Bag To Silk
Bag To Silk
The magician displays a solid colored bag measuring approximately 8 inch x 10 inch in size. The bag is shown inside and out, and is seen to be of the same color. He says a few magic words and the bag visibly changes to a large foulard, approximately 30 inch square in an entirely different color and design.

The silk can then be used as a cover to steal a load from the body, for a subsequent production. It can be used as an opening, closing, or anytime during effect, and performed surrounded. It is self-contained. No steals or switches to worry about.

The visual and colorful effect requires no special skill other than handling practice. Comes complete, ready to work, with full instructions.

Itemid: fu-10138
Weight: 120 Gram
Available: 8
Price: $24.50
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