Appearing Cane, Silver, Metal
Appearing Cane, Silver, Metal
The Appearing Cane, originally created by Russ Walsh has become a classic magic prop, one that has been popular with magicians over the decades. A Cane that appears at your fingertips or a silk changes into a full size cane.

The Appearing Cane is in fact a high quality steel spring coil attached to a ferrule with a locking arrangement. When released it opens out into the shape of a cane, over three feet in length. The effect is visual, the magician reaches into the air and a solid cane over three feet long just pops into his hand. Alternatively, a silk is shown and as the performer waves it, it suddenly and visibly changes to a full size elegant cane. This model is the traditional one for the performer in traditional attire.

These canes are well made of high quality steel and will last a lifetime if used with care. Use it as an opening item or anytime during your act.

Itemid: fu-10122
Weight: 160 Gram
Available: 6
Price: $40.00
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