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Fire NewspaperFire Newspaper by Tora
Open an ordinary newspaper and while reading, the newspaper suddenly is on fire with huge flames.

The trick can be done repeatedly. Close the newspaper to put the flames out.

Now Only $35


Twisting Spoon by KikuchiTwisting Spoon by Kikuchi
A spoon examined by an audience member, becomes pliable as clay in your hands. With no effort on your part, a metal spoon is easily Twisted several times and can be handed out afterwards.
  • Unbelievable Magic
  • Kikuchi Magic from Japan
  • Comes with DVD and Gimmick

Now Only $42


Alien AutopsyAlien Autopsy by Jim Pace & Steve Dobson
Four differently colored alien faces appear and disappear one at a time between pictures of earth and space. Then, with a wave of the hand, the four cards with aliens change to four "green immigration cards" which then magically change into the aliens again, this time all four at once!

For the finale, all four cards are shown to have once again changed into photographs of the infamous "alien autopsy."

Now Only $12


Pop PopPop-Pop, Small Illusion
Pop-Pop is a great pocket or close-up illusion.

You have a small note pad with shiny black covers with the title beautifully printed on the front. You open the pad and draw the picture of a golf ball or a small orange on a stand.

Having finished the drawing you close the note book, give it a little squeeze and a real golf ball or orange falls down from inside the note book and you catch it in your free hand, WOW! This looks fantastic and so unexpected. Now you open the note book and SURPRISE! the picture of the ball or orange has DISSAPEARED and all that is left is the picture of the stand.

Now Only $35


The New Vanishing Coca-Cola Bottle
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iTwistiTwist, Black and White by Skulkor
Imagine yourself borrowing an iPhone from anyone, twist it in half while the phone screen is still on, then Twist it back and restore the phone. And hand the phone back to its owner.

You heard it right. It's a borrowed phone. Can't get crazier than this.

Talk about performing organic miracle with everyday objects. Some may use a coin, some may use a dollar bill. Nothing, is like borrowing people's everyday phone and perform miracles.

Now Only $29


My Lady RingMy Lady Ring
This is a high quality original trick from Europe where a ring appears on a finger selected by the audience.

A transparent support with two columns is shown to the audience. The magician fits a black hand in the center of the support, covers it with a golden bag and shows that nothing can go through the bag.

The magician asks a member of the audience which wears a ring and borrows the ring, puts it into a silk and give the silk to the spectator. The magician also ask the spectator which finger he likes the most. The audience counts, one, two, three and the spectator throws the silk into the air and the ring dissapears.

The magician goes to the stand with the black hand, uncovers it and the ring appears in the black hand. Not only that, the ring appears on the finger selected by the spectator.

Now Only $240


Pull TopPull Top, DVD and Gimmick by Mr. Maric
Imagine, taking two borrowed soda pull tops and visibly linking them together or having them link in a spectators hand! Just as easily, you visibly unlink the pull tops and hand them back out for full examination! This is just one of the many effects that are possible with Mr. Maric's Pull Top.

Now Only $55


Bet on It Credit Card trick by James FordBet-on-It-Credit-Card-trick-by-James-FordPrice: $16.50 €12.50
Weight:  30 Gram

Ask a volunteer to pick a card from the deck, then return it and shuffle the deck. Standard far!

Now this is where things get interesting! Pull your Credit Card out of the wallet, present its front and back to the crowd and lay it face down on the table. Whilst doing this, present the volunteer with the following dare; I'll make you an offer you can't refuse. I'll try to read your mind

Dancing Hanky by ChuDancing-Hanky-by-ChuPrice: $2.50 €1.90
Weight:  50 Gram
Dancing Hanky.

When a coin is placed inside a folded hanky, it dances on it's own at your command!

Total Rip by Ed RippleyTotal-Rip-by-Ed-RippleyPrice: $10.50 €7.95
Weight:  30 Gram

A spectator's borrowed quarter is held at the magician's fingertips. The spectators are asked to watch the coin and not let it out of their sight. The performer begins rubbing part of the coin to "soften the metal" and with the coin clearly in view, he reaches over and rips down a piece of the coin, bending it back! The bizarre-looking coin is then immediately handed out for examination and the spectator's can't b

Diminishing Returns by Mike PowerDiminishing-Returns-by-Mike-PowerPrice: $19.50 €14.80
Weight:  135 Gram
Mike Powers Diminishing Returns is one of the hottest card tricks ever created!

Now, it's back with a vengeance! On Bicycle Stock!

Here's what happens: Show the deck, faces and backs. A spectator names any card in the deck. Yes, any card. Remove the named card and set it aside, face up.

Spread the deck. The entire deck has shrunk to half size! The selected card is now the biggest card in the

Genii Tube, Stainless SteelGenii-Tube--Stainless-SteelPrice: $42.50 €32.30
Weight:  580 Gram
The magician shows a metal Tube, which can be seen right through, and opened in the middle and shown completely empty. Liquids can be poured into or out of this bottomless tube and items like Spring Flowers, Bills and silks can also be produced.

The ability to mix liquids and solids makes for some very strong and colorful magic. For example, push in a white silk into the tube. Pour in a shot glass of red liq

Technicolor Thunder by David SolomonTechnicolor-Thunder-by-David-SolomonPrice: $15.00 €11.40
Weight:  30 Gram
From the minds of "The Chicago Session," David Solomon , John Bannon, and Simon Aronson.

Six jokers are shown, each with a different colored Casino back. The magician explains that each card represents a memorable gambling experience that he had in six different casinos. But, as the magician points out, the Jokers by themselves are not very memorable in Poker, so they are magically changed one at a time into th

Andrus Floating Card by Jerry AndrusAndrus-Floating-Card-by-Jerry-AndrusPrice: $9.50 €7.20
Weight:  30 Gram
Two playing cards are shown front and back, then one levitates above the other! The levitated card can be spun, and the lower card can be raised and waved beneath the floating card. At the finish, the cards are again shown front and back. Easy to do!
Manipulation Mini CDs, Mixed Shape by Live MagicManipulation-Mini-CDs--Mixed-Shape-by-Live-MagicPrice: $22.50 €17.10
Weight:  50 Gram
Manipulation Mini CDs (Mixed Shape)
  • Each set includes 6 specially made Mini-CDs
  • (2 circular shaped, 2 star shaped, and 2 heart shaped)
  • Easy to palm and produce (Both single and multi-production)
  • Perfect for performing the Mini-CD Transformation
  • Dimensions Approximately 2.5 inch x 2.5 inch (6.6 cm x 6.6 cm)

Four Flush by Nick TrostFour-Flush-by-Nick-TrostPrice: $9.50 €7.20
Weight:  35 Gram
A Wild Card effect with six cards! You show five blank-faced cards and one Four of Spades. The Four is brushed against two of the blank cards and they change to Fours! This is repeated with the other blank cards and at the finish, all six cards have changed to the Four of Spades'a Four Flush! No double-faced cards are used, yet spectators seem to see the face and back of every card! Each trick comes with specially pr
Double Wammy by John KennedyDouble-Wammy-by-John-KennedyPrice: $16.50 €12.50
Weight:  110 Gram
A spectator shakes three colored dice inside a coffee cup, then peeks inside and announces the total. Next he memorizes the number on one of the dice, then inverts the cup on the table with the dice underneath. Up until now no one else has seen the dice.

"You told me the total - do you think I can tell you the number you saw on the die´" The spectator ponders this question for a moment while you slowly place yo

Coffee Vase, Stainless SteelCoffee-Vase--Stainless-SteelPrice: $29.50 €22.40
Weight:  360 Gram
The Coffee Vase is a classic prop, originally designed to change Coffee Beans to edible liquid Coffee. It is a very versatile prop, for changing solid or liquid items. This is different to the Reception apparatus, comprising of a cylinderical Vase, and a short plug type cover. It will allow you to change or transform Liquids, Silks, Ribbons, Spring Flowers, Confetti, Cotton Wool etc.

An effect along the lines

Predictable Card, ThePredictable-Card--ThePrice: $17.50 €13.30
Weight:  120 Gram
Performer asks the spectator to shuffle the cards, spread them, and point to any card. After selecting a card, it is placed on top of the deck. The spectator removes the card for safekeeping and returns the other cards. Performer places their hand over the cards and makes a verbal prediction. Then the spectator shows their card magically revealing the predicted card!
Upward Rising Magic Wand, GlitterUpward-Rising-Magic-Wand--GlitterPrice: $12.50 €9.50
Weight:  35 Gram
The Upward Magic Wand, also known as the rising wand is a fantastic effect. The magician holds the wand in is hand, and it visibly begins to rise. The magician's hand itself stays put as the wand slowly moves upward within his grasp. The effect comes with detailed instructions.
Coin Tidy, 6 Pockets by Jerry OConnellCoin-Tidy--6-Pockets-by-Jerry-OConnellPrice: $29.50 €22.40
Weight:  30 Gram
This Coin Holder is now fully lined. It will help prevent coin oxidation which sometimes does affect different coins. This Coin Holder is large enough to hold most coins including US Dollar size.

6 Cloth material pockets protects those expensive Coins from damage. Made from genuine leather. Dimensions Approximately 2.25 inch x 2.25 inch (5.75 cm x 5.75 cm)

Striptease Photo FrameStriptease-Photo-FramePrice: $5.50 €4.15
Weight:  50 Gram
A saucy pocket effect, with an unexpected climax. Though not for all audiences, there is nothing to offend anyone's taste. It's a small (2 inch square) frame, with the picture of the performer's dream girl. He shows the frame on both sides, his hands clearly empty, them passes one hand over the picture and wipes away the dress. The lady is now in her undergarments. Not satisfied, he now wipes once again. The undergar
Wonder Dice DivinationWonder-Dice-DivinationPrice: $1.50 €1.10
Weight:  30 Gram
A spectator places a die with a freely selected number of spots on top into an examined opaque container, which is closed with a tight press on lid. This is then placed into a second larger examined container which is also closed by the spectator.

The spectator then concentrates on the number of spots on top of the die. The performer correctly reveals the selected number.

Comes complete with photo

FREE Bicycle How to Play AppFREE Bicycle How to Play App

The Bicycle Brand's How to Play App is available (and free) in the iTunes store for the iPhone and iPad and Google Play for Android.

It includes easy-to-follow rules for over 75 card games, and lets you search for games by number of players, the type of group playing, or simply by name. Whether you need a rules refresher or want a new game to play for your game night, How to Play is the app for you!

Available for iPhone
Available for iPad
Available for Android

iTwist, Black and White by SkulkoriTwist--Black-and-White-by-SkulkorList Price: $45.00
Price: $29.00 €22.05
Weight:  110 Gram
Imagine yourself borrowing an iPhone from anyone, twist it in half while the phone screen is still on, then Twist it back and restore the phone. And hand the phone back to its owner. You heard it right. It's a borrowed phone. Can't get crazier than this. Talk about performing organic miracle with everyday objects. Some may use a coin, some may use a dollar bill. Nothing, is like borrowing people's everyday phone and
Miracle Chip with DVD by JB EliteMiracle-Chip-with-DVD-by-JB-ElitePrice: $95.00 €72.25
Weight:  155 Gram
JB Magic's Elite Line. The Best Bet in Magic.

With Step by Step DVD.

A precision made magnetic locking poker chip and half dollar. Its quite rare superior precision quality of this magnitude is available in magic, you will be pleased with Miracle Chip.

Manufactured by JB's coin specialist you will love both the quality and the mechanics of the MIRACLE CHIP. You remember CFWM manufactu

Hopping SilkHopping-SilkPrice: $9.50 €7.20
Weight:  75 Gram
The magician displays a square board with five holes on it, like the five spots on a die. A silk is pushed through one of the corners spots, - let us say the hole in the extreme upper left corner. The board is just passed behind the performer's back, and the silk is found to have jumped to an adjacent corner, - the upper right corner.

This is repeated a number of times, as the silk apparently jumps to the low

Appearing CD Player from Empty Paper Bag by ToraAppearing-CD-Player-from-Empty-Paper-Bag-by-ToraPrice: $180.00 €136.90
Weight: 1 Kg 700 Gram
An impossible act!

The magician show an empty paper bag. Then he appears a CD Player the same size as the bag.

Dimensions of the CD player: 26 cm x 25.5 cm x 40 cm. Dimensions of the Paper Bag: 30 cm x 27 cmx 42 cm.

Flying Handkerchief and Nest of Dove by Black MagicFlying-Handkerchief-and-Nest-of-Dove-by-Black-MagicPrice: $360.00 €273.80
Weight: 3 Kg 700 Gram
Show a beautiful and shatterproof empty cage which is like a dove nest. The magician takes out a handkerchief from that cage. Note that he/she can stand at a distance and there is no limitation. After tossing the handkerchief he/she should point to it and direct it to the cage. As soon the white handkerchief is put into the cage it changes into a white dove.
Tora Rubiks Cube by ToraTora-Rubiks-Cube-by-ToraPrice: $95.00 €72.25
Weight:  800 Gram
Magician shows a mixed up Rubiks Cube to the audience then puts it in an empty box. The Rubiks Cube is taken from the box the cube is now solved!

Each side of the cube has a solid color and you can show all of its sides to the audience. Then for the finale the magician puts the cube in the box again and when he takes it out from the box for the last time, the cube changes to a solid yellow cube!


Hameds Dove Frame by ToraHameds-Dove-Frame-by-ToraPrice: $180.00 €136.90
Weight: 1 Kg 500 Gram
A fantastic quick trick where a silk is trown on an empty frame and a dove appears.
Dans Magic Van by Ian AdairDans-Magic-Van-by-Ian-AdairPrice: $12.00 €9.10
Weight:  350 Gram
This is IAN ADAIR’S great colorful childrens effect. For those not familiar with Ian he is responsible for many hundreds of children's routines over the last 50 years.
  1. It is colorful, SIX beautiful colours, bright and bold
  2. Large enough to be seen at the biggest venues
  3. Easy to work and NO resetting

This is the absorbing story of Dan the Magic Man and his Ma

Quarter Shift by Keith LackQuarter-Shift-by-Keith-LackPrice: $45.00 €34.20
Weight:  25 Gram
The Quarter Shift is like no other coin available. With it, you actually bend the coin right in front of your spectator. The coin bends VISUALLY, and never leaves the sight of your spectator during the bend! Once bent, you can drop the coin into their hand for inspection. It is truly astonishing!
  • No "funny" switches.
  • No funny palm off's.
  • No pressure.
  • No heat.
  • No KI
Double Tail Nickel, 5 CentDouble-Tail-Nickel--5-CentPrice: $7.50 €5.70
Weight:  10 Gram
You never lose with a Double Sided coin. Flip the coin into air or spin on table, coin will always turn up the winner.
Double Tail, Quarter Dollar, 25 Cent by Tango MagicDouble-Tail--Quarter-Dollar--25-Cent-by-Tango-MagicPrice: $10.50 €7.95
Weight:  15 Gram
You never lose with a Double Sided coin. Flip the coin into air or spin on table, coin will always turn up the winner.
Himber Wallet, Imitation LeatherHimber-Wallet--Imitation-LeatherPrice: $12.50 €9.50
Weight:  100 Gram
The Himber Wallet is a change device for flat card and paper items, like currency notes or bills, playing or visiting cards, pay envelopes, paper slips and the like. Which is an understatement, like saying The Rolls Royce is just an automobile or David Copperfield is just a magician.

The Himber wallet is far superior to other change wallets, card boxes etc. The reason being that only items on one side of the wa

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Silk In Bottle by ToraSilk-In-Bottle-by-ToraPrice: $85.00 €64.65
Weight:  750 Gram
The magician shows a bottle with a silk inside it to the audience. The silk is removed from the bottle and the bottle is then placed inside a beautiful three sided plastic frame. Then three decorated boards are placed around the frame hiding the empty bottle.

The magician then vanishes the silk into thin air. The three boards are removed from the frame and the silk has returned to the inside of the bottle, leav

Back of Tora Rubik Cube by ToraBack-of-Tora-Rubik-Cube-by-ToraPrice: $210.00 €159.70
Weight: 1 Kg 900 Gram
There is a small cube and a big box on the table. When the magician takes out one complete dice from the small cube and puts it inside the big box, the dice will be vanished in the big box. When he opens the door of small cube, every one will be surprised to see the dice returned to its previous place. He takes it out from the cube, shows its 6 sides complete to the audience.
Vanishing and Appearing Lit Cigarette by ToraVanishing-and-Appearing-Lit-Cigarette-by-ToraPrice: $20.00 €15.20
Weight:  25 Gram
The magician lights a cigarette and places it in his hand and then closes his hand. Wow! Upon opening his hand, the cigarette has been vanished! In order to make his audiences completely assured about the honesty of his action, he opens his both hands and with surprise, everybody sees that the cigarette has already been vanished and there is nothing left. The lit cigarette returns to his hand with a very fast movemen
Rubik and Silk Transpo by ToraRubik-and-Silk-Transpo-by-ToraPrice: $220.00 €167.30
Weight: 2 Kg 800 Gram
The magician puts a Rubik (12 square centimeter) inside a small box and passes a small magic wand through a bigger box, knocks some colorful silks on the wand and closes the doors of the bigger box.

After he opens the door of the small box, the Rubik Cube is vanished and changed to some colorful silks.

Now, he opens the bigger box, amazingly the Rubik Cube is appeared inside and the silks are vanished

Golden Watch Frame by ToraGolden-Watch-Frame-by-ToraPrice: $70.00 €53.20
Weight:  700 Gram
There is a beautiful watch frame on a table displaying 6 pocket watches. The magician picks up the watches one by one and put them in a zip bag. Now, the frame is completely empty and there are no watches on the frame. He displays his empty hands to the spectators and instantly, he starts making the watches appear from the thin air. He is able to make them appear from anywhere he wants. He goes on this way till there
Fire Book and Dove Cage by ToraFire-Book-and-Dove-Cage-by-ToraPrice: $140.00 €106.45
Weight: 1 Kg 390 Gram
A book and its pages are displayed to the audience and shown to be completely normal. Suddenly the book bursts into flames. The flames vanish and in an instant a dove cage (complete with latex dove) appears from within the pages of the book!
Botania with 18 Flowers, Zebra Yellow/White by ToraBotania-with-18-Flowers--Zebra-Yellow/White-by-ToraPrice: $260.00 €197.75
Weight:  980 Gram
The magician displays one tube that is empty. With a magic gesture he produces one big bouquet, several times bigger than the tube!

The Botania consists of the Tube, 1 Colorful Bouquet with 18 Zebra flowers in Yellow/White and 1 single flower.

This model is new and improved. Every single bloom can be separated and reassembled with ease.

Hameds Dove Frame by ToraHameds-Dove-Frame-by-ToraPrice: $180.00 €136.90
Weight: 1 Kg 500 Gram
A fantastic quick trick where a silk is trown on an empty frame and a dove appears.

Flash Bills, 1 USD, Set of 4 by Theater EffectsFlash-Bills--1-USD--Set-of-4-by-Theater-EffectsPrice: $5.50 €4.15
Weight:  30 Gram
When ignited a sudden flash of fire is seen.

"Dollar Bill" is printed on one side only of flash paper, with a special chemical ink that will not retard the Flash Paper's burning in any way.

Leaves no residue! Shipped wet for safety!

Handle with care to avoid accidental fire. Store in a cool, dry area away from steam pipes, radiators or other sources of heat. Keep package wrapped when

Behold the Scarabaeus by Kevin Cramer & Aaron SmithBehold-the-Scarabaeus-by-Kevin-Cramer-&-Aaron-SmithPrice: $48.00 €36.50
Weight:  180 Gram
A borrowed cell phone VISUALLY penetrates a borrowed water bottle. Sealed inside, it must be removed at knifepoint! YES a Borrowed Cell-Phone!

PLUS a VCD with Video Clips Teaching You How to Use.

Borrow a cell phone from the audience or use your own. Also borrow a bottle of water from the audience and pour out any remaining contents. The cell phone visually penetrates the plastic bottle, fallin
Thumbcuff Escape, ProfessionalThumbcuff-Escape--ProfessionalPrice: $18.00 €13.65
Weight:  140 Gram
This is an ungimmicked set of professional thumb cuffs as used by many police departments around the world. When applied to the spectator's thumbs, it is impossible for him to escape. But, when the spectator locks the thumb cuffs onto the performer's thumbs, he is out in a jiffy.

The secret is simple yet little known. Audiences love escapes. Give them what they love!

Made in brass, chrome plated, and

Punch Card, BicyclePunch-Card--BicyclePrice: $16.00 €12.15
Weight:  80 Gram
You will Fool Yourself!

With a paper punch a selected card is punched with a hole. The holes is real and can be seen through. How ever, the hole is moved to other locations on the card. When finished the card is given away. Made with bicycle cards and come with hand punch.

Metal Hand Punch Included!


The New Vanishing Coca-Cola (Coke) BottleThe-New-Vanishing-Coca-Cola-(Coke)-BottleList Price: $65.00
Price: $32.50 €24.70
Weight:  80 Gram
The New Vanishing Coca-Cola Bottle
  • This unique, new model has ROUNDED, CLOSED BOTTOM!
  • It also has "Coke" inside!
  • Look at the photo, the bottle looks exactly like this!
  • New, better routine with extra surprise!
  • Original, hand made direct from the producer!

The bottle disappearing in a tube has been on the market for a long time, but this

Vanishing Martini-Rossi Bottle by Norm NielsenVanishing-Martini-Rossi-Bottle-by-Norm-NielsenPrice: $65.00 €49.40
Weight:  250 Gram
Vanishing Martini-Rossi Bottle.

Bottle dimensions: 11.5 inch high X 3 inch diameter.

Label included.

Tipsy Comedy Bottle in MetalTipsy-Comedy-Bottle-in-MetalPrice: $19.50 €14.80
Weight:  570 Gram
This is an excellent comedy prop for any magician. It has an added new liquid pouring feature that allows you to get much more mileage from the item. This resembles a bottle, and you can pour a drink from this, whenever you wish. Yet, when you so wish, the bottle refuses to pour, because the neck tilts away, an off-beat, visual gag!

Handcrafted in metal, and ready to use. It measures 24.4 cm in height and 9.2

Thompsons Bottle Thru Table by Norm NielsenThompsons-Bottle-Thru-Table-by-Norm-NielsenPrice: $26.50 €20.15
Weight:  70 Gram
Imagine being able to borrow almost any bottle, wrap it in paper leaving the top of the bottle visible, and pushing the bottle through any table top.

This is an amazing impromptu-like magic effect.

This is now possible with our improved gimmicks. This effect comes with instructions and three gimmicks that allow you to put almost any bottle through a table.


Appearing 3 Guitars
Appearing of Three Guitars from Suitcase.

You enter the stage with a suitcase in hand.
From this you are able to produce THREE Guitars. Easy to do.

The guitars are made of wood and look like real guitars.
All in a handy suitcase for easy transportation.

This is a first class trick!

Appearing Table, RoundAppearing-Table--RoundPrice: $60.00 €45.60
Weight:  670 Gram
This is a clever designed table that opens in a snap. It instantly changes to a table by the power of a rubberband when you hold the board. It can be folded compactly. Comes with carrying case.

The table measures 18 cm in diameter. The table stands 90 cm tall.

Vanishing CD Gone, AsiaVanishing-CD-Gone--AsiaPrice: $6.50 €4.90
Weight:  120 Gram
A Classic Effect!

An actual CD is shown locked inside a grid. Clearly show both sides. A real CD vanishes and reappears in your pocket, then jumps back to the grid stand. The CD vanishes & reappears in the your pocket. Then, the CD reappears back in the grid again.

Completely mechanical operation. Exceptionally well made.

Appearing Coin in Tweezers by ToraAppearing-Coin-in-Tweezers-by-ToraPrice: $40.00 €30.40
Weight:  120 Gram
The magician shows a coin to the audiences and vanish it then he shows a pair of tweezers, flicks it in the air, then in a magical movement the tweezers take the vanished coins from the air.

The magicians again vanish the coin and this time the tweezers take the coins from near the ear of the magician and again he vanishes the coin and he can takes it from its favorite place so the tweezers can appear the vanis

Vanishing Lit TorchVanishing-Lit-TorchPrice: $11.50 €8.70
Weight:  53 Gram
Performer walks on stage with a Lit Torch in his hand. He makes a throwing gesture, and the Torch vanishes in mid-air. The performer's hands are completely empty, leaving him free to proceed with his act. This is a very dramatic and visual opening effect, with a magical impact that is bound to make any audience sit up and take notice. We supply the torch, with instructions.

Wand To Sausages by Derek RuttWand-To-Sausages-by-Derek-RuttPrice: $33.00 €25.05
Weight:  90 Gram
This is a normal magic wand until you hand it to your helper when suddenly it turns into a LONG STRING OF SAUSAGES.

Ideal for a cooking routine, in fact it can be used in any routine. We can assure you that your helper will be TOTALLY SURPRISED and the audience will erupt into laughter. Not only can you use it in your children shows, but in the adult shows as well. Just hand it to a lady AND SEE WHAT HAP

Book Worm by Samuel Patrick SmithBook-Worm-by-Samuel-Patrick-SmithPrice: $39.50 €30.00
Weight:  670 Gram
A great new educational effect that's perfect for school or library shows.

The performer shows a folder with a picture of library on the front. Inside the "library are books, a table and lamp for reading, and...and...and...oops - no Bob the Book Worm! Maybe he's hiding behind some books. Meantime, the folder is laid aside and the performer shows five giant cards depicting different kinds of books and sto

Appearing Crayon by Sorcery MagicAppearing-Crayon-by-Sorcery-MagicPrice: $35.00 €26.60
Weight:  130 Gram
The performer presents the standard coloring book routine, at the end of the routine he vanishes the color out of the book and dumps out a big pile of crayons. He takes one of the crayons and tosses it into a little paper bag. Then he reaches down into the bag and produces an extremely large crayon that could not possibly fit in the bag! The look of astonishment and amazement from the audience is worth a thousand buc
Drawer BoxDrawer-BoxPrice: $80.00 €60.80
Weight: 3 Kg 200 Gram
The Drawer Box is one of the oldest production props ever devised and has survived over the decades, because of its simplicity, and ease of operation. It is one of the very few production props capable of holding a load almost as large as the visible prop.

Drawer Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, from miniature ones for coins and cigarettes, to a huge Circus Ring size, for producing bears, or a bevy of beauti

Three Ass TricksThree-Ass-TricksPrice: $2.50 €1.90
Weight:  30 Gram
A set of cards that enable you to perform some off-beat packet magic, with a pun on the Ace! In one effect, the performer displays the Ace, King, Queen and Jack of clubs, placing them in a spectator´s pocket. Three of the cards are removed, leaving the Ace in the pocket. When the spectator himself removes the Ace, it prooves to be an Ass! There are a couple of other routines in the detailed instructions, which come
Tie One On Trick by Jim PaceTie-One-On-Trick-by-Jim-PacePrice: $9.50 €7.20
Weight:  25 Gram
Turn your own tie into a comedy gag tie! Watch the laughs as your tie rolls up when you active it.

Dimensions Approximately 9 1/2 inch x 1 inch 24 cm x 2.5 cm. Colors May Vary.

Zipper Banana, RegularZipper-Banana--RegularPrice: $7.50 €5.70
Weight:  25 Gram
A terrific comedy interlude for magicians and MCs. During act, performer takes a banana from pocket and unzips two zippers on it. He eats a piece of the banana, and then zips up the peel and puts banana into pocket. This is repeated several times during act and each time looks funnier. Made with Talon zippers and oiled silk lined for easy cleaning.
Caterpillar Wand by Derek RuttCaterpillar-Wand-by-Derek-RuttPrice: $32.50 €24.70
Weight:  160 Gram
The Caterpillar Wand is a great magic wand for children's shows.

When you hand the wand to your helper a LARGE caterpillar slides out of the end that your helper is going to take. The children will soon let you know what has happened and they will SCREAM! SO YOU TAKE BACK THE WAND NO THERE IS NOTHING INSIDE! Hand it back to the helper and once more the CATERPILLAR slides out. Again you take it back and t

Four Appearing Guitars From Suitcase

Four Appearing Guitars From Suitcase

An absolutely astonishing appearing act where you appear not ONE but FOUR full size guitars from a suitcase.


Soft Coins by TenyoSoft-Coins-by-TenyoPrice: $9.50 €7.20
Weight:  40 Gram
Three borrowed coins are placed into a plastic case. A small sheet of paper is placed over the coins and the lid is closed. Three pencils are thrust through the case and penetrate the solid coins! When the paper is pulled out, the coins can still be seen, right where the pencils were pushed through the case. EVERYTHING can be examined.

This item is a Tenyo original but is bulk packaged in a poly-bag.

Money Game AKA Vault VisionMoney-Game-AKA-Vault-VisionPrice: $9.50 €7.20
Weight:  25 Gram
A spectator is given three coins, a penny, a nickel and a dime, plus a small box which you the magician explains is the vault. When you turn your back, the spectator places any coin in the vault and closes it. He then take the higher value coin in the right hand and the last coin in the left hand, when you turn around, you can instantly tell the spectator which coin is where. Could it be telepathy?

This item is

Millionaires Dream, 2010 by TenyoMillionaires-Dream--2010-by-TenyoPrice: $32.50 €24.70
Weight:  100 Gram
Fold up a dollar bill, and a quarter magically rises up from inside! Produce quarter after quarter from the same dollar bill. The last quarter that appears magically changes into another dollar!
The Flying Carpet, 2012 by TenyoThe-Flying-Carpet--2012-by-TenyoPrice: $45.00 €34.20
Weight:  320 Gram
With Tenyo's Flying Carpet you can achieve the dream of floating in mid-air in a living room, at a trade show booth, at a sales meeting, just about anywhere!

The spectators need only put on a pair of the 3D glasses, and they will see your body floating right in front of their eyes. It’s a new-generation of magic!

Flying Carpet was invented by Lubor Fiedler, and TENYO is going to release it for

Flying Head

Black XFour Super Card Tricks
Black X
You can control the outcome of each dice toss! Not only that, all the dice instantly change to the same value. Click here for details
4 Super Card Tricks
Mystify with 4 super tricks, Vanishing Balloons, Wild Ghosts, Chameleon Cards and Find the Rabbit. Click here for details
These classics are not manufactured anymore. When they are gone they are gone. A collectors item!
English Instructions.

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