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Tiny the Tiger, Childrens Magic

Tiny the Tiger, Childrens Magic

  • Price: $39.50
  • Available: 1
  • Weight: 350 Gram
  • ID: rb-10339

Here is a mixture of a classic rope trick and a brand new, colorful prop will have the kids eyes popping out.

As you tell a charming story of jungle animals, you show large colorful pictures. The three different lengths of rope represent the tiger's tail. There short ropes become one LONG tail.

Coin Bender deluxe quality

Coin Bender deluxe quality

  • Price: $29.00
  • Available: 9
  • Weight: 70 Gram
  • ID: mm-10323
  • Watch

Reputation Maker & Repeat the Feat of Mental Power.

NO Switching Out Gimmicks IT's that Clean!

Borrow ANY spectators coin and have it initialed (if preferred), everything is completely fair. Hold the coin in your finger tips, IT VISUALLY BENDS and then BENDS again! Hand their initialed coin back to them NOW their coin is BENT on both sides!

  • YES, bend the ACTUAL borrowed coin!
  • Absolutely NO switching in gimmicks!
  • You are clean, Show your hands empty!
  • Re-Set quickly!

Trick Cyclist by Andrew Normansell and Alakazam

Trick Cyclist by Andrew Normansell and Alakazam

  • Price: $15.50
  • Available: 8
  • Weight: 38 Gram
  • ID: ms-11087
  • Watch

An incredible, easy to do, multiple selection routine with an incredible, NO PALM, signed card to pocket ending! This trick will make you look like a master sleight of hand artist!

Three cards are freely selected (no force), signed and returned to the deck. The Magician now shows a Bicycle Joker and states that it has been specially trained to do the Magic. The Joker is placed in the Magician's back pocket and with a Magical gesture, reappears face-up in the face down deck, right next to the first selection.

The Joker is then placed back in the Magician's pocket for a second time and the deck is spread to show that there are no face-up cards. Then once again, the Joker reappears face up in the facedown deck, right next to selection number two.

The Joker is removed for a final time, but this time, fails to reappear in the deck... the Magician reaches into his pocket and brings out the Joker, only to find that the reason he did not return is because he has fallen off his bike! The Magician makes a final Magical gesture and with an empty hand, reaches into his pocket and removes the final signed selection!


Enigma by Nicholas Nights

Enigma by Nicholas Nights

  • Price: $40.00
  • Available: 4
  • Weight: 100 Gram
  • ID: sh-10120
  • Watch

Nicholas Night's Enigma puts a miracle at your fingertips. A crumpled bill is placed in your pocket. It immediately jumps from your pocket to a clear glass.

You pour the bill out and then slam it up through the bottom of the glass. Yes, it goes up through the bottom of a solid glass. A true enigma!

Next, the spectator places her hand over the top of the glass, and the bill magically penetrates her hand and then falls into the glass!

Finally, the bill vanishes and jumps back to your pocket. Everything is examinable!

Enigma features the following:

  • Show your hands empty at all times!
  • No jewelry, magnetic rings, etc.
  • The bill and glass are borrowed!
  • You start clean and end clean!
  • Can be performed standing - no table necessary!

Nicholas Night's Enigma comes with the incredible [re-designed] Enigma gimmick, complete instructions, AND a 30-minute companion video on CD of Nicholas performing and explaining the entire routine.

Minds in Focus by Trevor Duffie

Minds in Focus by Trevor Duffie

  • Price: $17.50
  • Available: 4
  • Weight: 105 Gram
  • ID: rb-10268
  • Watch

The performer hands an envelope to a spectator to look after. He spreads cards face up, showing that they are shuffled, squares them up and turns them face down. These cards are unique, they have been numbered from 1 to 52. Spectator thinks of a number between 1 and 52, then names it aloud. A card is located according to the number given by the spectator. Finally envelope is opened, an exact replica of the card located by the number is found!

Phil by Trevor Duffy

Phil by Trevor Duffy

  • Price: $20.00
  • Available: 3
  • Weight: 110 Gram
  • ID: ms-10701
  • Watch

A deck of cards is set down on a table. A spectator is asked simply to think of any playing card, and the magician says he will name it.

After a moment of thought, the performer declares, The name of your card is Phil! You know, short for Phillip! The audience is understandably a bit surprised. The pack is removed and then shown to have different names printed boldly on the back of every card. When the deck is turned face up and the card named by the spectator is found, it is the one and only card named Phil!

(Not Rough and Smooth!)
  • Only One Deck Is Used!
  • Instantly Reset!
  • No Force of Any Kind!
  • No Sleight of Hand!
  • Any Card Can Be Named!

Historical Note: The basic plot of this routine goes back to Fred Lowe's Christened Reverse. Over the past few decades, many methods have been devised. It turns out that Trevor Duffy reinvented a version that was created by Phil Goldstein in the early 1980s, entitled Final Fred. That routine had its debut in a lecture at the 1985 FISM convention in Madrid. The issue of this prior invention has now been discussed by Duffy and Goldstein, along with the ironic coincidence of its title, and we are pleased that an equitable arrangement has been made, and this item is being marketed with Phil Goldstein's approval.

Diminishing Billiard Ball, Wood

Diminishing Billiard Ball, Wood

  • Price: $15.00
  • Available: 3
  • Weight: 40 Gram
  • ID: fu-10925

This is an ideal effect to blend into your Billiard Ball routine, or use as a separate stand-alone effect. The performer shows a Billiard Ball. He passes his hand over it and it diminishes to a smaller size. The Ball is shown freely, and tapped to prove solid.

The hand is passed over this once again and the ball diminishes to a still smaller size. This is repeated once again, till the ball is a tiny size, less than one fourth the original size. The ball can be passed for examination, or totally vanished if you wish.

The apparatus supplied is turned from wood. Requires a modest amount of handling practice, and is supplied complete with instructions.

Shoet by JB Magic

Shoet by JB Magic

  • Price: $25.50
  • Available: 2
  • Weight: 75 Gram
  • ID: mm-10140
  • Watch

The Professional Card to Shoe

STUNNING Magic! Finally Revealed to the Magic World.

ANY card is selected, signed and returned to the deck. Any routine is performed ie an ambitious card, a transposition etc.

The magician slowly removes his foot from ANY Shoe and there is the card in full view. The COMPLETE card is clearly seen inside the magicians Shoe!

Pick up the shoe and remove the card it really is their signed card.

Custom built gimmick that will allow you to perform card to shoe with the greatest of ease. Everyones reaction is beyond belief. their card inside your shoe! JB Magic's custom built gimmick that will allow you to perform Card to Shoe with the ease.

  • NO Fumbling!
  • NO Loading!

Spheres, Gimmicks included by Vernet

Spheres, Gimmicks included by Vernet

  • Price: $38.50
  • Available: 3
  • Weight: 160 Gram
  • ID: vt-10178
  • Watch

The Smallest Miracle Maker!

Spheres is your best companion when you want to perform Miracles with a borrowed deck.

You will learn in detail how to use the gimmick and perform six incredible effects.

Imagine this: you reveal a chosen card with a golf shot or discover a selected card with a Yo-Yo, like a true champion. Impossible revelations of chosen cards, animation of a deck and much more.

Six mind blowing effects the audience will never forget.

  • A unique gimmick that allows you to perform plenty of wonderful effects.
  • Just drop it in your pocket and you are ready to perform
  • 90 minute DVD with performances and explanations
  • Use any deck of cards
  • 100% audience tested

J.H. One-Hand Dove Bag, Left Hand, Red by Jaehoon Lim

J.H. One-Hand Dove Bag, Left Hand, Red by Jaehoon Lim

  • Price: $34.50
  • Available: 2
  • Weight: 60 Gram
  • ID: tx-10118
  • Watch

This dove bag has been through a lot of trial and error, and it has finally been completed.

If you do magic with doves...you will want this Dove Bag!

To be able to have your dove go in and out easily and quickly of a bag with use of only one hand was hard in the past but Jaehoon Lim has made the J.H. One-Hand Dove Bag with a unique design and one hand release mechanism which allows you produce a dove with ease.

Best dove bag on the market, because it is really safe for your dove. Jaehoon Lim, a Korean magician, also uses this bag on stage with no comparison to other dove bags. Once you use this Dove bag you will know why, Jaehoon Lim prefers it.

1 J.H. One-Hand Release Dove Bag

MatchBox with DVD

MatchBox with DVD

  • Price: $22.00
  • Available: 1
  • Weight: 50 Gram
  • ID: mm-10126
  • Watch

You Won't Believe Your Own Eyes!

Maybe JB Magic's Best Ever Product.

Any card is freely selected, signed and returned to your deck. A picture of a matchbox is drawn on the bottom card of the deck. The matchbox is given a shake, the picture animates and the drawing of the matchbox magically opens!

But that is not all, folded up in the picture in the matchbox tray, is a playing card. Reach into the picture and visually remove the folded card leaving the tray EMPTY. This looks fantastic!

The card is unfolded, it REALLY is their signed card! You will love the gimmicks that make this effect that little bit different from the standard card trick.

  • Re-sets in 2 Seconds! Strolling or Close-Up!
  • Includes Hand Crafted Gimmick & Special cards!
  • Teaching & Routine DVD INCLUDED!

Magicap by Jesse Feinberg

Magicap by Jesse Feinberg

  • Price: $24.00
  • Available: 12
  • Weight: 25 Gram
  • ID: ms-11240
  • Watch

Incredible magic with an ordinary cap and pen...

Show a regular bic pen and cap all around. Take the cap off and it disappears! Snap your fingers and its back on the pen! Take the cap off again and put it in your pocket... In a blink, the cap appears back on the pen! Create your own unique routine, the possibilities are endless.

You can even make the cap melt through a glass table or window. How about pushing the cap into your PDA or cell phone screen and seeing it inside! All of this is explained and extra ideas are included too.

The pen and cap are examinable at any time. No pulls, no setup, easy to learn.

Dove Pan, Double Load, Aluminum

Dove from Sketch Pad with DVD by Andy Amyx