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Appearing Table, Round
Appearing Table, Round
This is a clever designed table that opens in a snap. It instantly changes to a table by the power of a rubberband when you hold the board. It can be folded compactly. Comes with carrying case.

The table measures 18 cm in diameter. The table stands 90 cm tall.

Itemid: sm-10105 Weight: 670 Gram Available: 2 Price: $75.00
Appearing Table, Square
Appearing Table, Square
The performer produces a working table from thin air, or from behind a foulard etc. Or he has a small board in his hand, which instantly changes into a working table.

The complete table instantly springs into a view, with metal stand and a working table top with tassels. Unlike other similar tables which tend to wobble, this provides a very usable surface, which will hold almost any magician's props you can fit on the working surface. You are supplied the table ready to use.

The square tabletop measures 30 by 13 cm. The table stands 90 cm tall.

Itemid: fu-10370 Weight: 970 Gram Available: 3 Price: $75.00
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