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Stiff Rope
Stiff Rope

The magician displays a piece of rope about 30 inch long. Rope is coiled over the magician's hand to prove it is just an ordinary rope. The magician now stretches the rope between his two hands, horizontally, and pretends to hypnotize the rope. One hand is now released, and the rope stands rigid like a stick. The magician merely blows on the rope, and it falls down limp once again.

The rope may be used as a comedy prop with another trick, or as an effect by itself. The rope may be made to stand horizontally, or in a near vertical position. It cannot be made stiff in a perfectly vertical position. You may call up two spectators and ask each of them to blow on the rope held between your hands in turn. When one spectator blows, the rope falls limp, and when the other spectator blows, the rope remain erect.

The rope may also be held at the center when it is stiff. Most magicians will have probably seen a presentation of the effect, ranging from mildly funny to outrageously naughty. We will leave the exact presentation to your taste and discretion.

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Super Hero Glasses (Black) by Sumit Chhajer
Super Hero Glasses (Black) by Sumit Chhajer
Now you have the power of X-RAY vision! Just like a Super Hero

Imaging your spectator thinking of a card. All of a sudden you take out your SUPER HERO glasses and concentrate! While looking in her eyes, you tell her you have reached into her mind and visualized the thought of card!

Now for the best part! YOU PROVE IT!

You remove the glasses and breath on one of the lenses. Their thought of card is burned into the lens for all to see! Next, you repeat the effect again and again with different outcomes. This is one of the best card revelations to ever hit the market.

  • Four different revelations
  • Perform anywhere
  • No set-up needed
  • Instantly resets
  • Comes with a premium safety carry case and cleaning cloth
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Sword Thru Finger by Adams
Sword Thru Finger by Adams
An easy trick that's baffling to your audience! Amaze your spectators as a miniature sword magically pierces your finger!
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Trapped by Jordan Johnson
Trapped by Jordan Johnson
Walk up to spectator borrow their empty bottle and visually penetrate their cap into the bottle. To take it a step farther the cap is "Trapped" in the bottle, and before we forget to mention, the CAP IS SIGNED.

If you have ever wanted to perform the classic visual cap in bottle effect without the use of a PK ring then Trapped is the effect for you.

Trapped teaches several very easy methods to accomplish the cap in bottle effect, on the spot, impromptu, with borrowed bottles. There are methods that are 100% impromptu, there are methods that require a very small amount of setup and there is a gimmick included that will make performing this effect way too easy.

What separates Trapped from other effects on the market is that the methods taught on this DVD were specifically thought out for the person who wants to ditch the sleight of hand and focus on performing a simple close up effect that people will remember for years. For those who like the sleight of hand, don't worry, we included some of that in there too.

Important Points To Remember: -Easy to perform -Many different methods -The cap can be signed -The cap is Trapped in the bottle and can be given away as a souvenir.

Running Time Approximately: 1 hr 1 gimmick included.

NOTE: DVD mentions that an extra unit of the gimmick has been included. The Vendor has since removed the extra unit.

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