paper Bag includes a paper bag and two hand crafted folding radios.

Very easy to do, the magician shows an empty paper bag to the audience and then appears two radios from the paper bag one by one.

Dimensions of radios: 31 x 22 x 21.5 cm.

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Cane to Flower and Flower to Cane by ToraMore info...Price: US$90.00 €66.20
Magician displays a solid cane and suddenly, with one hand motion, it becomes a flexible flower bouquet. He places stems of the flowers into a tiny flower pot.

With his magical gesture, the plant jumps up out of the pot and instantly transforms into a solid cane in the air.

  • Easy to do!
  • Cane automatically pops up
  • Soft, feather plant adds lively charm
  • Comes with 2 Plastic canes 1 Appearing, 1 Vanishing
  • Feather flower
  • Automatic Flower pot

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Cornucopia Cube 777 by ToraMore info...Price: US$1500.00 €1103.70
Show an empty box to the audience and then appear the following items from it:
  • 3 PCS Crystal Cubes full of colorful spring flowers
  • 4 PCS Colorful Dove Cages with latex doves
  • 1 PCS Night Lamp that fully illuminate
  • 4 PCS Jumbo Dove Cages with latex doves

A most extraordinary and amazing item. The mechanism of this item makes it very easy to perform - almost self working.

All the items are easily placed inside the box allowing for easy transportation.
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Hopping SilkMore info...Price: US$14.00 €10.30
The magician displays a square board with five holes on it, like the five spots on a die. A silk is pushed through one of the corners spots, - let us say the hole in the extreme upper left corner. The board is just passed behind the performer's back, and the silk is found to have jumped to an adjacent corner, - the upper right corner.

This is repeated a number of times, as the silk apparently jumps to the lower right corner, and then the lower left corner.

The spectators think they know how this
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Appearing 3 Crystal Cubes from Empty Box by ToraMore info...Price: US$240.00 €176.55
The magician shows an empty box to the audience. Then he appears three cubes full of balls.
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I Love You FrameMore info...Price: US$65.00 €47.80
You have a black frame. You put a handkerchief to cover the frame and when you pull off the handkerchief, I Love You will be appear on the frame.

Very easy to perform. Top quality and beautiful design. Your audience will never understand the secret.

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Four Appearing Guitars From Suitcase

Four Appearing Guitars From Suitcase

An absolutely astonishing appearing act where you appear not ONE but FOUR full size guitars from a suitcase.

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A random selection from Coin and Money!

Coinvexed 2.0 Sharpie Edition, with DVD by David PennMore info...Price: US$115.00 €84.60
When David Penn released his Convexed gimmick to the magic fraternity in 2008 it was an instant hit with professional magicians and mentalists all over the world. The brand new Coinvexed 2 gimmick takes the original routine a step further by streamlining the handling and improving pocket management.

A spectator signs a coin, which can be borrowed, and then something very extraordinary happens as the coin seemingly bends within their own hands. The spectator can then keep the coin as a souvenir that freezes th
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Nickels to Dimes by S.S. AdamsMore info...Price: US$4.00 €2.90
A stack of four nickels is covered with a cup. The nickels disappear, and are replaced with four dimes.
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Pena Coin Penetration by RoyalMore info...Price: US$3.50 €2.55
A visual trick that's easy to do.

A sheet of rubber is seen on top of a drinking glass. On top of the sheet sits a quarter. The magician presses against the quarter. It VISIBLY MELTS THROUGH the rubber and falls into the glass underneath. Everything can now be examined.

Easy to do. Comes complete with instructions and sheets of rubber.

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Double Tail Nickel, 5 CentMore info...Price: US$6.00 €4.40
You never lose with a Double Sided coin. Flip the coin into air or spin on table, coin will always turn up the winner.
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New items from Tora Magic!

Appearing Everything from Empty Box by ToraMore info...Price: US$270.00 €198.65
Show an empty box to the audience and produce everything you like from it, like a duck, a small pet, sponge items and more. This brilliant hand crafted box is beautiful and easy to handle. It will make you seem like a... magician.

Dimensions of box: 36 x 21 x 21 cm.

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Cornucopia Cube 777 by ToraMore info...Price: US$1500.00 €1103.70
Show an empty box to the audience and then appear the following items from it:
  • 3 PCS Crystal Cubes full of colorful spring flowers
  • 4 PCS Colorful Dove Cages with latex doves
  • 1 PCS Night Lamp that fully illuminate
  • 4 PCS Jumbo Dove Cages with latex doves

A most extraordinary and amazing item. The mechanism of this item makes it very easy to perform - almost self working.

All the items are easily placed inside the box allowing for easy transportation.
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Fire Newspaper by ToraMore info...Price: US$35.00 €25.75
Open an ordinary newspaper and while reading, the newspaper suddenly is on fire with huge flames.

The trick can be done repeatedly. Close the newspaper to put the flames out.

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Appearing of 1 Flower Pot from Silks, Multicolor by ToraMore info...Price: US$450.00 €331.10
The magician shows four colorful silks and one by one places the silks in his hand. He shakes the silks and a huge Flower Pot appear. Amazing.

This is a great trick, and easy to perform.

This trick consists of four Silks and one Flower Pot.

We can supply this in various colors. If you want a special color we can accommodate you but production time for different colors are around two weeks.

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A random selection from Kids Magic!

Ultimate Egg BagMore info...Price: US$9.50 €6.95
The Egg Bag is a classic prop, with all the ingredients that make it the perfect audience participation effect, specially for kid shows. The basic plot is direct and simple. An Egg is placed in a bag. It vanishes. It magically reappears inside the bag. The performer removes the Egg from the bag, and places it in his pocket. It vanishes from the pocket and re-appears in the bag. And so on. With some presentation ability, and the help of a member of your audience, this can be a fun filled routine, which can entertain
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Feather Duster Wand by Silly BillyMore info...Price: US$28.50 €20.95
Tickle Your Child Helper As You "Clean Them Off" Use this as a running gag throughout your kids show or walk around event. When you pick up the Feather Duster Wand the children get giddy with anticipation of seeing their friends get tickled.

Unlike other funny wand gags, you can repeat this one over and over and the children enjoy it more and more.

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Sucker Sliding Die Box in WoodMore info...Price: US$75.00 €55.15
The Performer displays an empty double compartment box, with doors on front and top of box, and a solid Die.The Die is placed in one compartment, and the audience asked to remember where it is. The box is tilted, and the doors to that compartment are opened, and the die is seen to have vanished.

The audience is not impressed, because they have heard the Die slide to the opposite compartment. They ask the magician to open the doors to the other compartment. The magician closes the doors to the first compartme
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Hippity Hop Rabbits, Stage Size, WoodMore info...Price: US$75.00 €55.15
The performer shows two cut out rabbits, one White and one Black. They are covered with two covers, the White rabbit going into the cover with a White hat, and the Black rabbit into the cover with a Black hat.

The covers are moved around, and the rabbits are found to have exchanged places. This is repeated a number of times, and your audience believes they have caught you out. They inform you that the rabbits are White on one side and Black on the other, and you are merely turning them around to change plac
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A random selection from our many items!

Mail Bag Escape Illusion, DeluxeMore info...Price: US$85.00 €62.50
Here is a full size Stage illusion that you can carry in your suitcase. The magician is locked in the canvas bag, using a solid metal road and padlocks. A sheet or curtain is held up in front of the locked bag and the magician escapes in a flash. The bag, the rod, and the padlocks can be examined before and after the performance. An impressive feat reminiscent of the greatest escape acts of all times!

The effect can be performed of its own or combined with other escape effect, like Chain Release Handcuffs, or
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Qualatex Balloons, 260-Q, Pack of 100More info...Price: US$9.00 €6.60
The perfect balloon for balloon sculptures. Pagckaged in an assortment of bright colors.

These are every balloon workers product of choice. 100 per bag. Stock up!

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Appearing Pool Cue by ToraMore info...Price: US$40.00 €29.40
The magician is holding a small stick which transforms to a full length pool cue. The stick is 34 cm and 150 cm when extended. Excellent side effect for a multiplying billiard balls routine!
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Useless Resistance by Katsuya MasudaMore info...Price: US$45.00 €33.10
The magician spreads a deck of cards face up. Then he squares the deck and spreads it face down. The performer turns around and a spectator chooses a card among the spread. Without looking at its face, the spectator hides the card and squares the deck. The performer turns to the spectators and puts the deck into the card case. He takes out a piece of paper and place it on the card case. Then he writes a prediction on the paper using the card case held in his hand as a hard surface. When he finishes writing, he fold
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Heads Up! by Jay SankeyMore info...Price: US$10.00 €7.35
A small photo and an "invisible penny, nickel and dime" are removed from an envelope. The spectator chooses between the imaginary coins, tosses one in the air and slaps it on the back of her hand. She even freely decides whether the coin is heads up or tails up. When the photograph is turned over, it´s seen to be a picture of the very coin the spectator was merely thinking of!

The photo remains on the table face down throughout and only one photo is used. Self-working and self-contained, you´ll carry this wi
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Archangel Key Routine by The EnchantmentMore info...Price: US$24.95 €18.35
A Complete Performance in your Pocket! From The Enchantment, the creator of the highly successful Dreamweaver, comes another Anytime, Anywhere, multi-phase routine that is destine to be a classic. Archangel is the culmination of three highly commercial effects seamlessly implemented into one finely-tuned routine that is as amazing as it is memorable.

3 Keys - One Door
A member of the audience becomes faced with a difficult decision when she must choose between three keys. With a completely free choice, her
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My Lady Ring, Original Version From EuropeMore info...Price: US$160.00 €117.70
A transparent support with two columns is shown to the audience. The magician fits a black hand in the center of the support, covers it with a golden bag and shows that nothing can go through the bag.

The magician asks a member of the audience which wears a ring and borrows the ring, puts it into a silk and give the silk to the spectator. The magician also ask the spectator which finger he likes the most. The audience counts, one, two, three and the spectator throws the silk into the air and the ring dissapea
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Burning Money, 10 US Dollar, Pack of 7More info...Price: US$9.50 €6.95
Enjoy these banknotes printed out in a very flammable flash paper!

Burning money, as it names implies it, consists in banknotes made out of flash paper. Perfectly printed in order to confuse even the richest banker. It will allow you to scare the most pragmatic audience. After all, some people don't care about money. But everyone care when you're burning the banknote they just lent you.

Borrow a banknote and quickly change it to your flash banknote. Burn this last one and have the banknote re
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Brass SanctumMore info...Price: US$14.00 €10.30
Two small brass cylinders are displayed. While the magician's back is turned, spectator is asked to place a match in one of the cylinders - then place both cylinders under clear glasses. Magician can tell the audience which cylinder contains the match… even though he doesn't hear or feel anything, or get clues from confederates! Amazing! Includes cylinders and routine.
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Lucy Strikes Gold by Samuel PatrickMore info...Price: US$36.00 €26.45

You show a large (9" x 12") card with a picture of that most adorable rabbit, Lucy. One day, Lucy “strikes gold” when she finds a whole patch of carrots. You show three other cards of brilliant orange carrots with delightfully green tops. The trouble is, Lucy gets lost in the carrots. You turn Lucy around and the spectators try to guess where she is, but they can never find her. Why? Because she has completely disappeared! When you do locate her, she has obviously eaten too many carrots!

Hilarious, col
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Cane to Four Flowered BouquetMore info...Price: US$65.00 €47.80
The magician enters the stage with a cane and displays it to the audience.

All of a sudden, they see that the cane has transformed into a beautiful four flowered bouquet.

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Thumb Tip BlendoMore info...Price: US$6.00 €4.40
Miniature magic- maximum impact! Do the classic Blendo effect in your bare hands!

Several different colored silks are placed in the hand. Suddenly, the silks have changed to one multicolored silk!

Five mini silks and thumb tip included (sized for adult hand). Not appropriate for children because it is too large for small fingers to use.

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Dice Illusion IMore info...Price: US$13.50 €9.90
The magician takes out a die without any color and a mirror. He lets the audience examine both. Everything is normal. He explains how people make dice and claims he can make a dice with a mirror.

When he places the die next to the mirror, the dice itself doesn't show to have any color, but the dice in the mirror does! The magician then makes the die full of color, but this time, the die in the mirror doesn't have any color!

Finally, the magician takes the dice from the mirror; he now has two dice!More info...

One Hand Dove Bag/Holder, BlueMore info...Price: US$15.00 €11.00
You will produce Doves professionally with One Hand operation.

Slick one hand operation without velcro sounds impossible. A new harness design eliminates all the hassle with dove production. Comfortable for the dove! Silent operation! Won't open early, hand washable, slick satin eliminates drag.
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Dove Pocket, BlackMore info...Price: US$19.00 €13.95
These pockets are made from a high quality black satin, to ensure a smooth dove steal. They are ready to be installed quickly and easily into any jacket. They are a real timesaver! All you do is safety pin into position. Measures 5 inch x 11 inch.
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Dishonest Abe by Gregory WilsonMore info...Price: US$24.50 €18.00
Dishonest Abe is a staple for close-up workers all over the world. It's a motivated, funny and completely devious jumbo coin routine that's all action. Here's what happens...

Mention that there's a new counterfeiting ring in the area, and boy are they dumb. They're counterfeiting PENNIES! Ask to borrow a penny and take a close look at it. Yup, it's a counterfeit! How do you know? Hold a magnifying glass over it, and the penny grows to twice it's normal size. See, you say, you can see it's larger than a normal
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A random selection from Fire Magic!

Burning Money, 10 US Dollar, Pack of 7More info...Price: US$9.50 €6.95
Enjoy these banknotes printed out in a very flammable flash paper!

Burning money, as it names implies it, consists in banknotes made out of flash paper. Perfectly printed in order to confuse even the richest banker. It will allow you to scare the most pragmatic audience. After all, some people don't care about money. But everyone care when you're burning the banknote they just lent you.

Borrow a banknote and quickly change it to your flash banknote. Burn this last one and have the banknote re
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Vanishing Lit TorchMore info...Price: US$11.50 €8.45
Performer walks on stage with a Lit Torch in his hand. He makes a throwing gesture, and the Torch vanishes in mid-air. The performer's hands are completely empty, leaving him free to proceed with his act. This is a very dramatic and visual opening effect, with a magical impact that is bound to make any audience sit up and take notice. We supply the torch, with instructions.
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Bloody Hell by Panda MagicMore info...Price: US$8.00 €5.85
Bloody hell comes with 20 pills and a tube of magic jelly. Apply the pill on your cigarette, your flash paper or any other product which need to be lighten up. Then use the jelly contained in the tube and put some on the pill. 7 seconds after application the pill will light, eventually lighting your cigarette, flash paper, levitating rose, etc...

How to use it?
Remove some tobacco from your cigarette and replace it by Bloody Hell's pill. Tap it well so that the pill doesn't fall down when you put it
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Fire From Palms, Pair, FUMore info...Price: US$29.00 €21.30
You are supplied with two special gimmicks, one for each hand. With the help of these, you produce fire from your hands. Transfer the flame from one hand to the other, or magically extinguish it, and produce it as often as you wish.

These devices are mechanical in working. Comes with 2 devices.

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A random selection from Miscellaneous!

Magicians Lapel Pin, Rabbit In A HatMore info...Price: US$6.00 €4.40
A beautiful Lapel pin to be worn on the jacket or shirt to add that extra aura of a magician. Symbolizing the magician with a Rabbit in an Hat and the magicians wand in the background.
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Wizard PK Ring, Gold, 16 mm, Flat Band by World Magic ShopMore info...Price: US$28.00 €20.60
Once worn NEVER taken off!!! Possibilities - Endless...

The first fully magnetic ring designed by Magicians for Magicians!

The Wizard PK Ring is a complete, 100% Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet fashioned into a wedding band style ring. It will give you a host of unique opportunities to amaze and impress, limited only by the extent of your imagination. To get you started we have set out two basic routines for you to try.

The beauty of the ring lies not only in how it looks, a <
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Juggling Spinning Plate With StickMore info...Price: US$4.50 €3.30
This is another of our Juggler's prop that adds variety to your magic act.

The magician spins a colorful plastic plate at the end of a thin stick. We supply you everything needed, a special unbreakable plastic plate, the stick which folds in half for convenient transportation, and an illustrated step-by-step lesson book.

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Wiregrams, Christian CrossMore info...Price: US$16.00 €11.75
Imagine dipping a piece of ordinary wire into hot liquid, and it instantly changes into the shape of a previously selected card!
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A random selection from Tora Magic!

Blooming Bouquet, 5 Flowers, Deluxe by ToraMore info...Price: US$175.00 €128.75
The magician is holding a beautiful blooming bouquet in his hand and starts to pluck the flowers from it. He puts them in a bag. He then spreads a handkerchief over the bouquet and to the audiences amazement, the flowers have appeared again.

This Blooming Bouquet consists of 5 beautiful flowers.

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Automatic Fire to Dove Box by ToraMore info...Price: US$185.00 €136.10
The magician shows a box to the spectators completely empty. Flames appear from the box automatically, the magician is looking at the fire and suddenly the flames disappear and a dove appears from the box! This item can be performed easily and anywhere you wish. The mechanism is automatically operated.
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Flower Vase to 5 Night Lamps by ToraMore info...Price: US$520.00 €382.60
A flower vase is on a table. The magician picks it up and with a blink of an eye, it transforms into a beautiful night lamp. You can even light the night lamp and play with it!

Then he puts it on the table and magically produces four night lamps until you have five beautiful night lamps on the table.

This item is easy to perform and requires no practice. All the night lamps can be folded flat for easy transportation. It can be performed in different stage settings. Opening and closing can be done co
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Dice Tray by ToraMore info...Price: US$110.00 €80.90
The magician shows the spectators an empty tray with both empty sides. Next, 5 big dices can be appeared one after another in a way that every time that the empty tray is shown, a dice will appear. The performer can do it five times.

This new item is made of high quality material and consists of a tray and five dices.

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Wand Into Two Feather Sticks by ToraMore info...Price: US$140.00 €103.00
One wand transfers to two feather sticks.

This item consists of the silver wand and two feather sticks and is easy to perform.

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Fire and Cages Tube with 4 Cages by ToraMore info...Price: US$380.00 €279.60
This is a great item from Tora Magic. The Fire and Cages Tube let you produce four cages as large as the tube.

When you remove the lid flames will shoot out automatically. Replace the lid and the flames are extinguished. Remove the lid again and produce the cages.

This item consists of a tube with a lid, a base and four cages.

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Hameds Dove Frame by ToraMore info...Price: US$280.00 €206.00
A fantastic quick trick where a silk is trown on an empty frame and a dove appears.
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Colorful Cubes by ToraMore info...Price: US$185.00 €136.10
Two different sized boxes are seen on the magicians table. One box is larger than the other. The magician shows two colorful cubes to the audience and places one of the colorful cubes inside the large box and the other in the small one. When he opens the door on the large box, the audience see that the cube has vanished.

He then opens all six doors. The cube has indeed vanished. He then opens the small box and take out the cube. This has now transformed and has uni-colored sides.

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A random selection from Comedy!

Monkey Bar, Nu-WayMore info...Price: US$35.00 €25.75
The Monkey Bar is a popular magic effect, and there have been many versions, working on different secrets on the market. We now offer you a model suitable for stage use, working on a different principle, and which can be easily adapted to your individual performing preference. It eliminates the disadvantages of models working on other methods, and the effect is exactly as you would expect on reading an ad for the item.

The effect for the prop as supplied runs as follows. The performer shows a large wooden ba
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Y CardsMore info...Price: US$1.00 €0.70
The perfect gag card. Creates roars of laughter when used properly. You can create an Abbott and Costello "Who's on First" routine with the card:

A spectator selects the Y Card. The magician asks them what card they picked. The spectator announces "Why" The magician says, "Because I asked you." The spectator again asserts, "Why" And round and round things go.

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Amazing Birthday Bear Photo Frame, Type 1More info...Price: US$45.00 €33.10
Performer shows a large 8 Inch x 10 Inch Photo Frame, with a picture of black spots splattered all over.

As the audience attempt to make sense of this piece of "Modern Art", the picture visibly and instantly transforms into a perfectly legible black and white drawing. But the performer comments the picture is too drab for such an expensive frame. He waves the picture, and it is instantly colored in bright colors.

Easy to do, completely self contained and mechanical, with nothing to add or take away. Exc
More info...

Spring Wand, ComedyMore info...Price: US$9.00 €6.60
The Spring Wand is a comedy prop similar to a Breakaway Wand but is a lot more versatile and can be used for other comedy effects.

Made from a 17 inch long, strong spring with plastic tips screwed on at the ends. When held in the middle it is rigid and can be waved as a normal wand, but when held at the tips it wobbles around as if made of rubber. Comes complete with several presentation ideas.

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A random selection from Card Tricks, Jumbo!

Big Surprise Card FanMore info...Price: US$22.00 €16.15
A spectator selects a card from a pack of cards. Magician displays a jumbo card fan. One of the cards is face down in the fan. He asks the spectator to spot his selected card in the fan. The spectator says it is not there. Magician says that the one face down card in the fan is the spectator's selected card. Then the entire fan of cards transforms into a giant size replica of the spectator's selected card.
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Jumbo Pip CardMore info...Price: US$14.00 €10.30
The performer shows a large card, depicting a one spot on one side, and a four on the reverse.

But when he turns the card over, there is a three, and when he turns it over again, it's a six.

He repeats this a few times, then teaches the trick to his audience.

Then he repeats it all over again, and fools them all over again, and finally the six becomes a seven and then an eight.

The Jumbo Pip Card measures 25 x 15 cm.

More info...
Giant 3 Cards Monte, PlusMore info...Price: US$9.50 €6.95
This is a Three Card Monte or Find The Queen effect with a difference. In the normal routine, the magician uses one Queen or special card and two odd cards, and the spectator has to find the Queen. This makes the odds 2-to-1 in the magician's favor, which is not really fair. So for this effect you use two Queens, and one odd card. This will make the odds favorable to the spectator.

The normal effect is done with ordinary playing cards, and magicians are famous for sleights and hanky panky with cards. So you
More info...

Jumbo Gag Card SetMore info...Price: US$3.50 €2.55
In this set we supply you five jumbo cards, with novel face designs, for some very off-beat card effects.

There are two 52-in-1 cards, one with a normal back, and one with another card on reverse. You also get three crazy prediction cards - a 3 1/2 of Clubs, a 14 of Diamonds, and a Cozy Couple card with the KD and QD on the same card. The cards come to you in a special custom made laminated envelope, which can be used to hold your prediction card during performance.

The cards can be used for a quick
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A random selection from Glas and Bottles!

Thompsons Bottle Thru Table by Norm NielsenMore info...Price: US$26.50 €19.45

Imagine being able to borrow almost any bottle, wrap it in paper leaving the top of the bottle visible, and pushing the bottle through any table top.

This is an amazing impromptu-like magic effect.

This is now possible with our improved gimmicks. This effect comes with instructions and three gimmicks that allow you to put almost any bottle through a table.

More info...
Vanishing Champagne Bottle by Norm NielsenMore info...Price: US$60.00 €44.10
Vanishing Champagne Bottle. Bottle dimensions: 12.5 inch high X 3.5 inch diameter. Label included.
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Wonder GlassMore info...Price: US$2.50 €1.80
This is, without a doubt one of the finest pieces of utility apparatus ever created. The apparatus supplied consists of what appears to be an ordinary transparent clear plastic glass. Basically, the effect is that the liquid in the glass visibly diminishes from a glass full, to a fraction of the original contents. You can use this as a milk glass - you apparently pour a glass full of liquid into a paper cone, from where it vanishes.

Or hold the glass out at arms length, and place a straw in your mouth.
More info...

Tipsy Comedy Bottle in MetalMore info...Price: US$25.50 €18.75
This is an excellent comedy prop for any magician. It has an added new liquid pouring feature that allows you to get much more mileage from the item. This resembles a bottle, and you can pour a drink from this, whenever you wish. Yet, when you so wish, the bottle refuses to pour, because the neck tilts away, an off-beat, visual gag!

Handcrafted in metal, and ready to use. It measures 24.4 cm in height and 9.2 cm in diameter. It is bottomless.

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A random selection from Levitations!

Wild Levitation by Tom Jones and Rachel WildMore info...Price: US$35.00 €25.75
Astound your audience by levitating inches above the ground! No special shoes and completely impromptu!

The magician removes his jacket and holds it in front of him, with just his feet protruding at the bottom out of the bottom of the jacket. Suddenly the magician levitates several inches into the air!

More info...
Jumbo Hover Card, Blue Back Bicycle by Dan HarlanMore info...Price: US$14.00 €10.30
Another winning effect from Dan Harlan! A Jumbo playing card floats gently off the deck and hovers mysteriously above it, then comes to rest balanced on one corner. Motion to the card, and it will slowly float back on to the deck! The card can be shown on both sides, and can even be handed out for examination.

The Jumbo Hover Card measures 17.5 cm (7 Inch) x 11.5 cm (4.5 Inch).

More info...
Andrus Floating Card by Jerry AndrusMore info...Price: US$10.00 €7.35
Two playing cards are shown front and back, then one levitates above the other! The levitated card can be spun, and the lower card can be raised and waved beneath the floating card. At the finish, the cards are again shown front and back. Easy to do!
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Ultimate Paper Bag LevitationMore info...Price: US$380.00 €279.60
You walk out with a paper gift bag under your arm or pick the bag up from your table. The bag is dropped on a small rug, isolating it completely from the floor. The bag is picked up and opened. A black cloth is opened and held in front of you, as you step into the bag. Almost at once, you rise up over 12 inch in the bag. The cloth is taken away, showing you floating at the top of the bag. The cloth is again raised as you float back down into the bag. As you step from the bag, the cloth is tossed aside as the bag is
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A random selection from Psychokinetic!

Vortex PK Pro Ring, Silver, Medium, 20 mmMore info...Price: US$26.00 €19.10
Take the World by STORM!

Polarized on the curve, not the edge like other rings, The Vortex directs its power towards the item under your control at all times! A revolutionary advance in magnetic rings by the original distributors of PK magic, made affordable without the bulky look of other "rings."

Wearing The Vortex PK Pro Ring you can magnetically switch, change, and control cards, stop time, perform killer ring on string routines, PLUS you'll learn how to transfer magnetism for linking eff
More info...

Wizard PK Ring, Silver, 25 mm, G2 by World Magic ShopMore info...Price: US$28.00 €20.60
The Second Generation Wizard PK ring!

The new G2 Wizard PK ring has all the same qualities as the G1 rings, but has a new curved surface and a bit more grunt! Solid as oak, and as pretty as silk, this new G2 ring is shaped like a regular wedding band.

For those of you wondering Why ANOTHER Wizard Ring?... the answer is simple. YOU, the customer wanted more power (This one is N40+). YOU, the customer wanted this traditional shape. And YOU, the customer have been loyal to the Wizard PK brand
More info...

Micro 5 Pro PK KitMore info...Price: US$95.00 €69.90
Make matches stand in a spectator's hand, stop watches, move objects with your mind and much more! The Pro PK Kit contains the thinnest and most powerful magnet available-the Micro 5 PK magnet. Thin enough to conceal on your wrist or under a coat, yet strong enough to penetrate the thickest hands and tables.

You also get the PK Book with over 70 routines and tips, a manuscript of additional routines, plus 2 brass rings, 2 copper-plated steel pennies, Shim Shell Coin, Shimming supplies and a custom wrist strap
More info...

PK Factor by Patrick SnowdenMore info...Price: US$28.00 €20.60
True PK Levitation Supreme! Nothing is attached to the leviated object. Instantly make a match, business card, cigarette float under a glass! Perform standing, seated, even in a spectator's hand. Tons of routines possible!
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A random selection from Appearing & Vanishing!

Vanishing Lighter by ToraMore info...Price: US$5.00 €3.65
The magician shows a normal lighter to the audience and lights it. He closes his hand around the lighter and opens the hand again. The lighter has vanished.

Easy to perform with an automatic system.

More info...
Automatic Dove to Rabbit Cage by Tora MagicMore info...Price: US$340.00 €250.15
The magician shows one an empty cage to the spectators. Then he opens the front door and places one or two doves in it. Then he closes the door. Now there are two doves in the cage. After a while he lifts the upper lid off the cage and suddenly everyone see that two doves have changed into two beautiful rabbits.

All sides, front and back walls are completely open to show that nothing is in the cage except the two rabbits.

Transformation of dove to rabbit is completely automatic. This item is made o
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Vanishing Deck by JokerMore info...Price: US$26.50 €19.45

The magician places a deck of Bicycle cards along with a plastic case onto the table. He then places the deck inside the plastic case and after a snap of the fingers, he throws the case into the air and the deck of cards has completely vanished!

  • Comes Complete
  • Sturdy, Waterproof Plastic
  • Looks Great
  • You can even remove a card or two from the card box before it vanishes!

More info...
Impossible Bill in Bottle by Gerald KirchnerMore info...Price: US$30.00 €22.05
Allows you to seal objects inside a bottle, vanish duplicate objects in front of the spectator, and reveal them floating inside the bottle. The results are simply amazing! The other two tricks in this series each contain something that make them unique. They're powerful reflections of what magic should be. In this, the third trilogy, you'll see the evolution of what the other two made possible.
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A random selection from Wallets!

Mirage Wallet by Mark MasonMore info...Price: US$50.00 €36.75
Mark Mason's NO LOADING Card to Wallet!

That's Right You never Load the Card!

Mason's Mirage Wallet is an ingenious device that will allow you to perform a no palm, signed card to wallet. Immediately the Mirage Wallet is opened & their signed card is clipped inside. Mechanical gimmick allows the card to be seen as you pull the card out.

  • NO Fumbling
  • NO loading delay
  • Re-Sets in seconds
  • English Soft leather Wallet

More info...
Swap WalletMore info...Price: US$12.00 €8.80
This wallet can vanish, produce or exchange any flat object, which fits in it.
More info...
Giant Himber Wallet, Real LeatherMore info...Price: US$24.00 €17.65
The Himber Wallet is a change device for flat card and paper items, like currency notes or bills, playing cards, paper slips and the like. Which is an understatement, like saying The Rolls Royce is just an automobile or David Copperfield is just a magician.

This version is a Giant Himber Wallet and can be used with our Big Bicycle Deck of Cards, larger piece of papers or photos of your mother-in-law. The wallet is made of genuine leather. The Wallet measures 16 cm x 22 cm.

More info...
Vallarinos Wallet by Jean-Pierre VallarinoMore info...Price: US$60.00 €44.10
Here's just one of the effects possible with this amazing wallet: Four-of-a-kind are removed from a pack of cards and set on the table. The magician also removes his wallet and opens it, showing an envelope inside. A spectator freely chooses any of the four cards-no force and the magician immediately removes the envelope from his wallet, tears it open and dumps out a duplicate of the spectator's selection!

With Vallarino's wallet, not only are brand-new effects possible, but you can also improve some of your
More info...

Great items from Tenyo!

Floating Card, 2010 by TenyoMore info...Price: US$40.00 €29.40
Show a deck of playing cards to the audience, and invite a spectator to freely select one card. Place that card face-up onto the deck. Magically, the card slowly floats upward! You can even remove the card below the floating card, and the selected card remains suspended in mid-air. The selected card slowly returns to the deck. You can immediately spread the deck to show the faces of all the cards.
More info...
Crash Dice by TenyoMore info...Price: US$36.00 €26.45
Your audience sees you place a single die inside of a clear container. Yet seconds later, the die explodes into eight tiny dice, or even changes color from white to red! All props can be passed for examination after you've performed this visually startling miracle.

The inventor of this trick, Hiroshi Sawa has inspired magicians the world over with his whimsical and lyrical magic creations. A dentist by trade, Dr. Sawa has also appeared as a performer on countless Japanese and international television shows.More info...

China Surprise, 2010 by TenyoMore info...Price: US$47.00 €34.55
Push a sheet of tissue paper into your closed fist. On top of the tissue, you place a small green ball. Make a magical gesture, and... the tissue has transformed magically into a delicious looking shumai dumpling!
More info...
4-D Surprise, 2011 by TenyoMore info...Price: US$59.00 €43.40
A startling, never-before-seen visual illusion

In front of your audience, you assemble two plates and a semi-transparent box. They can clearly see that there is nothing inside the box. However, when you raise the box, a Statue of Liberty figurine magically appears in the empty space! It has always been a magician's dream to make a solid object appear from nowhere. The ingenious creator Lubor Fiedler has finally made this magical dream come true. Your audiences will shriek in surprise when they see the
More info...

Black XChameleon HankyFour Super Card Tricks
Black X
You can control the outcome of each dice toss! Not only that, all the dice instantly change to the same value. Click here for details
Chameleon Hanky
A silk changes color when it passes thru your empty hand and finally the color blend together. Click here for details
4 Super Card Tricks
Mystify with 4 super tricks, Vanishing Balloons, Wild Ghosts, Chameleon Cards and Find the Rabbit. Click here for details
These classics are not manufactured anymore. When they are gone they are gone. A collectors item!
English Instructions.

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