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18+ Collection Of Card Cocktail
18+ Collection Of Card Cocktail

The 18+ in the title could represent the legal age at which you could drink at a bar, and legitimately watch the routines in this outfit! Or it could be the number of cards you get in this outfit, or the number of routines detailed for you in this manuscript of routines.

You take your pick! Magic at the bar, or for a partying adult audience, gives you an excellent performing platform. You have an audience with the time and inclination to watch, observation skills that are not at their peak, and where a little entertainment goes a long way. You have an audience that is ripe for the type of effects this outfit offers, all revolving around tipsy themes, with no exceptional skill or sleights.

Most of the effects are completely self-working, just follow the instructions. Others require a small amount of manipulation, well within the reach of the most modest close up performer. These effects could just as easily be performed at a restaurant table, at a hotel, garden party or private function - anywhere close-up magic and drinks may combine!

We supply you 18 drink cards, (in an attractive wallet), and a 24 page book of routines to perform with these cards. There are some 18 routines, plus variations. Pick up the cards, follow the instructions, and we guarantee you some great entertainment at your next party, restaurant or pub session!

Itemid: fu-10100 Weight: 90 Gram Available: 8 Price: $6.50
3 Choice by Wayne Dobson
3 Choice by Wayne Dobson
The magician presents a wallet to the spectator, and offers them a free choice of the three objects that are inside the wallet, a credit card, business card, and a bank note. Before the spectator can choose the items, the magician writes down a prediction of which items will be placed in which pocket of the spectator. The magician then looks away and shields his eyes, and asks the spectator to take the three items out of the wallet one at a time. As the spectator pulls out each item, the magician tells them to put that item in a certain pocket. Once the spectator has finished randomly selecting the objects, the magician turns back to the spectator and pulls out his prediction. One by one, the magician names the location of each object, to the amazement of both the spectator and the audience!
Itemid: ms-10225 Weight: 85 Gram Available: 3 Price: $55.00
30th Century Super Slate, Mental tricks
30th Century Super Slate, Mental tricks

You draw two identical sets of ESP symbols on a white board which is resting on a stand. Mark one of the ESP symbols on the upper set with a blue dot. You then cover the upper set with a piece of cardboard.

A spectator is now asked to freely select any of the ESP symbols in the lower set and to mark it with a red dot. When the cardboard cover is removed, it's seen that you and the spectator have selected the same symbol!

No forcing involved! Spectator has absolutely free choice.

This effect can be performed using numbers, letters, ESP symbols or even cards. A special living and dead test is also included in the instructions!

Itemid: tp-10100 Weight: 150 Gram Available: 1 Price: $19.50
52B Wave by Vernet
52B Wave by Vernet
The most baffling prediction, with a mind-blowing climax.

The magician gives a blue backed deck to a spectator explaining it contains a prediction. Then he says he has another deck, but it's very special; it's an invisible deck.

A spectator chooses a suit from the invisible deck and then he selects any value with absolute freedom, for example the 5 of Clubs. The magician takes the blue backed deck and when he spreads the cards, everyone can see there's only one card face up: it's the 5 of Clubs. Then he turns the 5 of Clubs face down, showing it's the only card with a red back.

But that's not all; the magician spreads all the deck showing all card have blank face.

Itemid: vt-10177 Weight: 120 Gram Available: 2 Price: $30.00
A Cut Above by Kenton Knepper
A Cut Above by Kenton Knepper
As many of you know, Kenton is more than a magician or a mentalist... He is a Wizard. And to him, that means that sometimes the lines get blurred between the two.

Often times a spectator wants you to tell them the future. A Cut Above is perfect for the impromptu reading by a magician, or as an opener for a more in depth session.

A blank card is shown to be the spectators future. Somewhere along the path, they choose to make a change. You cut the card in two pieces - where they want you to - and then you show that there were many choices printed on the back. Their choice proves to be a positive and moving experience every time.

A Cut Above comes with three different versions of cards so that you can repeat the effect and with plenty of each to perform dozens and dozens of times.

Itemid: ms-11055 Weight: 90 Gram Available: 2 Price: $25.00
Astrological Sign by Eduardo Kozuch
Astrological Sign by Eduardo Kozuch
Know Your Spectator's Zodiac Sign and Date of Birth!

The performer hands a spectator a small notebook which contains all the signs of the Zodiac. The spectator secretly finds his astrological sign and writes down his name. Despite the fact that the performer never sees the spectator's sign, and without any "fishing" or moves, the performer instantly names the spectator's sign of the Zodiac! Next, the spectator looks through the book and finds the page numbered with the year of his birth. Again, without any questions or moves, the performer instantly knows the day and month in which the spectator was born!

  • No questions
  • Easy to perform
  • Spectator freely handles all of the props
  • Fits in your pocket

Comes complete with full-color, spiralbound booklet, "crib sheets" and detailed instructions.

Itemid: ms-10173 Weight: 75 Gram Available: 1 Price: $25.00
Astrology and Telepathy by Raphael Cohen
Astrology and Telepathy by Raphael Cohen
A volunteer from the audience is handed a stack of cards which contains cards depicting each of the signs of the Zodiac as well as many different colors. The volunteer is asked to think of his astrological sign along with any color and then remove those cards from the stack. He hands the remaining cards to the magician.

The performer shows that the backs of all the cards are blank, except for the two the spectator freely chose, which are signed on the back and when put together create a special message!

Comes complete with full-color, printed cards, velvet carrying bag and instructional CD-Rom.

Itemid: ms-10226 Weight: 240 Gram Available: 2 Price: $50.00
Baffling BS by Larry Becker and Lee Earle
Baffling BS by Larry Becker and Lee Earle
The bumper sticker, begins the performer as he shows a selection of them - all of which are cut in half, is a source of 5-Star wisdom often using four-letter words. They're a short form expression of attitude, philosophy, and humor. You can find them at truck stops, novelty shops, and bargain swaps.

He shows the halves of two different bumper stickers saying, If you cut them in half and mismatch them, the results can be interesting. (The audience will laugh at a couple of the combinations, we designed them for that purpose.)

Placing a business envelope in full view, he continues, There are halves of two different bumper suckers in here (they can be seen through the address window) that usually combine with others to get an amusing reaction.

One of you will choose another half from these, the performer continues, spreading the stack of severed stickers face up for a nearby participant. As you can see, there are more than two dozen random possibilities. Which one would you like.

After the helper freely chooses one of the halves the Mentalist instructs, That was an intentional choice, influenced perhaps by color or subject matter. Next, you will select one unseen.

He turns the stack of half-stickers face down and reminds, Because it's selected blindly, and randomly, it will be a surprise for both of us

I'll keep you in suspense a moment longer, remarks the performer, as he withdraws one of the sticker-halves from the envelope (with its back toward the audience) to align with the unseen sticker-half.

This combination doesn't work, the performer informs, tucking it back in the envelope and pulling out the other one inside. Hopefully this combination will be better. He aligns it with the randomly selected half, smiles, and tucks the pair partially in his breast pocket, still (and always) fully visible to the audience.

Let's try the half sticker you picked earlier, suggests the Mentalist, reaching for the participant's piece. He aligns it with the remaining half from the envelope and his eyebrows go up. Well, this is weird, remarks the entertainer. He turns them around: they are opposite ends of the same bumper sticker!

But I promised you something funny, reminds the Mentalist, removing the pair of half-stickers from his breast pocket. And this is funny! He holds them up for everyone to see; the second pair is also a perfect match!

You get everything you need to perform this outstanding routine, bumper stickers, an ungimmicked window envelope, a special something and instructions. The bumper stickers are printed on glossy card stock and pre-cut into halves. There is a simple, one-time setup task that takes ten minutes or less and you're good to go for years to come.

Itemid: ms-11267 Weight: 240 Gram Available: 2 Price: $99.00
Bewildering Blackboard by Terry Lager
Bewildering Blackboard by Terry Lager
The performer displays a 2 1/2 inch by 3 1/2 inch chalkboard, showing it to be blank on both sides. The spectator signs his or her name on one side of the chalkboard, and then selects a card. When the small chalkboard is turned over, the spectator's selected card has mysteriously appeared written in chalk! Comes Complete.
Itemid: ms-10101 Weight: 20 Gram Available: 17 Price: $14.50
Bingo Bombshell by Bill Pryor
Bingo Bombshell by Bill Pryor
Now you can add magic to your daily life. Imagine having a friend come to your home or office and notice a colorful print of a carnival scene hanging on your wall. As they admire the attractive work of art, ask them to think of any one of thirty different numbers in the poster. You then reveal the number they are thinking of with one hundred percent accuracy. It's a killer. Immediately repeatable (and believe me, they will ask for a repeat). Impossible to figure out. No matter how many times you perform it.

If you have a wall on which to hang the poster and can count to seven, you can do this routine. Easy to do. No writing. No fishing. No memory work. No cue lists. No sleight-of-hand. No complicated formulas. Numbers range from 1 to 76. Nothing added or taken away. Comes complete and ready to use.

Artwork by well known Comics? artist Aldrin Buzz Aw (known for Justice League, Dragon Lance, X-Factor, Vengeance Of Vampirella.

Suitable for framing. Poster size is 17 Inch x 22 Inch printed in full color on 80 lb Gloss Enamel. Interactive art at its best. You will want to buy one for yourself and one for a friend.

Itemid: fi-10135 Weight: 50 Gram Available: 2 Price: $12.00
Blindsight by Devin Knight
Blindsight by Devin Knight
One of the most talked about effects at the 2006 Mindvention. It virtually fooled anyone who saw it.

The very latest from Devin Knight's Psychic-Sight series. The first was Farsight and was a runaway hit. Now comes Blindsight.

Performer patters that Blindsight is the apparent ability to see colors and shapes which cannot be seen. You offer a simple experiment. You introduce 4 ungimmicked colored cards: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. These in turn are sealed into 4 opaque envelopes and mixed so that the spectator doesn't know which color is in which envelope. You ask him to point to any envelope. Free choice, no magician's force of any kind. You hold it up and ask him what color he thinks is inside. Assume he says Blue. You write "Blue" on the envelope. This is repeated 3 more times with the person freely pointing to any of the remaining envelopes. Each time he states the color he thinks is inside and the performer writes it on the envelope.

Performer fans the envelopes out allowing the person to see the names written on each envelope. Magician states he only needs three envelopes for the first part and for the person to remove one envelope and place it off to the side. Let's assume he discards the envelope with the word Yellow written on it.

The other three envelopes are opened one at a time, the spectator has correctly guess what colors were in each envelope. This is pretty amazing in itself but the kicker is still to come.

Magician says nobody could have known what envelope the spectator would discard off to the side. The spectator, NOT THE MAGICIAN, picks up this envelope and opens it. Of course the correct color card is in it, but wait; there is a slip of paper in it and it reads: "THE YELLOW ENVELOPE WILL BE THE ONE YOU DISCARD!"

The magician can then show the other envelopes are empty, in fact all the envelopes can be examined.

Here are the facts:

  • NO Two-Sided color cards
  • NO Nailwriters or Boomwriters
  • NO Secret Writing
  • NO Switches
  • NO Sleights of any kind
  • NO One Ahead or One Behind Methods
  • NO Gimmicked Envelopes
  • NO Magnets
  • Color Cards are not gimmicked in anyway
  • Only 4 Cards are used.

The choices are completely free. As clean as it gets. The handling is designed in such a way that spectators and magicians will be unable to backtrack and discover the method.

Another reputation maker that is priced way too low. Complete with color cards, envelopes, marker and all needed gimmicks to make this work.

Look what others are saying:

"The directness and simplicity of blindsight is surpassed only by its impressive cleverness." - Michael Weber

"The elegantly simple method behind blindsight opened my eyes...even my third one." - Docc Hilford

"I changed my mind three times and Devin still nailed me! He then showed me the method and I was the perfect mark!" - Bob Sheets

"Without a doubt, this was the best effect of Mindvention 2006." -JHEFF

Itemid: ms-10957 Weight: 95 Gram Available: 1 Price: $23.00
C.S.I. Deck
C.S.I. Deck
The spectator will think of any one of the 52 cards. The magician will then spell to the card every time. This is a free choice and can be repeated for as many times as needed.
Itemid: rb-10102 Weight: 140 Gram Available: 3 Price: $14.75
Caller I.D. by Larry Becker and Lee Earle
Caller I.D. by Larry Becker and Lee Earle
A breathtaking NEW CONCEPT from the minds of Larry Becker and Lee Earle.

A different type of telephone book routine. Two years in development and worth the wait!

What would make the perfect telephone routine?
Since the vast majority of your mentalism presentations are for corporations or at the very least for people who work - everyone is familiar with business cards. And, everyone has seen multi-page business card organizers in office supply stores. Chances are you have one on your desk right now! It's the perfect solution for keeping all of your contacts in one neat, organized area. Now, it's the perfect solution for the perfect telephone routine that kills audiences and eliminates any and all suspicion. In a nut shell, Caller I.D. sets you apart from anything else out there! Don't be like every other mentalist who pulls out a phone book from the hotel room. Been there, done that! They've all seen that one. Toss out a collection of business cards and use anyone's phone? Now that's different! Want to be unique? Get Caller I.D.

Start with a deluxe, zippered, personal planner and binder - the DayRunner type that has pages retained with snap-open rings. Inside are a dozen clear vinyl pages, each holding six business cards in 3 packets, back to back, for a total of 72 cards. Every card is unique - no two have similar businesses, names, images, logos, addresses, etc.

Hand the binder to a participant who is encouraged to browse through the impressive variety of top quality business cards. You don't touch the binder again until the routine is over. Then, out of your view and from anywhere in the binder, the spectator removes two cards. After verifying they represent different companies, cities, and phone numbers, they hand one of them to a person close by. The binder is tossed to a third, completely random person of their choice.

That individual opens the binder, again - while you cannot possibly see, takes out any full page, removes all six business cards from the page and looks them over to satisfy him/herself that each one is unique - no duplicate information. Then, they discard all but two, using their own, unannounced criteria. Perhaps they prefer color printing over black and white; maybe they don't like round corners; it could be they are attracted to double-sided cards. You truly have no clue about their process of elimination; you don't even know which cards they hold.

To avoid dead time as they are narrowing their selection, you turn to work with the first two persons, each of who holds a single, freely and randomly selected card that has been kept hidden the entire time. One of them concentrates on their card's telephone number, digit by digit, including are code. You openly write numbers on a drawing pad and then ask him to read aloud the phone number on that card. The audience can clearly see that you have successfully identified all ten digits!

Turning to a fresh page in your drawing pad, you request the second helper to visualize the graphic elements on their card - colors, shapes, photos, etc. - while you doodle on your pad. Then they tell everyone what's printed on the card and your sketch matches their description of the cards they hold - inexplicit detail!

Finally you ask anyone with a cell phone to dial the number on either business card that the third spectator has randomly selected - their choice. They are to repeat whatever the individual on the other end of the call says. As the connection is being made on his own cell phone, you write furiously on your pad - turning the pages like a whirling dervish as you fill up each sheet with words, sketches and numbers. When the call is answered - the participant repeats everything he hears from the other end of the connection.

Simultaneously, you show page after page of your pad - detailing an almost word for word precognition of names, replies, comments...and even if the call is automatically answered you can still reveal info from that number's voice mail announcement!

  • Every piece of information seen on every card, by anyone who wants to look, is different.
  • The selection process is open, fair and uncomplicated.
  • Each business card is different; information, papers, colors, fonts, graphics, sophistication of design, and even business and industries are in area codes across the country.
  • This one-man routine is so easy you can focus on entertaining your audience; no mental gymnastics.
  • There are multiple revelations with no pumping, peeking, or procrastinating.
  • The finish is kick-ass and perfect in every way; and it's different if repeated an hour later.

Caller I.D. comes with a quality Day-runner-style zippered binder, the pages to hold more than six dozen professionally designed and printed business cards, pen, calculator,full DVD instructions and awesome 'secret something' that makes it possible.

You supply the pad and audience - they supply the standing ovation!

NOTE: Because Caller I.D. uses U.S. phone technology; this product is not recommended for use outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Itemid: ms-11216 Weight: 950 Gram Available: 2 Price: $250.00
Like the ESP-Mental Stand recently introduced by us, this prop was also inspired by Ed Mellon's Quantimental Stand. The original effect used different colored balls, placed on a stand. Four spectators each secretly selected a ball, and placed it in their pocket. The performer could divine which spectator had selected which ball.

While this prop uses the same basic modus-operandi as the original Quantimental stand, it greatly enhances the scope of the effect. You can use this with eight spectators, who can select playing cards, design cards, number cards etc.

You could use this outfit with a single spectator, and 8 number cards, asking him or her to pick up the cards in order to form an imaginary telephone number, such as 8124-5673. You could then reveal the selected number. The ideal effect with this model, which apparently doubles the probabilities against a random guess is to use four cards and four envelopes. The four cards could have different colored spots on them, (or numbers or designs or whatever you choose). The envelopes could be numbered (1-2-3-4) or have colored spots, or designs, so each envelope can be uniquely identified.

In this presentation each of the four spectators selects any card, then any envelope, and places the card in the envelope, which is placed in his pocket. In spite of the astronomical odds, the performer can correctly divine which spectator selected which card, and placed it in which envelope.

We supply you the special Card-I-Mental stand and some accessories like blank cards, pay envelopes, and printed cards & envelopes so that you can use this for the presentation(s) that best meet your preference. No electronics, no magnets, no stooges, no forces. Requires a little handling practice and presentation, and you have a miracle in your act.

Itemid: fu-11013 Weight: 870 Gram Available: 2 Price: $85.00
Clear Switch Stand
Clear Switch Stand
A very clever and deceptive piece of apparatus, this is a utility switching device in the form of a clear pencil or pen holder such as you would see on a desk. It is a transparent box which will hold pens or pencils, but is cleverly designed to switch or force paper slips or currency notes for mental effects, or magic tricks requiring a force. You can also use it for larger pieces of paper like numbers cut out from a calendar or miniature playing cards etc.

Comes complete with apparatus and instructions for several applications.

Itemid: fu-10234 Weight: 500 Gram Available: 1 Price: $32.50
Cocktail Confusion
Cocktail Confusion
This is a close up trick with a flavor of mental magic. Magician shows four different cards bearing names of four different drinks. He hands over a sealed envelope containing a prediction to the spectator. Then he deals the four cards on the table separately. Spectator selects one card. Magician asks the spectator to see the prediction card. The spectator is surprised on opening the prediction because it read Milk, which was not one of the drinks. He is asked to turn over his selected card. Surprise, it matches the prediction.

This novel close up trick comes with all necessary cards and detailed instructions.

Itemid: fu-10243 Weight: 20 Gram Available: 13 Price: $4.50
Color Divination Rods
Color Divination Rods
This is a very easy yet extremely baffling mystery. The performer displays a solid metal tube, and several different colored metal rods. A spectator places any of the rods in the tube, closes it, and hands it over to the performer. The other rods are concealed by the spectator. The performer feels the vibrations from the tube, and reveals the color of the rod in the tube. The apparatus can be examined, and the effect repeated as often as you like.

The apparatus supplied consists of the precision made brass tube, and five different colored (anodized) metal rods, in a bag. The secret is amazing, and makes for a very mystifying close up effect. And the item is excellent value for the price.

Itemid: fu-10855 Weight: 70 Gram Available: 10 Price: $9.50
Color Monte, Mental Tricks
Color Monte, Mental Tricks

4 Steps to be amazing!

  1. Place a prediction card on the table.
  2. Spectator mentally selects one of four different cards with colored dots printed on them.
  3. Spectator names his selection, or he can even change his mind if he would like.
  4. Prediction card is turned over and is 100% correct every time!
  • Chances are 4 to 1, but every time you perform this, you are correct!
  • Only 1 prediction card and 4 selection cards are used!
  • No envelopes, no sleights, no difficult reset, no rough-smooth or difficult sleights!
  • Easiest reputation-maker in the world!
  • Resets in seconds!

Each card is printed with a totally different color combination! Can be performed anywhere at anytime! A real close-up miracle! This is a mentalist's dream come true!

Comes complete with the specially made Mental Monte cards, gimmicks, tips and routines!

Itemid: jg-10140 Weight: 40 Gram Available: 8 Price: $18.00
Color Telepathy, Mental Trick by Werry
Color Telepathy, Mental Trick by Werry
Color Telepathy is a true mental masterpiece!

After a deck of cards is thoroughly shuffled by a spectator, the magician displays three different colored rectangle plates, which are placed onto a stand.

Sets of three cards are removed from the shuffled deck and placed in front of each colored plate. The magician takes the cards from one of the colored plates chosen by the spectator and shows their values.

The spectator is then asked to choose one of the cards, and the other two are eliminated. There is no force of the chosen card, no process of elimination, but a totally free choice.

Any set of cards and color can be chosen. Next, an envelope containing a prediction is opened. This envelope has been in full view the entire time. The prediction is removed with the correct card written in bold letters!

Points to remember:
  • Only one envelope and prediction card are used.
  • There are no switches of any kind.
  • Totally free choice of card.
  • No carbons, or secret writers are used.

Comes complete with colored rectangle plates, envelope with special plastic prediction card, and stand. Use any brand playing cards. A fantastic routine to add to your stand-up act!

Itemid: jg-10141 Weight: 300 Gram Available: 4 Price: $39.00
Color Vision, Mental Trick
Color Vision, Mental Trick
A Cube with six different colored spots is placed into an opaque box and closed. The magician names the colored spot on top of the boxed cube. The colored plastic box is 1 1/4 inch square, with a cube 1 1/8 inch size. Can be examined, and repeated as often as you like.
Itemid: fu-10263 Weight: 30 Gram Available: 7 Price: $2.50
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