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Juice Card Marking Kit

Juice Card Marking Kit

  • Price: $24.95
  • Available: 4
  • Weight: 110 Gram
  • ID: mc-10103
  • Watch

The JUICE! is a special liquid. When it is touched to the back of a deck of cards, it leaves invisible markings.


Though an audience can not see these markings - even under bright lighting and close inspection - they will stand out to you as if they were neon signs! No special glasses or other device is needed. You will be able to easily identify any card from its back - even across the room!

Includes enough JUICE! to treat several decks of cards! High quality instructions!

The Juice was used in the Sylvester Stallone Movie Shade. Be sure to catch this amazing film!

Hatching by Nefesch, Complete with instruction

Hatching by Nefesch, Complete with instruction

  • Price: $27.00
  • Available: 3
  • Weight: 100 Gram
  • ID: ms-11047
  • Watch

Suppose you could take an egg (which CAN be borrowed- though where the heck are you going to borrow an egg.) and a coin (which can be borrowed and more likely.) and have both of them marked by a spectator.

You then cause the coin to magically penetrate INSIDE the egg.

A small hole is chipped in the egg, big enough to pour out some of the egg goo, but small enough that a coin, which will be found INSIDE the egg, cannot escape. Spectator can look inside the hole and verify they see the coin AND their mark. Spectator can reach through the hole and grab the coin with tongs or tweezers and pull it out THROUGH the shell themselves AND can immediately verify that it IS the same coin they marked earlier.

No tricky sleights. Yes, there is a gimmick which you will have to create, but this takes less than 10 minutes once you have the knack, and many can be made at once and saved. You receive a manuscript giving you two versions of this effect, one totally impromptu, and another which thoroughly explains the gimmick.

All this is a nice 45 page booklet, complete with over 50 illustrational photo's.

DiVision by Luke Dancy

DiVision by Luke Dancy

  • Price: $16.00
  • Available: 5
  • Weight: 20 Gram
  • ID: fi-10150
  • Watch

You remove the two jokers from the deck and place them off to one side of the table. The spectator now selects a card from the deck and memorizes it. The selection is now placed openly into the center of the deck. The magician snaps his fingers and turns the top card over. Lo and behold, it is the selected card! But it isn't there...

In the blink of an eye. the selection visibly turns into the two jokers! The two cards on the table are now seen to be a single card...which is turned face up to reveal the spectator's selection!

  • So clean looking, it actually squeaks!
  • An amazing visual & offbeat card transposition!

Eureka, The Ultimate ACAAN by Vernet

Eureka, The Ultimate ACAAN by Vernet

  • Price: $30.00
  • Available: 3
  • Weight: 100 Gram
  • ID: vt-10183
  • Watch


  • Use ordinary deck
  • No deck switches
  • No Mnemonics
  • The spectator shuffles themselves the card
  • Any card and any number can be chosen
  • DVD with full explanations, comments and variations

Roberto has not only successfully stalked the Berglas's Effect, he has captured it. I still favor it among others floating around new. - Jon Racherbaumer

This is the version that you'll add to your repertoire. Completely impossible for the audience, perfectly practical for the magician. - Jim Steinmeyer

Roberto Mansilla's magic is intelligent and captivating, and so is his personal version of ACAAN. I like it, and you will, too. - Roberto Giobbi

Running Time Approximately: 1hr
Languages: Spanish / English (Overdubbing)

Dart Flower, #15 by Magic King

Dart Flower, #15 by Magic King

  • Price: $24.00
  • Available: 6
  • Weight: 400 Gram
  • ID: ms-11287
  • Watch

15 roses with leaves- this production item looks extremely lifelike. Produce this bouquet, toss it high into the air, and it will flip and land right-side-up creating part of a beautiful on-stage garden! Be sure to have two or three of these ready to produce the biggest reaction from your audience!

Effect is beautifully packaged and includes complete illustrated instructions in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish!

Light the World by Erez Moshe

Light the World by Erez Moshe

  • Price: $24.95
  • Available: 6
  • Weight: 95 Gram
  • ID: mm-10122

Great Close-Up from Israel.

Explain We are Going to Play a Game!

You take a lighter that has no printing on both sides and asks a volunteer to keep it closed in his hand. Display matchboxes collected from several places around the world.

Ask a player to mix the matchboxes together and throw them up in the air. The matchboxes will fall down on the table in a random order, some picture side up and some picture side down.

You'll remove from the game the matchboxes that will be picture side down. The same action is repeated until one random matchbox is left.

Tell the player that the unbelievable will happen in a second so do not blink!

The volunteer holding the lighter is astonished to see the name of the, distant city has appeared on the lighter matches that of the final matchbox.

  • Show the lighter from both sides!
  • Mechanical!
  • Nothing to memorize!

Osmosis Bottle Illusion by Alex Lourido

Osmosis Bottle Illusion by Alex Lourido

  • Price: $49.95
  • Available: 2
  • Weight: 255 Gram
  • ID: ms-10680
  • Watch

Sure, your buddies can smash beer cans on their foreheads and can probably shatter bottles on them, too. That's all wonderful, but, after polishing off a cold one, can they slap the label through to the inside? Well, now You can! Imagine the look on your spectators' faces as you do the impossible. After accomplishing this amazing feat, take it down and pass it around! They won't believe their eyes!

Effect includes everything you need to do this amazing trick, including bottle and complete instructions.

Excalibur Deck by Devin Knight

Excalibur Deck by Devin Knight

  • Price: $15.00
  • Available: 2
  • Weight: 115 Gram
  • ID: ms-10702
  • Watch

Make impossible card predictions with Devin Knight's Excalibur Deck! Mail a VIP a registered letter and never touch it again. Have him bring it to the show. Show a deck of cards to be different and hand them to any spectator (no stooge) and have them deal the cards face down on the table, while holding the deck in their hands. They stop anywhere during the deal and set the card aside. Magician tells them to check the cards before and after in the deck. This allows the person see if they had stopped one sooner or later the selection would have been completely different. The selected card is turned over, and the VIP opens the envelope and inside is the MATCHING CARD!

Other ways to do this effect include:

Have an envelope you never touch hanging from the ceiling. Anybody opens it, and inside is a duplicate of the same card just selected moments ago.

The freely stopped at card can be predicted in the classified ads in your local paper.

Important points to remember:
  • This can be hands-off for the magician. The cards are shown to be different. The spectators deal and stop anywhere, they can change their mind and keep dealing. Cards in the deck before and after can be shown to be different cards.
  • No Switches
  • No Skill or Sleights
  • No Rough and Smooth
  • No Stuck Together Cards
  • No Mark Cards
  • No Long or Short Cards

Magician need never touch the deck once handed to the spectator. Spectator turns over the selected card. No need for you ever to touch it. You never touch the envelope containing the prediction. It is opened by the VIP and the card is removed by them.

As clean as it gets. Deck can be used in other card prediction effects. Works perfectly with the IN THE NEWS effect. Supplied in Bicycle Poker card stock. A true reputation maker than will fool the wise ones.

Flightcase, Blue Back, DVD and Gimmick by Peter Eggink

Flightcase, Blue Back, DVD and Gimmick by Peter Eggink

  • Price: $32.00
  • Available: 2
  • Weight: 110 Gram
  • ID: tx-10134
  • Watch

From the creative mind of Peter Eggink comes the cleanest signed card to card case!

Imagine the following: ANY card is selected and signed by the spectator. Next, you show the card case to be completely empty (it REALLY is empty) and is placed in between the hands of the spectator.

Suddenly the signed card visually disappears, only to be found INSIDE the card case that was show EMPTY just seconds ago. The best part is that everything happens in the hands of the spectator and everything may be fully examined afterwards.

Forget what you know about other card to card case effects - "FlightCase" is the one you will want to perform every time!

The brand new method is diabolically clever and the fool even the most experienced of magicians!

The full training DVD will guide you step by step on how to perform the routine, sleights and techniques.

What People are saying about FlightCase:

"You are a GENIUS! I LOVE IT!!! You are definitely onto a winner here!" - Keelan Leyser - MagicTricks.co.uk

"Direct, easy, visual and baffling, a recipe for a perfect magic trick!" - Peter Loughran

"Very clever and sure did fool me; the secret is brilliant! -Jason Palter - Paltergeist Unlimited

"A simple yet ingenious utility - Peter Eggink has a bit of the devil inside him!" - David Regal

"Flightcase looks perfect - clever, clever, clever" - Jay Sankey

Running Time Approximately: 45 min

Welsh Rarebit Pan

Welsh Rarebit Pan

  • Price: $98.00
  • Available: 1
  • Weight: 700 Gram
  • ID: mm-10294

Welsh rabbit is a tasty dish a rare bit hence the name RAREBIT PAN.

This popular piece of magical apparatus, a favorite with magicians throughout the years! It is one of the most versatile props that you can own. Its uses are only limited by the ingenuity of the owner. Here is one of the many effects:

Borrow a spectator's hat. Mix ingredients for making a cake in a clear plastic bowl - flour, milk, eggs, etc.

Show pan empty and pour in the sticky mixture. Look around for a stove or fireplace to bake the cake.

None is available, so take the empty hat, start a fire in it and place the pan on fire to bake the cake!

Extinguish the fire, return the borrowed hat, unharmed, remove the lid and produce a baked cake.

The Welsh Rarebit Pan has been unobtainable for many years, thus it comes out fresh and new to modern day and younger audiences.

Manufactured in aluminum, wood handle, five piece construction, highly polished. Approximately 10 inch high. Comes complete with two pages of instructions, ideas and tips by Bruce Posgate.

Dry (Japanese High Tech Marker Trick) by Kreis Magic

Dry (Japanese High Tech Marker Trick) by Kreis Magic

  • Price: $35.00
  • Available: 2
  • Weight: 70 Gram
  • ID: km-10110
  • Watch

Magician has a marker pen. A spectator is asked to draw something using the Chisel tip, but cannot draw anything because the tip has dried out.

Magician tries to draw something using the Bullet tip, but only finds out that the Bullet tip has also dried out. Strangely enough, magician says, "The both tips are not usable. That means, the battery has run out." Inside the marker pen, there sure is a battery. The magician replaces the old battery with a new battery. After that, both of the Chisel and Bullet tips become usable.

Great joke for Ambitious Card routines.

Merry Xmas Dyeing Set

Merry Xmas Dyeing Set

  • Price: $20.00
  • Available: 7
  • Weight: 60 Gram
  • ID: fu-10522

This is a dyeing pairs with Christmas designs, a set of two silks, one in black and white, and one in full color, for dyeing effects.

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