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Pull TopPull Top, DVD and Gimmick by Mr. Maric
Imagine, taking two borrowed soda pull tops and visibly linking them together or having them link in a spectators hand! Just as easily, you visibly unlink the pull tops and hand them back out for full examination! This is just one of the many effects that are possible with Mr. Maric's Pull Top.

Now Only $55


Pop PopPop-Pop, Small Illusion
Pop-Pop is a great pocket or close-up illusion.

You have a small note pad with shiny black covers with the title beautifully printed on the front. You open the pad and draw the picture of a golf ball or a small orange on a stand.

Having finished the drawing you close the note book, give it a little squeeze and a real golf ball or orange falls down from inside the note book and you catch it in your free hand, WOW! This looks fantastic and so unexpected. Now you open the note book and SURPRISE! the picture of the ball or orange has DISSAPEARED and all that is left is the picture of the stand.

Now Only $35


iTwistiTwist, Black and White by Skulkor
Imagine yourself borrowing an iPhone from anyone, twist it in half while the phone screen is still on, then Twist it back and restore the phone. And hand the phone back to its owner.

You heard it right. It's a borrowed phone. Can't get crazier than this.

Talk about performing organic miracle with everyday objects. Some may use a coin, some may use a dollar bill. Nothing, is like borrowing people's everyday phone and perform miracles.

Now Only $29


My Lady RingMy Lady Ring
This is a high quality original trick from Europe where a ring appears on a finger selected by the audience.

A transparent support with two columns is shown to the audience. The magician fits a black hand in the center of the support, covers it with a golden bag and shows that nothing can go through the bag.

The magician asks a member of the audience which wears a ring and borrows the ring, puts it into a silk and give the silk to the spectator. The magician also ask the spectator which finger he likes the most. The audience counts, one, two, three and the spectator throws the silk into the air and the ring dissapears.

The magician goes to the stand with the black hand, uncovers it and the ring appears in the black hand. Not only that, the ring appears on the finger selected by the spectator.

Now Only $240


Silk Streamer, Multicolor, 4 Inch x 10 FeetSilk-Streamer,-Multicolor,-4-Inch-x-10-FeetPrice: $10.50 €7.95
Weight:  15 Gram
Beautifully stitched then dyed in a rainbow of colors to be seen from the back row! Folds very small but makes a fascinating production. Perfect for use with your Change Bag, Square Circle, Production Box, etc.
Can Man, Linking Rings, Can Art by Mike MelitoCan-Man,-Linking-Rings,-Can-Art-by-Mike-MelitoPrice: $19.50 €14.80
Weight:  175 Gram
Welcome to the Art of Mike Melito aka CAN MAN.

Introducing us to his line of Hand-Made, Magic-Themed Sculptures. Here we have a soda can sculpted into a traditional classic magic trick called Linking Rings. Own a unique piece of art. Soda Cans may vary.

Introduction by Can Man:

I started carving Can Man in 1994. One day I looked at a can and wondered what could be sculpted out

Billusion by Jay SankeyBillusion-by-Jay-SankeyPrice: $14.50 €11.00
Weight:  20 Gram
Jay Sankey delivers another mind blower with BILLUSION! A best selling effect during his recent tour of the United Kingdom, be one of the first to own it in the US!

You ask for the loan of a bill. Any bill any denomination. You display a small metal disc. You explain that the disc is made of an unidentifiable material that you found while visiting what was rumored to be the site of a UFO crash! Or you can just

Fortune Telling FishFortune-Telling-FishPrice: $0.75 €0.55
Weight:  20 Gram
The Amazing Sardini will amaze you by curling in your hand. The back of the package translates his actions into your daily fortune.

The Fortune Telling Fish is fun and easy. More than a little odd, the fish is a great give-away item.

The Changing Card Trick by JupiterThe-Changing-Card-Trick-by-JupiterPrice: $9.50 €7.20
Weight:  45 Gram
This is a easy-to-do version of Vernon's classic Twisting the Aces - with a fabulous kicker ending.

The magician first shows four aces to the audience. One at a time, the face up aces flip over in the magicians hands! Then, they flip back over. But this time, the backs of the cards have changed from standard Bicycle Blue to green, black, yellow and red!

For a stunning finale, the four cards are

Quad Forecast Mental effectQuad-Forecast-Mental-effectPrice: $22.00 €16.70
Weight:  650 Gram
This is a clever Quadruple prediction effect, working on a similar one behind principle to the Mental Epic Slate. The performer has a wooden stand on his table, holding up a clear glass sheet, attached to which are four miniature bulldog clips numbered 1 to 4. The performer writes a prediction and fixes it under Clip No.1. A spectator is now invited to call out any city in the world which he likes. A second predictio
Ball Holder, Ultra, SpecialBall-Holder,-Ultra,-SpecialPrice: $4.50 €3.40
Weight:  10 Gram

Ideal for secretly holding a ball or an egg. The plastic holder can be pinned under the jacket and you can secretly steal the ball or egg at any time in your performance.

The holder can be attached either on the left or on the right side. Folds completely flat. Precision made in plastic, no springs to rust.

The holder works ideal with all kind of plastic and wooden balls with an diameter of up

Utility ServanteUtility-ServantePrice: $3.50 €2.65
Weight:  85 Gram
The Servante is a useful accessory for magicians, like the Thumb Tip, Pull, or Invisible Thread. It is used for secret loads, an exchange or disposing off something secretly.

The Utility Servante supplied by us is a convenient size, which will take objects about the size of a glass tumbler. The opening of the bag is adjustable. It can be attached to the back of a chair, table, or behind some stage props in sec

Coin TrayCoin-TrayPrice: $1.00 €0.75
Weight:  30 Gram
The utility prop which you can use to perform many effects. You place one or two coins on the tray, and show them clearly to your spectators. You pour them out into your hand and they double into two or four coins. A mechanical prop, very easy to use, and with many applications for the close-up magician performing with coins.
Dazed by Peter DuffieDazed-by-Peter-DuffiePrice: $15.00 €11.40
Weight:  30 Gram
Two cards are placed face up on the table. You now show four misprinted cards that have backs on both sides - except for one, which has a back and a blank face. "I'll put this aside for now as this can be a rather dangerous card...I'll explain later," you say. This leaves you with three cards - backs on both sides, which you show once more. You now add the first selection to the packet and suddenly all the cards prin
Design In Mind by Arthur CarterDesign-In-Mind-by-Arthur-CarterPrice: $12.50 €9.50
Weight:  510 Gram
This is an extremely effective apparatus mental effect, direct in presentation, like the classic Mental Epic Slate, and bound to make a strong impact on any audience.

The props are designed on the item Colour In Mind based on an idea by Arthur Carter, marketed by the Supreme Magic Co. of England. However, this version has some major improvements in the working, to give you a much stronger effect.

In e

Silk Fountain To StreamerSilk-Fountain-To-StreamerPrice: $65.00 €49.40
Weight:  150 Gram
This is a professional stage prop with other names as "Silk Rainbow". It is made of the pure silk.

24 silks of different colors sprout out like a fountain a colorful flowers bloom. Throw them into the air and they quickly change into a long silk rainbow.

This prop is an innovation of the original prop in that it can change into one or two long rainbow silks at the end of the performance.

Cane to Table, SteelCane-to-Table,-SteelPrice: $120.00 €91.25
Weight: 1 Kg 200 Gram
This is a well made Cane to Table that is ideal for the card workers and coin workers. This cane has three legs that are spring loaded and open at a press of a single button. NO jams no awkward jerks. The cane has a Magnetic Top so you can place anything Magnetic or Metallic on it to make a Table Top.

The cane measures 29 inch without the legs and 31 inch with the legs. This cane is made in a single piece and n

Wiregrams, 8 of DiamondsWiregrams,-8-of-DiamondsPrice: $9.50 €7.20
Weight:  5 Gram
Imagine dipping a piece of ordinary wire into hot liquid, and it instantly changes into the shape of a previously selected card!
Adairs Chip CaneryAdairs-Chip-CaneryPrice: $2.50 €1.90
Weight:  20 Gram
Three chips, two red, and one black (shown both sides) are covered with a pocket handkerchief. The performer reaches beneath the hank and brings out the black chip, which he vanishes. When the hank is withdrawn, the black chip has returned.

This is repeated again and again. Then the two red chips are removed and surprisingly, all the three chips have vanished. Complete with all required props and routine.

Upward Rising Magic Wand, GlitterUpward-Rising-Magic-Wand,-GlitterPrice: $12.50 €9.50
Weight:  35 Gram
The Upward Magic Wand, also known as the rising wand is a fantastic effect. The magician holds the wand in is hand, and it visibly begins to rise. The magician's hand itself stays put as the wand slowly moves upward within his grasp. The effect comes with detailed instructions.

FREE Bicycle How to Play AppFREE Bicycle How to Play App

The Bicycle Brand's How to Play App is available (and free) in the iTunes store for the iPhone and iPad and Google Play for Android.

It includes easy-to-follow rules for over 75 card games, and lets you search for games by number of players, the type of group playing, or simply by name. Whether you need a rules refresher or want a new game to play for your game night, How to Play is the app for you!

Available for iPhone
Available for iPad
Available for Android

Appearing Everything from Empty Box by ToraAppearing-Everything-from-Empty-Box-by-ToraPrice: $180.00 €136.90
Weight: 2 Kg 800 Gram
Show an empty box to the audience and produce everything you like from it, like a duck, a small pet, sponge items and more. This brilliant hand crafted box is beautiful and easy to handle. It will make you seem like a... magician.

Dimensions of box: 36 x 21 x 21 cm.

Boxed Queen Mystery Mini by Arlen StudioBoxed-Queen-Mystery-Mini-by-Arlen-StudioPrice: $85.00 €64.65
Weight:  110 Gram
The box is opened and offered for close up inspection. The box may also be used as a production piece. The load chamber will hold any small item like a silk or anything else you can dream up. The bottom of each piece is hand signed in silver by the creator making this a highly collectible piece of magic. This item is imported from the USA. This is a 100% GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC PRODUCT. This item is not imported from
Thirsty Straw by G. SparksThirsty-Straw-by-G.-SparksPrice: $20.00 €15.20
Weight:  30 Gram
Anywhere, anytime, a glass fills from a single Straw.

Thirsty Straw, fills a Shot Glass with the Liquid of your choice. Display a single Straw. Tear off the Wrapper. Put the Straw into the Glass. Magically the glass fills with liquid.

After the glass is full, you can use the straw to have a drink. Works Great for Close Up and is Visual enough for the Stage. (shot glass not supplied)


Cup Zero with DVD by Twister MagicCup-Zero-with-DVD-by-Twister-MagicPrice: $46.50 €35.35
Weight:  60 Gram
Another great idea by George Iglesias, comes to us, this time with an incredible NEW levitation trick that will blow everybody's mind!

Imagine being able to float on stage a cup full of liquid in the mid air and many heavy objects full of their own contents...

Now with Cup Zero it's possible!

An amazing levitation system that will allow you to perform miracles, making possible

Appearing Champagne and Wine Bottles from Paper Bag by ToraAppearing-Champagne-and-Wine-Bottles-from-Paper-Bag-by-ToraPrice: $280.00 €212.95
Weight: 3 Kg 200 Gram
Show a paper bag completely empty, then you appear a three Champagne Bottles from the paper bag.

Finally you can appear a real wine bottle that is full of wine! You can show it to the audience.

This item consists of a champagne bottle, three wine bottles and one complete table. The table helps to appear the wine bottle and other things. The table can be folded for easy transportation.

Card On Tie by Manuel Muerte and Lex SchoppiCard-On-Tie-by-Manuel-Muerte-and-Lex-SchoppiPrice: $65.00 €49.40
Weight:  190 Gram
The magician riffles the deck of playing cards to the audience, the viewer says stop. The audience remembers the card. Immediately the decked is searched by the audience for their chosen card. It disappears from the deck and appears quickly onto the tie of the magician. This effect is based on the transformation of the tie, without the change. The playing card appears right on the tie. Additional effects are detailed
I Love You Frame by Black MagicI-Love-You-Frame-by-Black-MagicPrice: $45.00 €34.20
Weight: 1 Kg 700 Gram
You have a black frame. You put a handkerchief to cover the frame and when you pull off the handkerchief, I Love You will be appear on the frame.

Very easy to perform. Top quality and beautiful design. Your audience will never understand the secret.

Dove and Fire Book by ToraDove-and-Fire-Book-by-ToraPrice: $45.00 €34.20
Weight: 1 Kg 0 Gram
The magician opens a book and shows an empty page to spectators and suddenly the book burst into flames!

With an artfully movement, the fire will disappear and in front of audience's staring eyes a dove appears between pages!


Cornucopia Cube 777 by ToraCornucopia-Cube-777-by-ToraPrice: $1450.00 €1102.85
Weight: 16 Kg 0 Gram
Show an empty box to the audience and then appear the following items from it:
  • 3 PCS Crystal Cubes full of colorful spring flowers
  • 4 PCS Colorful Dove Cages with latex doves
  • 1 PCS Night Lamp that fully illuminate
  • 4 PCS Jumbo Dove Cages with latex doves

A most extraordinary and amazing item. The mechanism of this item makes it very easy to perform - almost self

Appearing Bird Cage, Medium, 15 Inch by ToraAppearing-Bird-Cage,-Medium,-15-Inch-by-ToraPrice: $85.00 €64.65
Weight:  700 Gram
The Appearing Bird Cage appears instantaneously out of an empty silk in the magician's hand.

A very effective production item, from a large production prop, or a body load, or even from thin air, you can produce several of these as an act by itself.

The Appearing Bird Cage is made of chromed metal and its springs have got quite sufficient capability and flexibility. It folds so you can conceal

Head Fire by ToraHead-Fire-by-ToraPrice: $120.00 €91.25
Weight: 2 Kg 600 Gram
The Head Fire consists of one tube with a lid placed on a pedestal. The lid is used to extinguish the fire. One of the audiences may try it. Ask your assistant or the audience to sit on a chair. Place the tube on her head and trust a lighted torch into the tube. Real flames of fire come out. To put out the fire place the lid on the tube. No harm will come to the participant.
Head Movement by ToraHead-Movement-by-ToraPrice: $350.00 €266.20
Weight: 2 Kg 700 Gram
Here is a real audience shocker!

Have your assistant walk onstage toward you. Comment that he isn't looking very well and that you can help him. Hold his head in your hands, moving it back and forth a little. Suddenly you move his head down to the middle of his chest! Move the head up and down a little as it speaks to you, then return it to its proper place! The assistant says that now he feels much bett

Appearing Bird Cage, Giant, 24 Inch by ToraAppearing-Bird-Cage,-Giant,-24-Inch-by-ToraPrice: $210.00 €159.70
Weight: 1 Kg 200 Gram
For the professional performer looking for an outstanding and exclusive production item in a big stage show, the Appearing Giant Bird Cage is one of the best props.

The cage is not designed as a body load production item. It can be stolen from behind an assistant's back, or from behind a suitable cover such as the back of a draped table etc.

This cage is constructed in such a way that there are no sha

The Cottage by ToraThe-Cottage-by-ToraPrice: $180.00 €136.90
Weight: 3 Kg 800 Gram
The Cottage is used for appearing and disappearing things. It is operated automatically and is performed easily.

A beautiful cottage is on the magicians table. The magician can open front and back doors of the cottage so that the spectators will see that nothing is in it.

Now he closes the doors and puts two or three doves in the cottage from side windows. Then, after opening front and back doors, spect

Appearing Three Colorful Hats from Paper Bag by ToraAppearing-Three-Colorful-Hats-from-Paper-Bag-by-ToraPrice: $120.00 €91.25
Weight: 1 Kg 100 Gram
An empty paper bag is displayed to the audience and from there three colorful Hats appear from inside!

This trick consists of one paper bag and three colorful Hats.

Miracle Casket by ToraMiracle-Casket-by-ToraPrice: $50.00 €38.00
Weight:  920 Gram
Miracle Casket is used for making silks, sponge balls and other things appear and it functions very quickly during the magic performance. Holding an empty casket in his hand, the magician makes it full with silks or balls with the blink of an eye.

Made of transparent plastic with the size of 13 x 13 cm.


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Flash Wand, Double ShootingFlash-Wand,-Double-ShootingPrice: $14.50 €11.00
Weight:  120 Gram
This is a professional quality double shooting wand at an astoundingly low price. You point your wand at any object and instantly a flash of light shoots out about ten to twenty feet away from you accompanied by a loud bang. This can be instantly repeated, this is a DOUBLE SHOOTING FLASH WAND.

Very easy to operate and works all the time. With just a simple flick of the wrist you can create that magical FLASH a

Racket Bag an exclusive Change Bag by Black MagicRacket-Bag-an-exclusive-Change-Bag-by-Black-MagicPrice: $19.50 €14.80
Weight:  280 Gram
We have a wide variety of Change Bags, which enable you to produce, vanish or change any items that will fit into the bag. This one from Black Magic is very nicely made. They are no longer made and will be a collectors item.
Throw Coils, Silver Cascade, Pack of 6Throw-Coils,-Silver-Cascade,-Pack-of-6Price: $4.00 €3.00
Weight:  120 Gram
Like Mouth Streamers and Throw Coils, the Silver Cascade is an extremely attractive production item. The magician holds his hand palm down, and an endless glitter ribbon flows from his hand, making a huge heap on the floor. This heap of ribbon can be used as cover for a subsequent production of silks, flowers, or even a Dove from a body load, or behind some other cover, like the back of a chair.

The apparatus w

Card Silk, 5 of Hearth plus Blank, 18 InchCard-Silk,-5-of-Hearth-plus-Blank,-18-InchPrice: $12.50 €9.50
Weight:  50 Gram
Five of Hearth Silk Outfit, plus blank. The props supplied for this item comprises of:
  • A plain white silk about 18 inch square
  • A matching silk 5 of Hearts


Shining Glass by ToraShining-Glass-by-ToraPrice: $65.00 €49.40
Weight:  200 Gram
The magician displays his both hands empty and then starts catching luminous blue lights from anywhere. Afterwards, he shows an empty glass to his audience and pours the same blue lights in it. After completing pouring, suddenly, all the lights are shining in the glass.
Passe Passe Bottles, Set of 3, Spun MetalPasse-Passe-Bottles,-Set-of-3,-Spun-MetalPrice: $45.00 €34.20
Weight: 1 Kg 0 Gram
The performer apparently shows two cylinders, under one of which is a bottle, and under the other a glass. The magician makes a magic pass, and the bottle and glass are found to have changed places, with the bottle now appearing under the cylinder where the glass was, and vice versa.

This is repeated a number of times and can be played for a lot of comedy. For example an assistant can be chasing the bottle, and

Cane, Silk and Bottle with DVD by ToraCane,-Silk-and-Bottle-with-DVD-by-ToraPrice: $55.00 €41.80
Weight:  720 Gram
On the magician's table, there is a bottle which is knotted with a silk on the top. There is also a tube which is the cover for the bottle and a cane. The magician unfastens the knot on the top of the bottle and then shows the tube completely empty to the audience and puts it on the bottle.

At this very moment, the silk is in the magician's hand. Instantaneously, the magician makes the silk vanish with his can

Thompsons Bottle Thru Table by Norm NielsenThompsons-Bottle-Thru-Table-by-Norm-NielsenPrice: $22.50 €17.10
Weight:  70 Gram
Imagine being able to borrow almost any bottle, wrap it in paper leaving the top of the bottle visible, and pushing the bottle through any table top.

This is an amazing impromptu-like magic effect.

This is now possible with our improved gimmicks. This effect comes with instructions and three gimmicks that allow you to put almost any bottle through a table.


Appearing 3 Guitars
Appearing of Three Guitars from Suitcase.

You enter the stage with a suitcase in hand.
From this you are able to produce THREE Guitars. Easy to do.

The guitars are made of wood and look like real guitars.
All in a handy suitcase for easy transportation.

This is a first class trick!

Appearing 4 Guitars From Suitcase by Black MagicAppearing-4-Guitars-From-Suitcase-by-Black-MagicPrice: $980.00 €745.35
Weight: 6 Kg 800 Gram
An absolutely astonishing appearing act where you appear not ONE but FOUR full size guitars from a suitcase.

You enter the stage with a suitcase in hand. From this you are able to produce FOUR Guitars. Easy to do.

The guitars are made of wood and look like real guitars. All in a handy suitcase for easy transportation.

Appearing Cane, White by FantasioAppearing-Cane,-White-by-FantasioPrice: $22.50 €17.10
Weight:  50 Gram
The Appearing Cane, originally created by Russ Walsh has become a classic magic prop, one that has been popular with magicians over the decades. A Cane that appears at your fingertips or a silk changes into a full size cane.
Appearing Crayon by Sorcery MagicAppearing-Crayon-by-Sorcery-MagicPrice: $35.00 €26.60
Weight:  130 Gram
The performer presents the standard coloring book routine, at the end of the routine he vanishes the color out of the book and dumps out a big pile of crayons. He takes one of the crayons and tosses it into a little paper bag. Then he reaches down into the bag and produces an extremely large crayon that could not possibly fit in the bag! The look of astonishment and amazement from the audience is worth a thousand buc
Appearing Cane, Black by FantasioAppearing-Cane,-Black-by-FantasioPrice: $22.50 €17.10
Weight:  50 Gram
The Appearing Cane, originally created by Russ Walsh has become a classic magic prop, one that has been popular with magicians over the decades. A Cane that appears at your fingertips or a silk changes into a full size cane.

Tube And Canister MysteryTube-And-Canister-MysteryPrice: $22.00 €16.70
Weight:  620 Gram
For those that like apparatus magic, this is a neat outfit.

The performer displays two tubes, colored red and white, and a blue can with a cover which fits in the tubes. Some personal articles are borrowed from members of the audience, like a handkerchief, watch etc. and placed in the canister. This is proof that the canister cannot be changed for a duplicate. The canister is then covered by one of the t

Instant Magic PopsicleInstant-Magic-PopsiclePrice: $2.00 €1.50
Weight:  50 Gram
The performer displays a popsicle box (Ice cream bar) box. He opens it and tips it over, and all that drops out is a popsicle stick! Somebody has obviously consumed the ice cream when he was not around, he exclaims.

But he knows a little magic. A little colored liquid is poured into the box. The stick is now stuck into the box, the box inverted, and the liquid has transformed into a complete popsicle.

Giant Magic Coloring BookGiant-Magic-Coloring-BookPrice: $22.50 €17.10
Weight:  520 Gram
The blank pages of this Giant Magic Coloring Book change to black and white illustrations. Finally, the pictures are colored in many bright colors.

The book has large and bold illustrations visible at a great distance. Produced on heavy paper, with laminated covers to last. The book measures 26 cm x 37 cm.

Hippity Hop Rabbits, Stage Size, WoodHippity-Hop-Rabbits,-Stage-Size,-WoodPrice: $55.00 €41.80
Weight: 2 Kg 180 Gram
The performer shows two cut out rabbits, one White and one Black. They are covered with two covers, the White rabbit going into the cover with a White hat, and the Black rabbit into the cover with a Black hat.

The covers are moved around, and the rabbits are found to have exchanged places. This is repeated a number of times, and your audience believes they have caught you out. They inform you that the rabbits

Spring Wand, ComedySpring-Wand,-ComedyPrice: $7.50 €5.70
Weight:  150 Gram
The Spring Wand is a comedy prop similar to a Breakaway Wand but is a lot more versatile and can be used for other comedy effects.

Made from a 17 inch long, strong spring with plastic tips screwed on at the ends. When held in the middle it is rigid and can be waved as a normal wand, but when held at the tips it wobbles around as if made of rubber. Comes complete with several presentation ideas.

Foo Can Standard with Handle, Stainless SteelFoo-Can-Standard-with-Handle,-Stainless-SteelPrice: $19.50 €14.80
Weight:  200 Gram
The Foo Can is a utility device which can do with liquids, what a change bag can do with solids. You can use this to vanish a quantity of liquid, or produce a quantity of liquid, or even change one liquid into another, for example water into wine, or water into milk etc.

The Standard Foo Can comprises of a handsome fabricated sheet brass can, chrome plated, and resembling a liquid measuring can. This model i

Phony Squirt, MustardPhony-Squirt,-MustardPrice: $1.50 €1.10
Weight:  35 Gram
Imagine your victim's surprise when you pretend to squirt them with ketchup or mustard, yet the only thing that comes out of the bottle is a piece of red (or yellow) string. What a surprise!
Breakaway Fan, Economy by Robert NickleBreakaway-Fan,-Economy-by-Robert-NicklePrice: $5.50 €4.15
Weight:  130 Gram
One of the greatest laugh producers! During your performance, you open the fan to magically fan some object. Then ask for a member of your audience to help by holding the fan. When your assistant opens the fan, it FALLS APART. However, you take the fan, open it and it is restored again. This may be repeated several times and is always sure of a big laugh.

Four Appearing Guitars From Suitcase

Four Appearing Guitars From Suitcase

An absolutely astonishing appearing act where you appear not ONE but FOUR full size guitars from a suitcase.

Click here for details

Silk from Hanky by TenyoSilk-from-Hanky-by-TenyoPrice: $9.50 €7.20
Weight:  20 Gram
The magician shows a handkerchief on both sides to the audience. He then drapes it over his left hand which is fisted. He pushes his right thumb into his fist which is covered by the handkerchief and produces a silk from it. He then cause the silk to disappear again in the same mysterious manner.
The Golden Fleece by TenyoThe-Golden-Fleece-by-TenyoPrice: $19.50 €14.80
Weight:  60 Gram
Performer explains that he has acquired some pieces of the famous golden fleece. Two pieces are threaded through an attractive ring forming crosshairs. Then with a scissor, Magi cuts out the center of one piece and the ends of the other. But with a magical spin, the two separate pieces join to become one single strand!
The Flying Carpet, 2012 by TenyoThe-Flying-Carpet,-2012-by-TenyoPrice: $45.00 €34.20
Weight:  320 Gram
With Tenyo's Flying Carpet you can achieve the dream of floating in mid-air in a living room, at a trade show booth, at a sales meeting, just about anywhere!

The spectators need only put on a pair of the 3D glasses, and they will see your body floating right in front of their eyes. Itís a new-generation of magic!

Flying Carpet was invented by Lubor Fiedler, and TENYO is going to release it for

Newsworthy Tear, 2009 by TenyoNewsworthy-Tear,-2009-by-TenyoPrice: $29.50 €22.40
Weight:  100 Gram
Torn newspaper instantly restores to a single sheet!

The beloved torn and restored newspaper is now much easier to prepare and perform, with Tenyo's latest version of this classic. We are releasing a brand-new gimmick that does not require scissors and glue to prepare, yet still provides a flash restoration. You will be able to quickly set up the newspaper with that day's edition, and baffle audiences wi

Flying Head

Black XFour Super Card Tricks
Black X
You can control the outcome of each dice toss! Not only that, all the dice instantly change to the same value. Click here for details
4 Super Card Tricks
Mystify with 4 super tricks, Vanishing Balloons, Wild Ghosts, Chameleon Cards and Find the Rabbit. Click here for details
These classics are not manufactured anymore. When they are gone they are gone. A collectors item!
English Instructions.

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