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On Foot by R. Sanders & P. Raymond
On Foot by R. Sanders & P. Raymond
The Miracle Ring on Shoelace!

The magician borrows a spectator's finger ring and places it under a handkerchief. The ring can be seen and felt by the spectator until the very last second, when the handkerchief falls open and the ring has completely vanished! Moments later, the magician points to his shoe and the spectator's ring is seen hanging from one of the loops in his laces! The loop is untied and the spectator himself slides the ring off the lace!

Comes complete with fully-illustrated 12-page booklet, special gimmick and laces.

Itemid: ms-10739 Weight: 45 Gram Available: 3 Price: $30.00
Osterlind Design Duplication System by Richard Osterlind
Osterlind Design Duplication System by Richard Osterlind
Powerful design duplication with no gimmicks. No fooling!

Richard Osterlind's DESIGN DUPLICATION SYSTEM caused quite a sensation last year when it first saw print in ESSAYS and now, all of the components have been specially produced for you to put this miracle of thought projection into your act almost immediately.

Here's what the audience sees: The mentalist displays a stack of cards with the names of different objects written on them. A spectator freely chooses one and can change his mind if he wishes. He is now given a pad and asked to draw a picture of his object. The mentalist also takes a pad and draws a design on his from across the room. When the two pictures are compared, they are almost identical!

You receive the special set of cards, printed on quality, glossy stock and a booklet outlining the complete routine. Remember that this is not just a method - it's a system that you'll find easy to adapt to your own personal style of performing that utilizes one of the most diabolically subtle principles in mentalism.

Itemid: ms-10315 Weight: 80 Gram Available: 1 Price: $30.00
Out-Standing, DVD by Roberto Mansilla Vernet
Out-Standing, DVD by Roberto Mansilla Vernet
A Unique Stand Up Version Of Out Of This World.

Vernet is proud to introduce an incredible and unique Stand Up/Stage version of Out of This World.

Imagine this: The magician improvises two music stands with two glasses and two pieces of cardboard, one red the other one black. He gives the deck to the spectators asking them to shuffle it. After that, he begins to show cards showing their backs and asks the spectators if they think that those cards are red or black. As they answer, the magician leaves the cards against the corresponding cardboard pieces. Once all the cards have been dealt, the magician takes the cards leaning against the red cardboard piece and shows that all of them are: red! Then, he takes the rest of the cards against the black cardboard piece and shows that they are Black!

100% audiences tested.

As Pit Hartling has said: "OUTSTANDING" is a PROFESSIONAL, PRACTICAL and DIRECT version of Out of This World. It packs all the punches of Curry's original version and will amaze audiences from five to five-hundred.

  • A Two Piles version
  • The Spectators shuffle the cards
  • Easy to perform. Minimum Sleight of Hand required
  • No gaff cards required
  • No special apparatus required (just two pieces of black and red cardboard and a regular deck - NOT INCLUDED) DVD Contents:
  • Performance
  • Full Explanation
  • Comments
  • Step By Step

Running Time Approximately: 40min
Languages: Spanish / English (OverDubbing)

Itemid: vt-10187 Weight: 100 Gram Available: 2 Price: $30.00
OutCased with DVD by Peter Eggink
OutCased with DVD by Peter Eggink
JB Magic Next Massive HIT Item.

Looking for that PERFECT Closer for your Ambitious Card routine? Don't look further: This is the ULTIMATE Ending- An ending that makes sense!

WITH Step by Step DVD.
The PERFECT ending for the Ambitious card. What exactly is OutCased?

You can say that OutCased is the Ambitious Card routine done INSIDE the card box!

After your ambitious card routine, the signed selection is (again) lost in the middle of the deck. Then the cards are placed back inside the card case. A rubber band is wrapped around the case width wise. You state that the signed card will jump back to the top of the deck only, INSIDE the card case, with just a shake.

So you shake the card case again, only to find that this time the spectator's selection became SO ambitious, that the card visually penetrates the card box!

The signed card is now on the OUTSIDE of the card case UNDERNEATH the rubber band! The card is removed from underneath the rubber band, and of course the spectator can keep it as souvenir.

  • EASY to Do! NO sleight of Hand Required!
  • PERFECT for Walk-Around! RESETS Instantly!

Insanely visual, eye-poppingly magical, Peter Eggink has created a sensational ending for The Ambitious Card!

David Acer That's @@!!! **outrageous!

David Regal I can't imagine a better way to end an Ambitious Card routine.

Andrew Mayne OutCased both punished and delighted my tiny little monkey brain.

Comes complete with a precision handmade gimmick, & everything needed to perform the effect.

Itemid: mm-10244 Weight: 75 Gram Available: 4 Price: $30.00
Perfect by Mark Mason
Perfect by Mark Mason
Mark Mason's IMPOSSIBLE SHOCKER in Bicycle.

A regular deck of cards is shown and spread face down. NO Extra or Repeating cards!

ANY card is selected then removed and placed to one side Face-Down. The cards are dealt one at a time onto the table or into a spectators hand. They can stop you on ANY card! Absolutely NO Forcing!

The card they stop on is placed with the other removed card. These two cards are turned face Up. BOTH cards are a MATCHING pair (3 of Diamonds 3 of Hearts). The Cleanest Handling of this effect EVER! NO Switches of ANY Kind!

Itemid: mm-10134 Weight: 35 Gram Available: 1 Price: $30.00
Production from Silks, Italian Made
Production from Silks, Italian Made
You walk out on stage holding three large cloth handkerchiefs in one of your hands. One at a time each cloth is thrown and tossed into the air. It is clear that each is just a cloth and nothing is hidden within. The handkerchiefs are bunched together as a group and from within you produce an actual full size bottle of champagne!

The device is simple to use and load, it can easily hold a bottle, doves, flowers, and much more. The production capacity is very large and is truly limited only by your imagination. The handkerchiefs are brightly colored and measure over twenty inches in diameter.

The effect comes complete with the three handkerchiefs and special load chamber, along with a detailed set of instructions.

There are no body loads, table steals, or complex moves used to facilitate the effect. PRODUCTION FROM SILKS can be mastered in minutes and lends itself to almost any show. Although designed for stage or platform, the gimmick is so deceptive it can easily be performed from just a few feet away!

Itemid: fi-10201 Weight: 120 Gram Available: 2 Price: $30.00
Psychic Mystery Watch by Mike Bornstein
Psychic Mystery Watch by Mike Bornstein
Mike Bornstein stops the show with an unbelievable card revelation. Have a spectator select a card, then concentrate on the image in his mind. Pull back your sleeve to show watch with a black face. Give the watch to another spectator, and tell him to stare into the watch's face, and see if he can visualize the thought card. Unknown to the audience, the watch mysteriously causes a mini playing card to materialize behind the crystal - the selected card! An impossible effect!
Itemid: rb-10308 Weight: 70 Gram Available: 1 Price: $30.00
Rice Bowls Stage Size by Premium Magic
Rice Bowls Stage Size by Premium Magic
The performer shows two empty metal bowls to be empty.

He pours rice into one bowl from a rice pot, places the other bowl mouth to mouth with the first one. Next he turns over the two bowls together several times, separates them, the rice is found to have doubled, as it overflows from the bowl in which it is contained. Pouring back all the rice into the rice pot, the performer once more places the two empty bowls mouth to mouth, rotates them together in a circular motion, and then separates the two. Finally he pours water from one bowl into the other one causing further surprise to the audience, who invariably applauds.

Includes two anodized aluminum bowls and instruction sheet.

Itemid: tx-10142 Weight: 330 Gram Available: 1 Price: $30.00
Stack of Coins, Quarters by Tango Magic
Stack of Coins, Quarters by Tango Magic
Tango Magic High Line Coin Magic.

Ultimate Precision Coin Magic. A classic effect made to perfection. Quarters are stacked on the back of spectators hand and covered with a leather-like cone. Quarters penetrate through spectator's hand. Cone is lifted revealing stack of pennies!

Itemid: tm-10157 Weight: 35 Gram Available: 1 Price: $30.00
Sudden Deck 2  by David Regal
Sudden Deck 2 by David Regal
A perfect way to introduce a deck of cards!

A blank unfolded card box visibly prints itself, then is folded into the shape of a box, and a regulation deck of cards is magically produced from it.

"I wish I thought of it. You nailed it. You solved the problem". - Paul Harris

Comes complete with 4 ingenious custom-crafted, precision-made gimmicked card cases - 2 blank, 1 red and 1 blue and instructions. And don't forget the perfect closer - Disposable Deck!

Itemid: ms-10608 Weight: 90 Gram Available: 2 Price: $30.00
Telekinesis for Dinner by Anton Corradin
Telekinesis for Dinner by Anton Corradin

Amaze your friends with your highly developed capacity to dominate the mental powers. Using your telekinetic power at the dinner table, send an onlooker's personal object (such as a ring) shattering through a wine glass- placed inverted over the object- right back at them!

Includes detailed, illustrated instructions and all you need to perform the "telekinesis."

Itemid: ms-10546 Weight: 80 Gram Available: 3 Price: $30.00
Throw Coils, Streamers Cresey, Rainbow, Pack of 12
Throw Coils, Streamers Cresey, Rainbow, Pack of 12
Used world-wide by magicians, clowns and anyone else who wants to include a beautiful production, the Rainbow throw streamer includes green, blue, orange, red and yellow.

Each package contains 12 double non-reusable streamers.

Itemid: cs-10048 Weight: 140 Gram Available: 2 Price: $30.00
Travelling Egg
Travelling Egg

The Great Gorgonzola Traveling Egg.

There have been some variations of this effect during the past 125 years (although not all of them have been commercially available). In Professor Hoffrnann's day the fake was covered with bran. Confetti and sawdust have also been used. Confetti seems to have been the most favored material since it is the most colorful.

The magician shows an egg and vanishes it. He then shows a glass which he hands out for examination.The audience having been satisfied that the glass is an ordinary one, the performer now shows a brown paper bag which, he says, has some confetti in it. He thrusts the glass into the bag and brings it out heaping full of confetti. He levels off the top, dropping the excess confetti into the bag. During his subsequent patter, he scoops some confetti out of the glass and, if he chooses, tosses it up into the air. He then picks up a silk handkerchief and drapes it over the glass. After pronouncing the magic words, or other suitable hocus-pocus, he whips the silk from the glass, slowly raising it into the air, revealing that the confetti has disappeared, the vanished egg having taken its place. The raw egg may now be broken into the glass and thus proved genuine!

Itemid: ms-10593 Weight: 285 Gram Available: 3 Price: $30.00
Ultimate Backflip by Jeremy Pey
Ultimate Backflip by Jeremy Pey
The magician displays four face-down red Bicycle cards all of which are the same value. One card is turned face-up and all the other cards magically turn over! One card is then turned face-down and the rest of the cards magically follow again and turn face-down! One card is then set aside and the remaining three turn face-up, one at a time. Suddenly, the card placed aside is back in the packet! Now, two of the cards are revealed to have different backs from the rest and the other two have different faces!
  • Resets quickly
  • All of the cards may be examined at the conclusion of the routine
  • Instructions also contain another version for the advanced card worker where the cards visually turn face-up in the spectator's hands
Comes complete with the necessary specially-printed cards and detailed instructions.
Itemid: ms-10528 Weight: 50 Gram Available: 4 Price: $30.00
Who ate My Hamburger by Anton Corradin
Who ate My Hamburger by Anton Corradin
This comedic situation will give you the chance to create hilarious interludes in shows for children, where both children and parents will have fun and be greatly surprised.
  • Easy to perform.
  • Novel and original.
  • Always ready to use.
  • Perfect for any family show performer!
Itemid: ms-10485 Weight: 240 Gram Available: 3 Price: $30.00
Word Power by Sam Swartz
Word Power by Sam Swartz
"So good, I wish I had thought of it myself." -Stewart James, after he saw the brilliant idea behind the many word tests that Sam Schwartz had created.

The performer shows a group of almost fifty word cards, one word to a card. The participant is handed all the cards and is asked to think of any one word. The performer proceeds to reveal the word without any hesitation, beginning with individual letters and then revealing the entire word!

This can be done with your back turned, in a different room, over the phone, etc. and is suitable for both smaller and larger audiences. In addition to the clever method, Sam has refined the revelation procedure to look like you knew the word right from the beginning!

The word cards are nicely printed on stock and laminated.

Itemid: ms-10507 Weight: 90 Gram Available: 2 Price: $30.00
Beyond Belief by Peter Eggink, DVD
Beyond Belief by Peter Eggink, DVD

Peter's card magic is extremely visual, and guaranteed to have a powerful impact on any audience. If you are into card magic, then this is definitely something for you. Simple, strong and visual magic!

Peter welcomes you aboard on the R.M.S Titanic, where he performs some of his most devastating card routines, in front of live passengers.

Routines performed and explained:

Invisible Reality
A spectator's signed selection becomes invisible, changes colour and reappears between two Jokers! An eye-popping sandwich routine with a fresh and exciting approach!

Knock Out
Three signed cards are revealed in the most unbelievable manner. This is eye candy of the highest calibre! Knock Out will hit them like the proverbial freight train!

A new take on the classic Sandwich card plot. The wrong card appears between two Jokers. Visually and Magically, the wrong card changes into the spectators signed selection! Seeing is (not) believing!

Lucky Card
The magician introduces his "Lucky Card": the only red-backed card in the deck, with the words "Lucky Card" written on it. A spectator selects any card from the deck, and signs it across the face. Magically, the "Lucky Card" vanishes from within the deck. The spectator's card is flipped over, and it appears to be the one and only "Lucky Card"!

Matchbook Odyssey
This is Peter's handling for the card-in-matchbook routine where a signed card appears folded inside a matchbook.

A truly devastating routine which uses a very clever method. Squeaky clean and very practical!

Key Card is Peter's answer to the classic "Travelling hole" plot. A routine that really makes sense, thanks to Peter's unique presentational hook.

  • Bonus Material
  • Ace Oddity
  • Touched by an angel
Itemid: ms-10938 Weight: 120 Gram Available: 1 Price: $31.00
Breakout, Red by Peter Eggink
Breakout, Red by Peter Eggink
This AMAZING routine from the creative mind of Peter Eggink is eye candy of the highest calibre. "Breakout" is an amazing closer for your ACR, or just great as a stand alone effect.

A card case is shown empty with a hole cut out through the front. Any card is selected and signed by the spectator. The card is lost inside the pack and shuffled thoroughly. Next, the cards are placed back inside the card case. Through the hole the spectator can clearly see the top card of the pack. With just a wave of the hand and under truly impossible conditions, the TOP card INSIDE the card case VISUALLY changes into the spectator's selection! Through the hole the card with their initials can now be seen!

Now for the final kicker: with just a shake of the card case the signed selection visually LEAPS right THROUGH the hole of the card case!

This AMAZING routine from the creative mind of Peter Eggink is eye candy of the highest calibre. "Breakout" is an amazing closer for your ACR, or just great as a stand alone effect.

The effect comes complete with a high quality hand crafted card case and gimmick. Use your own deck of cards.


  • Easy to do
  • No palming
  • Visually stunning
  • Resets in seconds
  • No hinges or flaps
Itemid: tx-10135 Weight: 150 Gram Available: 2 Price: $31.75
Flightcase, Blue Back, DVD and Gimmick by Peter Eggink
Flightcase, Blue Back, DVD and Gimmick by Peter Eggink
From the creative mind of Peter Eggink comes the cleanest signed card to card case!

Imagine the following: ANY card is selected and signed by the spectator. Next, you show the card case to be completely empty (it REALLY is empty) and is placed in between the hands of the spectator.

Suddenly the signed card visually disappears, only to be found INSIDE the card case that was show EMPTY just seconds ago. The best part is that everything happens in the hands of the spectator and everything may be fully examined afterwards.

Forget what you know about other card to card case effects - "FlightCase" is the one you will want to perform every time!

The brand new method is diabolically clever and the fool even the most experienced of magicians!

The full training DVD will guide you step by step on how to perform the routine, sleights and techniques.

What People are saying about FlightCase:

"You are a GENIUS! I LOVE IT!!! You are definitely onto a winner here!" - Keelan Leyser - MagicTricks.co.uk

"Direct, easy, visual and baffling, a recipe for a perfect magic trick!" - Peter Loughran

"Very clever and sure did fool me; the secret is brilliant! -Jason Palter - Paltergeist Unlimited

"A simple yet ingenious utility - Peter Eggink has a bit of the devil inside him!" - David Regal

"Flightcase looks perfect - clever, clever, clever" - Jay Sankey

Running Time Approximately: 45 min

Itemid: tx-10134 Weight: 110 Gram Available: 2 Price: $32.00
Ghost Tube, Square Split
Ghost Tube, Square Split
Here is an utility prop based on an idea by Ian Adair of England which enables you to perform varied effects. It is a variation of the Ghost Tube. But unlike the normal Ghost Tube, you can also use it to produce or vanish items, or change one thing to another. In effect the magician shows a square tube, which can be folded in the middle.

The audience can see right through the tube, and both halves-shown completely empty. After folding the top up again, a production can be made, from the top and bottom of the tube. Along with a beautifully built prop we supply you detailed instructions for many novel effects.

Itemid: fu-10726 Weight: 500 Gram Available: 1 Price: $32.00
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