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The Flying Silks by El Duco

The Flying Silks by El Duco

  • Price: $49.50
  • Available: 2
  • Weight: 0 Kg 55 Gram
  • ID: ms-10316

You display a window envelope containing a WHITE silk. You take out the silk and tie a knot in one corner. Show the envelope EMPTY. And IT IS! Put the white silk inside and seal the envelope. You place the envelope face down in between the spectator's hands.

Now you show a red rope with a YELLOW silk tied to it. Take off the silk from the rope. Put the middle of the rope in your pocket or waistband. Both rope ends are visible.

Put the YELLOW silk into your fist and make a gesture towards the envelope. Ask the spectator to turn over the envelope. THE SILK INSIDE IS NOW YELLOW!!

Where is the WHITE silk? Grasp the rope ends and pull out the red rope. TIED TO THE ROPE IS THE WHITE SILK!!!

Please note the following:
There is only ONE silk in the envelope. There are no magnets. Very easy to do. Complete with everything you need.

Light the World by Erez Moshe

Light the World by Erez Moshe

  • Price: $15.75
  • Available: 6
  • Weight: 0 Kg 95 Gram
  • ID: mm-10122

Great Close-Up from Israel.

Explain We are Going to Play a Game!

You take a lighter that has no printing on both sides and asks a volunteer to keep it closed in his hand. Display matchboxes collected from several places around the world.

Ask a player to mix the matchboxes together and throw them up in the air. The matchboxes will fall down on the table in a random order, some picture side up and some picture side down.

You'll remove from the game the matchboxes that will be picture side down. The same action is repeated until one random matchbox is left.

Tell the player that the unbelievable will happen in a second so do not blink!

The volunteer holding the lighter is astonished to see the name of the, distant city has appeared on the lighter matches that of the final matchbox.

  • Show the lighter from both sides!
  • Mechanical!
  • Nothing to memorize!

Card Fan to Top Hat

Card Fan to Top Hat

  • Price: $40.00
  • Available: 3
  • Weight: 0 Kg 540 Gram
  • ID: jm-10100
  • Watch

Magician produces a fan of cards and tosses them into the air and immediately, the cards transform into a beautiful Top Hat.

This is perfect for any manipulation act, and can even be used in conjunction with a Cane to Table as a dazzling opener. No skill is required. Self-working and beautifully made.

Linking Rings, Stainless Steel, 10 Inch

Linking Rings, Stainless Steel, 10 Inch

  • Price: $59.00
  • Available: 6
  • Weight: 1 Kg 700 Gram
  • ID: fu-10488
  • Watch

The LINKING RINGS or CHINESE RINGS is one of the finest effects of Magic. Several magicians have made their reputation with this classic trick. The basic effect is that a number of solid metal rings which have been examined by the audience magically link and un-link at the magicians command. The rings are linked into chains and designs comprising of from two to eight rings.

The effect is capable of infinite variations, and the routine can be as short or long as you like. It can be performed silently to music, or with a patter presentation, with or without the help of assistants from the audience, as your fancy dictates. There are dozens of presentations for this effect, varying from routines using just three or six rings to routines using all eight rings. Many routines can be found in almost all standard text books of magic.

The secret is very simple, but the possibilities are unlimited, and any magician who wishes to present this item must go through some of the abundant literature available for this trick.

The set consists of 8 rings (3+2+1+1+K) 10 Inch diameter (25,4 cm, 5 mm thickness), and with instructions in the form of a booklet with different routines.

Smokey Magic by Trevor Duffy

Smokey Magic by Trevor Duffy

  • Price: $95.00
  • Available: 2
  • Weight: 0 Kg 260 Gram
  • ID: ms-10659
  • Watch

Produce smoke from your hands or a spectator's sleeve! Use smoke for any magical transformation!

Chemicals Not Supplied. Not for sale to persons under 18!

Encore Block Release

Encore Block Release

  • Price: $17.00
  • Available: 3
  • Weight: 0 Kg 225 Gram
  • ID: mm-10549
  • Watch

A large golden cube is threaded on to a loop of rope. Offering to show how it can be removed without untying the ends of the loop, the magician cuts the rope and removes the block. Suddenly, and in a most surprising manner, the rope is restored again!

The Block is re-threaded on the rope and now it penetrates! On the count of three, it passes right through the loop of rope, leaving all intact, and everything can be examined!

Encore Block Release is a great trick! A great magic principle, which has been perfected for you in every detail.

The set comes in a attractive box and includes the large golden cube, a supply of rope and detailed and illustrated instructions.

Coin Bender

Coin Bender

  • Price: $20.00
  • Available: 9
  • Weight: 0 Kg 70 Gram
  • ID: mm-10323
  • Watch

Reputation Maker & Repeat the Feat of Mental Power.

NO Switching Out Gimmicks IT's that Clean!

Borrow ANY spectators coin and have it initialed (if preferred), everything is completely fair. Hold the coin in your finger tips, IT VISUALLY BENDS and then BENDS again! Hand their initialed coin back to them NOW their coin is BENT on both sides!

  • YES, bend the ACTUAL borrowed coin!
  • Absolutely NO switching in gimmicks!
  • You are clean, Show your hands empty!
  • Re-Set quickly!

Nomen Omen by David Acer

Nomen Omen by David Acer

  • Price: $15.00
  • Available: 2
  • Weight: 0 Kg 130 Gram
  • ID: ms-10842
  • Watch

The Camirand Academy considers this brainchild of Montreal's hot new magic star to be very, very, very clever. It's an easy, professional, inspired version of the classic name deck!

A deck is introduced with the name of a person written on the back of every card. Two predictions are handed out, whereupon the magician accurately divines both a FREELY CHOSEN CARD and a FREELY CHOSEN NAME in a stunning double prediction!

No sleights, no forces - just incredibly clean magic! Simon Lovell called it "Fantastic!", and Hank Lee called it "a killer card routine - it'll fool even those in-the-know!"

Comes complete with an illustrated booklet and with the special Bicycle Poker Size Deck.

Twenty 1 with DVD by JB Magic

Twenty 1 with DVD by JB Magic

  • Price: $20.00
  • Available: 1
  • Weight: 0 Kg 50 Gram
  • ID: mm-10146
  • Watch


Explain that you went to a casino the other night to play blackjack. Show two cards, they are two black 9's. Square up the two cards and re-spread them. The two black 9's turn to two red 10's! Next the 10 of Diamonds suddenly changes into a black Ace. This Ace (NO Switch) is handed out to the spectator for inspection. Now, turn the remaining card Face-Up, it's a BLACKJACK!

  • SIX changes from TWO cards!
  • Precision-made gimmick does all the work!
  • The backs and fronts are shown on every change!

Racket with Balloon to Flowers by Black Magic

Racket with Balloon to Flowers by Black Magic

  • Price: $35.00
  • Available: 4
  • Weight: 0 Kg 400 Gram
  • ID: bm-10122

The magician is holding a ordinary table-tennis racket on which a balloon is seen. He plays with the racket and balloon in front of them. All of a sudden, the balloon burst and a bunch of spring flowers appear on the racket.

The appearance of the spring flowers is so fast that nobody can even guess what happened. It is a very fascinating item on the stage.

P.K. Pencil and Ring Routine by James George

P.K. Pencil and Ring Routine by James George

  • Price: $42.00
  • Available: 11
  • Weight: 0 Kg 100 Gram
  • ID: jg-10113
  • Watch

Few effects garner the audience reaction that this routine will. We are also including our very special Kevlar Thread which makes learning this incredible routine easier then ever!

Now follow very closely and try to visualize what is going to take place:
First you produce a beautiful brass ring and an ordinary looking pencil. The ring is placed on the pencil and it mysteriously rises up its length!

The pencil is then carefully balanced on the first finger of the left hand in a horizontal position, the right hand passes over and under the pencil! This is simply not possible! This immediately repeated, but your right finger is placed on top of the other end of the pencil and your left hand passes over and under the pencil! If that were not enough, the eraser end of the pencil is rested on the palm of your left hand. Slowly it begins to rise until it is standing up in your hand. It moves and dances around as if trapped in a magnetic field!

The pencil is inserted into the closed fist of your left hand. Then it creeps up out of your fist even though you don't move a muscle.

Now the real kicker for the Magicians in the crowd, the pencil is immediately inverted and the same effect is repeated in your other fist! Now we all know that is completely impossible! The Brass ring is passed over the pencil proving nothing could be connected. Slowly and mysteriously the ring begins to jiggle and then stand up in your palm. The ring rises straight up out of your hand! It is now floating about 3 inches above your hand.

Now for the completely impossible, it starts to travel horizontally through space to the end of the pencil. The ring climbs up the pencil from the bottom to the top. This is completely unexplainable! At this point you receive spontaneous clapping from the audience.

One thing is for certain, each and every time you perform this sequence the audience will predictably burst into applause! Thinking the routine must be finished and what they don't realize is that the best is yet to come! The pencil is placed on the palm of your left hand, you wave your right hand over the pencil and it gradually levitates so that it is hovering above your hand. You pass both your hands over and under the floating pencil. Around the sides and over the top and bottom proving that it could not possibly be connected to anything! Then for the Grand Finally you give the pencil a spin so that is now rotating in space, end over end!

The pencil flies out away from you while simultaneously spinning! Literally it can be made to fly out into the audience if performed on a stage! Right above their heads and if they try to grab it, it immediately flies up and away just out of their reach.

People will really believe you can make objects float, just by concentrating on them. They will ask you to do it with their pens and pencils when you are done. I just tell em I have a migraine headache and can't perform it right now, it just adds to the over all effect! You are in for a real treat and a heck of a lot of fun just learning the routine.

The Routine comes with everything you need except some ordinary scotch tape.

  • You will receive the very special pencil!
  • The Brass Ring!
  • A complete booklet of very well illustrated and written instructions.

Witness by Lee Asher

Witness by Lee Asher

  • Price: $18.00
  • Available: 2
  • Weight: 0 Kg 120 Gram
  • ID: ty-10101
  • Watch

Witness the Impossible.

You now hold in your hands, an original idea from Lee Asher. He performs his brand of magic across the world, leaving audiences speechless. Witness has never before been released on DVD, until now.

After having a card selected, your spectator holds a ziplock bag with a Joker sealed inside. The Joker, held securely between the spectator's palms, transforms into the selection! Never once is the bag opened. Everything can be handed out for examination.

Invaluable instruction from a professional like Lee Asher allows you to speed up the learning process. Designed with real world conditions in mind, after watching this DVD, you'll perform WITNESS in no time.

The effect requires no gimmicks and features a simplified, tried and tested handling. The DVD is approximately 21 minutes, including full length street performances and extensive instruction on all aspects of the Witness routine.

Witness (formerly known as Deucebag) has been the signature effect in Lee's sold-out lectures around the world for audiences all the way from Singapore to Paris to Eugene, Oregon for over a decade. This is the first time that this effect has been taught on video. Shot in High Definition on the streets of Las Vegas.

DLite, Morph, Pairs by Rocco

Really Warped by Michael Maxwell