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Summer Sale with Free Shipping WorldWide!

Karate Coin, 50 Cent Euro by Tango Magic

Karate Coin, 50 Cent Euro by Tango Magic

  • Price: $19.50
  • Available: 1
  • Weight: 20 Gram
  • ID: tm-10118
  • Watch

The magician shows a coin and throws it into the air. While in the air, he strikes it with his finger. Incredibly, the finger pierces the center of the coin.

3D Paradox, Magician Style by Steve Shufton

3D Paradox, Magician Style by Steve Shufton

  • Price: $19.25
  • Available: 6
  • Weight: 45 Gram
  • ID: ms-11049
  • Watch

It's new! It's refreshing! It's Colorful! It's IMPOSSIBLE!

Shufton's 3D Paradox sends their minds on holiday! Just imagine:

The spectator holds a sealed envelope. A card, freely selected, is signed and shuffled back into the pack. The envelope is opened to reveal a brilliantly colored, beautifully illustrated greeting card! It's hinged open and out leaps a colorful 3D scene in which a smaller envelope pops up! Her brain melts when she removes the contents herself and discovers her own, SIGNED CARD!

This new diabolical take on the impossible location features:

  • Stunning, visual magic!
  • A perfect finale for any signed card routine!
  • Eye-catching professional quality, precision made and assembled with care!
  • No reset or get ready, always ready to perform anytime, anywhere!
  • Sweet simplicity allows you to focus on presentation!

Do it completely surrounded!

A real reputation maker! Finally, a card-to-impossible-location needing no preparation, wallet, palming, swapping, folding, hiding, jackets, pockets or lemons! Fun to perform!

3D Paradox comes in two colorful versions, creating their own possibilities for patter and presentation. The Magician is classically magical with built in humor, and The Guru borders on the mystical for a cosmic journey. Let the evening mood decide which you will use! Never has a greeting card been so deadly!

Expect the highest quality from Shufton Magic.

Trinity Coin Set, 3 in 1 Coin by Johnny Wong

Trinity Coin Set, 3 in 1 Coin by Johnny Wong

  • Price: $95.00
  • Available: 7
  • Weight: 35 Gram
  • ID: jw-10103
  • Watch

Trinity Coin is made of three Half Dollars. It looks just like a regular Half Dollar, and it is examinable. You can easily do effects like appearing, vanishing, transposing, penetrating, and more!

Imagine your audience's surprise when one half dollar coin suddenly turns into four and vice versa!

Includes effects like:

  • The Combination Trick
  • Coin Through the Glass
  • Two Coins Through the Glass
  • Turning Silver Into Copper
  • Six Coin Production
  • Three Coin Disappearance

Comes complete with the precision-made Trinity Coin Set, detailed instructions and instructional DVD.

Voodoo by Matthew Johnson

Voodoo by Matthew Johnson

  • Price: $20.00
  • Available: 4
  • Weight: 40 Gram
  • ID: ms-10524
  • Watch

Matthew Johnson's Voodoo is a clever twist on the classic finger blister trick. The futuristic looking card (included) is used as a 21st century voodoo doll. The spectator selects one of the fingers on the card and then touches it, a huge blister appears on the corresponding finger of the magician!

Do the trick over and over again with a blister appearing on s different finger every time. The logical patter and preselection means you no longer have to use fire or cigarettes. Don't worry about drawing your hand on the paper! Everything is self contained. The blister work happens right in front of them yet is absolutely invisible! (No more going to your pockets)

You get the laminated Voodoo card printed in full color and detailed instructions.

Ring Flight by Kirtans

Ring Flight by Kirtans

  • Price: $18.95
  • Available: 12
  • Weight: 145 Gram
  • ID: mm-10420
  • Watch

This is a reputation maker!

Borrow a spectator's ring and place it in your hand. With no suspicious moves, it Vanishes! Reach into your back pocket and take out an fancy black leather zippered key case. Inside the key case and Linked onto one of the Key Rings with your keys is THEIR RING!

Great Quality Reel and Purse.

Ballerina Hank by Tenyo

Ballerina Hank by Tenyo

  • Price: $28.00
  • Available: 1
  • Weight: 75 Gram
  • ID: to-10153
  • Watch

This amazing handkerchief will jump around in your hands and fly through the air, completely under your control. No threads are used in this trick, and it is extremely easy to do.

The original item by Steve Dusheck - together with many unauthorized copies of this effect - has been a continuous best-seller at magic shops around the world. Tenyo has obtained permission from Steve Dusheck, and is proud to newly release this trick. You'll have the handkerchief dancing in no time. A delight to watch and fun to perform!

Pen Sation by Werry

Pen Sation by Werry

  • Price: $12.00
  • Available: 4
  • Weight: 20 Gram
  • ID: tp-10113

Spooky! This is how Werry presented this masterpiece of magic:

Werry handed a pen (any pen!) and a notepad (any notepad!) to a spectator. He then asked the spectator to think of any easy geometrical shape, like a star, a circle, a triangle or something similar and to note it down on the paper. After that, he instructed the spectator to think of other geometrical shapes and to draw them any place on the paper, so that the first thought-off shape could not be determined. All this was done while Werry was turned away from the audience or not even in their presence!

Werry then took the notepad and pen back from the spectator and marked four of the five drawings with an X, leaving only one shape: The one the spectator thought off!

Yes, the special gimmicked pen gives you the information on the thoughts of the spectator!

Werry's Pen-Sation works with any word, number, name, color, brand, birthday-dates, geometrical shapes and much more, nearly everything you can think off!

A very exciting living and dead test is also described in the instruction!

  • Use any pen!
  • Use any paper, even any business-card!
  • Paper and pen can be examined at any time!
  • One of the best selling items for years!

Coin Bender, Universal

Coin Bender, Universal

  • Price: $22.00
  • Available: 2
  • Weight: 60 Gram
  • ID: mm-10487
  • Watch

Borrow ANY spectators coin and have it initialed (if preferred), everything is completely fair. Hold the coin in your finger tips, IT VISUALLY BENDS and then BENDS again! Hand their initialed coin back to them NOW their coin is BENT on both sides!

Hold the coin in your finger tips, IT VISUALLY BENDS and then BENDS again!

Hand their initialed coin back to them NOW their coin is BENT on both sides!

  • YES, bend the ACTUAL borrowed coin!
  • Absolutely NO switching in gimmicks!
  • You are clean, show Your hands empty!
  • Re-Set quickly!

Change Bag One Hand with Zipper

Change Bag One Hand with Zipper

  • Price: $19.95
  • Available: 1
  • Weight: 380 Gram
  • ID: fu-10208
  • Watch

We have a wide variety of Change Bags, which enable you to produce, vanish or change any items that will fit into the bag. There are two basic models, the One Hand models, with a small flat handle, that you can hold and operate with one hand. The standard or regular handle models are with longer handles, and require two hands to operate.

There are models that permit a single change, and repeat models, that permit two changes. Models with zippers enable you to open them at the bottom, and pass your hands through them, to prove them empty. All the bags come with detailed instructions, and ideas for dozens of applications.

Outer diameter 15.5 cm, inner diameter 11.5 cm, length 29 cm.

Wonder Match Boxes Set by Erez Moshe

Wonder Match Boxes Set by Erez Moshe

  • Price: $20.00
  • Available: 6
  • Weight: 25 Gram
  • ID: mm-10150
  • Watch

Great Close-Up from Erez Moshe in Israel! Incredible Shrinking.

An effect you can perform ANYWHERE & ANYTIME and will amaze your audience.

Display an ordinary box of matches, you make the lid sleeve VANISH! You sense something strange in your pocket! Yes the vanish lid sleeve is in your pocket and the matcbox has shrunk to minature! Perfect miniature Match Box with Mini matches!

Noahs Dove Silk, Color Changing Silk

Noahs Dove Silk, Color Changing Silk

  • Price: $29.95
  • Available: 1
  • Weight: 40 Gram
  • ID: rb-10286
  • Watch

With this color changing silks you can tell the story of Noah and the dove. The black and white dove instantly changes to a full color dove "visibly" with the snap of the silk handkerchief. You can tell the audience that you are really going to give them the full color show!

Silk, 36 Inch, Orange Color

Silk, 36 Inch, Orange Color

  • Price: $16.50
  • Available: 10
  • Weight: 15 Gram
  • ID: ud-10218

Fine silk squares for production, Orange Color

Perfect by Mark Mason

Linking Rings, Stainless Steel, 10 Inch