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Tell O Clock, Mini
Tell O Clock, Mini
A prop that can be used to perform an amazing mental effect. The performer can correctly guess the time set on the miniature clock by any member of the audience, even though the clock face is entirely covered by a sliding opaque cover.

Measuring only 3.75" long, 2.25" wide, and 0.75" thick, this can be carried in your pocket ready for use any place, any time. Mechanical in working, and easy to do.

Itemid: rb-10332 Weight: 60 Gram Available: 2 Price: $9.50
The Mirage by Haim Goldenberg
The Mirage by Haim Goldenberg
The mentalist shows a medium-size board, and draws on it an 8-inch circle with a marker. This he calls, and Energy Circle.

A volunteer is asked to draw a drawing inside the Energy Circle. While the volunteer is drawing, the mentalist holds the board between himself and the volunteer, while his head is turned away from the board. The audience sees he can't see what the volunteer is drawing. After the volunteer finishes his drawing, the mentalist hands him the board cleaner (the sponge) and asks him to erase the drawing. Then, right before the eyes of the audience, he successfully reconstructs the erased drawing!

Itemid: ms-10560 Weight: 125 Gram Available: 2 Price: $95.00
The One With The Trivial Pursuit Card by Mark Elsdon
The One With The Trivial Pursuit Card by Mark Elsdon
If you like mentalism you are going to love this!

The performer introduces a packet of Trivial Pursuit cards and places them on the table. He then turns away and need not look at or touch the cards again. The spectator is instructed to cut into the cards and take one out. He looks over the questions on the card and decides on one but tells no one. Following a prelude test dealing with the category of the question that has been chosen, the performer writes something on a piece of paper, folds it up and hands it to the spectator. The spectator is asked to read aloud the question, and then turn the card over and read the answer out. Next he is asked to open the paper and read what the performer wrote. He does so and it is the exact same answer! The performer asks that the cards be handed to a different person. This person is also asked to cut into the cards and take one out. He too chooses a question. This time the performer writes nothing down, he simply announces both the category and the answer to the question the spectator is merely thinking of!

  1. Yes, both spectators' cards are different.
  2. Yes the cards can all be shown to be different at the beginning and end of the routine.
  3. Yes, the spectator can cut anywhere.
  4. No, neither spectator writes anything down or tells anyone his selection.
  5. Yes, the performer can still reveal the answer to the thought of question even if the spectator doesn't know it himself!
  6. Yes, the spectator can freely choose any of the questions on the card he takes, they are all different and no, it's not the same one every time!
Itemid: ms-10561 Weight: 80 Gram Available: 1 Price: $32.50
The Pyramid, Millenium Forcing Device
The Pyramid, Millenium Forcing Device
The performer shows a small origami pyramid, the one kids used as a game in grade-school. The magician shows one that has some numbers printed on each inner side.

"When I was a kid, each night, I had strange dreams where strange numbers appeared floating in front of me", says the magician. "And I don't know why, I wrote them all inside this little game I used to play." The magician brings out a small yellow origami pyramid, and places his fingers around it. He then shows all the inner sides of the pyramid with different numbers on it. "I noticed something strange about these numbers! Look, I'm going to open it two times, and I will ask you to remember just one of the numbers that catches your attention." The performer proceeds, opening the pyramid two times, one in each direction. The spectator concentrates, and without any hesitation, he can tell which number the spectator was thinking about! The effect can then be repeated with another number.

Itemid: ms-10562 Weight: 40 Gram Available: 2 Price: $20.00
The Right Write by Andy Leviss
The Right Write by Andy Leviss
THE RIGHT WRITE is a fiendishly clever tool allowing you to obtain information in the fairest most possible manner. Best of all, it happens right in front of the spectators!

Here's just a few of the possible routines. Three people are asked to concentrate on random objects of their own choosing. While your back is turned, they write the objects down and the selections are mixed together. One at a time, without any fishing or hesitation, you reveal each selection. Or how about this? While your back is turned, three people draw little stick figures. The figures are mixed while you explain that people often reveal parts of their personality through the drawings they make. When you turn back you are able to instantly reveal who made which drawing.

There are no marks of any kind. Use any paper, even your business cards. There are no moves, no setup, and no reset. The gimmicked pens look completely normal and the spectators can examine them completely.

Comes complete with the three special Bic pens and instructions for two routines, but the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

PLUS: for as long as we manufacture the effect, the pens are replaced for FREE if they ever wear out!

Itemid: fi-10209 Weight: 40 Gram Available: 3 Price: $18.00
The Same Card by Wayne Dobson
The Same Card by Wayne Dobson
Performer has a spectator FREELY select a card from an ordinary deck of cards. Without looking at it, the performer tables the card face down and brings out a small leather business card wallet from which he removes his business card and a dollar bill. "On the back of my business card is a prediction. If the prediction does not match the card you selected, you win the cash!" The spectator perks up as the performer places the selected card face down inside the wallet, leaving the side of the card protruding from within the compartment.

"Would you be impressed if the same card was written on the business card?" asks the performer. The spectator agrees, and the performer turns over the business card to reveal the words, "THE SAME CARD!" ... "actually," says the performer, "the real prediction is written on the back of the money. Turn it over and see for yourself."

The spectator turns the bill over and the words, "Four of Clubs" is written on the bill. The performer calls attention to the selected card in the business card wallet. Taking it out slowly and dramatically, he turns it over to reveal the Four of Clubs! It's the same card indeed!

This beautiful, ingenious piece of close-up mentalism comes to you with the special leather business card holder and detailed instructions. You'll have so much fun with this, you'll never put it down!

Itemid: cm-10117 Weight: 50 Gram Available: 2 Price: $19.00
Time Warp  with Wallet by Heinz Minten
Time Warp with Wallet by Heinz Minten
A spectator is asked to think of any hour of the day. After they have revealed their choice the performer then takes a small leather wallet from his pocket. A prediction card is removed from the wallet and placed faced down on the table. The wallet is now shown to be empty apart from a few banknotes remaining. Finally the prediction card is turned over to reveal the face of a pocket watch showing the exact time selected by the spectator.

No force or multiple outs used. This effect incorporate the Shogun Wallet principle created by Elbert L. Gardner and is used with kind permission of Steven Brown U.S.A.

Itemid: cm-10104 Weight: 150 Gram Available: 3 Price: $55.00
Travelling Diamond
Travelling Diamond
The magicians displays a stick fitted with four gem stones on both sides. There is a diamond at the top on each side, with three rubies at the bottom. He gives the stick a flick, and the diamond jumps to second from the top. The stick is again shown on both sides, and the diamond has jumped to the second position on other sides of the stick.

The stick is now passed through the magician's hand, and the diamond has jumped to the second last position, the stick being again shown on both sides. Finally with a magic flick the diamond hops to the other end of the stick, on both sides. If you wish you can have the diamond hop back one position at a time to the top as well. The apparatus supplied comprises of a special stick, and complete performing instructions.

Itemid: fu-10443 Weight: 10 Gram Available: 6 Price: $6.50
Triception, ESP Mental
Triception, ESP Mental
An ESP effect you can't pass by! Spectator deals 10 ESP cards face up in the shape of a pyramid. Magician now openly deals from the bottom of the deck a face down card on top of each face up card. As the cards are dealt, the spectator uses an "image receptor" consisting of a triangular piece of clear plastic to indicate which cards he thinks match and which do not.

When the cards are turned over, the spectator has "accurately predicted" the outcome. Everything can be examined!

Itemid: rb-10343 Weight: 75 Gram Available: 2 Price: $12.00
Triple Impact by Matt Ellison
Triple Impact by Matt Ellison
Triple Impact will totally blow your spectators away with an impossible triple prediction that is so clean your spectators will question their own free will!

A spectator cleanly selects 3 cards from a red deck and places them in to 3 separate pockets of his choice. With no fishing or funny moves the magician/mind reading guru reaches into his top pocket and removes a blue backed prediction card, your spectator removes the red back card, which he freely placed in to his top pocket, and they match! (same card, same pocket).

The magician now removes a card from his right hand pocket, the spectator does the same and they match (same card, same pocket, and remember the magician removes his prediction first so it is in full view).

The tension is building as the magician reaches in to his left hand pocket and removes a card, the card is shown, and yes it matches the spectator's card (once again same card, same pocket).

Your audience will truly believe that the future is in your control. This is a self-working masterpiece in mental magic.

  • No Sleight Of Hand.
  • Easy To Do.
  • Only one prediction card is in each pocket. Your pockets may be freely shown empty after each prediction card is removed.
  • Nothing added or taken away from the pockets or the deck at any time.
  • No Palming.
  • No Rough and Smooth.
  • The Predictions are in your pocket before you start.
  • Easily reset and extremely practical.

This is one effect that you will be asked to perform time and time again! In the midst of the many card tricks available today, Triple Impact is something you will USE for many years to come!

Itemid: ms-10595 Weight: 120 Gram Available: 2 Price: $26.00
Ultimate Mind Power (SILVER, Lg) by Perry Maynard
Ultimate Mind Power (SILVER, Lg) by Perry Maynard
Using the Ultimate Mind Power.

A light bulb can be made to illuminate at will.

Paranormal activity?

Only you will know the secrets of Ultimate Mind Power.

Perform over a dozen effects!

Itemid: ms-10071 Weight: 190 Gram Available: 1 Price: $39.00
Ultra Change Pedestal
Ultra Change Pedestal
This is a Pedestal which will produce, vanish or exchange a Poker Size Playing card, or any equivalent item. Visiting Cards, small pay envelopes, Paper money etc.

Its uses are many, and our instructions give you several application ideas. Made in plastic, modestly priced, any magician will find use for this in his bag of tricks.

Itemid: fu-10796 Weight: 115 Gram Available: 6 Price: $7.50
Utility Card Folder
Utility Card Folder
The Utility Folder is a low priced utility device for producing, vanishing, or changing items like Playing Cards, Visiting Cards, Currency Notes, etc. It appears like an ordinary plastic visiting card folder (approximately 4 inch long and 2.5 inch wide), with a transparent pocket inside to hold visiting cards.

Items can be made to appear, vanish, or change in the transparent pocket. This is not a two way wallet, and in many of the routines you can hand over the folder for examination after performing your effect. It is a utility prop that will find uses in many routines of different types.

We supply you the Utility Folder complete and ready to use with the necessary gimmicks, and detailed instructions and ideas for tricks you can perform with this. The Utility Folder is a useful prop with dozens of uses, and comes to you complete with instructions.

Itemid: fu-10799 Weight: 40 Gram Available: 7 Price: $6.00
Versadex Wallet by Becker and Earle
Versadex Wallet by Becker and Earle
A practical and elegant pocket index that doesn't require pockets and can be used under their noses, in plain sight.

This VERSAtile inDEXing wallet includes five complete, audience-proven routines and unlimited potential!

VERSADEX is beautifully hand fashioned from the highest quality black calf leather and features three deep compartments for credit cards plus two facing pockets to hold business cards and your paper currency. It's 4" wide x 6-3/4" long (10cm x 17cm)to provide a filing cabinet's instant access and easy indexing for more than a dozen business cards, billets, and more.

This wallet is not intended to be an everday 'carry wallet' but will certainly be accepted as such by anyone who sees it.

Five Powerhouse Routines!

The Universal Word - Imagine chatting up someone just before showtime, inviting her to think of a single word which she will reveal to you later, during your performance. She writes nothing down and tells no one. She has the option of changing her word any time and, until she reveals her choice to one and all, she is the only person in the entire universe who knows the word in her mind.

Later, after asking her to join him, the performer gazes into her eyes and writes something on a scrap of paper which is quarter-folded and openly tucked into a small pocket in his wallet. To ensure accuracy, the participant holds the wallet so everyone can easily see the folded paper. After she reads aloud her word's dictionary definition, she removes the folded paper from the wallet. When she opens it and reads aloud what you wrote, your prediction is the exact same definition and word as hers!

7 pages of detailed instructions give you 4 more real-world routines:

Dual Destiny - A random participant's Zodiac sign and lucky card both match yours, and you prove it!

Burn-Baby-Burn! - She incinerates 51 cards in an imaginary bonfire - your wallet holds the 52nd!

Flipping Impossible - Using imaginary coins, a 5-person 'flip-off' is accurately predicted!

Double Digit Quickie - The audience calls out a random 2-digit number - it's in your wallet, of course.

Each powerful presentation is audience-tested, direct from Larry Becker's personal repertoire.

Itemid: ms-10772 Weight: 175 Gram Available: 1 Price: $125.00
Weather Or Not by Devin Knight
Weather Or Not by Devin Knight
The very latest brainchild from the Knight and Moyer team. One of the most visual and comical mental effects you will find. Invite any 3 people on stage. These are not stooges and there has been no pre-show work. http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=154055&forum=109

Mentalist states that the two most talked about things among strangers are the weather and sports. They go hand in hand as the weather often affects sports. You then show a CD prediction and place it in a player. You state this contains a prediction that will hopefully match a weather forecast the spectators will form at random.

You ask the first person to name one of his favorite sports. Let's say he says: BASEBALL. This is written on a board so the audience can see it. You then call attention to 3 closed paper bags on the table. You tell the second person each bag contains a different type of weather gear and you'd like him to choose one to hold. Hopefully he will choose the right gear for the pending weather forecast. All this is done before the random weather forecast is made.

The mentalist then introduces cards containing various weather elements (including comedy weather, such as raining cats & dogs), temps, wind speeds, etc. The spectators then select elements to form a random weather forecast.

Let's say they select Rain, Lightning, Hail, and 25MPH winds. Each of these are written on the board for the audience to see. The performer then tells one of the spectators to push the play button. The CD plays and an official sounding NWS Weather Alert is heard. The voice warns of a pending rain storm, with lightning and 25MPH winds. The exact forecast the spectators formed at random. But wait, there is a REAL KICKER coming up. The weather alert also warns that this storm could cause BASEBALL size Hail! Yes, hail the size of the sports ball the person freely named when he came on stage. This kicker ending will floor any audience. But the best is yet to come. The mentalist points out that one of the spectators choose a bag BEFORE the forecast was formed.

The other two bags are opened first. One is seen to contain gloves and a ski mask. That doesn't fit the forecast. The other bag is shown to have suntan lotion and sunglasses. That doesn't match the forecast either. Finally the person holding the bag opens it. Inside he finds a heavy duty raincoat suitable for rain and hail storms.

Important Facts
  • Any 3 People, No Stooges.
  • No Pre-show Work.
  • One of the people freely calls out a sport.
  • No chance of failure.
  • No Switch of CDs.
  • No Sleights.

Comes complete with a professional produced CD, weather cards, bags to hold them, paper bags, raincoat and Devin Knight's professional comedy routine. The fact that the named sport also predicts the size of the hail is an unusual twist that your audience will never forget.

Itemid: ms-10477 Weight: 625 Gram Available: 2 Price: $55.00
White Tagger by James Biss
White Tagger by James Biss
James Biss has finally revealed his wild application of portable labeling technology and the results are incredible!

Inside you'll find everything you'll need to present some of the strongest effects available in Mentalism today including your very own, almost extinct, White Tagger device. It's the ideal assistant for the professional performer and the possibilities for mind blowing masterpieces with this particular approach are endless.

Included in the detailed 35 page illustrated manuscript, however, is a selection of powerful effects, fully routined for maximum entertainment value. These instructions are consistent with the standard established by other works by James Biss including his world wide best selling book MESSING WITH MINDS (now out of print), his new book MIND BLOWING, TESLAVISION and the widely acclaimed IMPRESSIONABLE MIND BOARD.

Here's some of the routines you'll be able to do at your next presentation with your WHITE TAGGER.

TAKING PICTURES: Duplicating drawings from people all around the room with astonishing clairvoyance, humour and accuracy along with a killer ending that will leave magicians' mouths wide open! (Featuring the new opaque MIND CHANGER BAGS, which are also included.)

CRYSTAL BALLS: Helping any spectator to divine the exact phone number dialed on a borrowed cell phone with an imaginary crystal ball and then you knowing an audience member's own phone number instantly - even though they've never shared it with you before.

CHINESE ORACLE: The most completely routined and entertaining prediction effect ever shared in the world of mentalism! An appropriate enclosure sent days in advance of your performance contains: first the week's winning lottery numbers - next personal choices made by the entire audience - and finally a freely chosen name with letters created by a team from the audience!


SLIP OF A READING: The world renowned Kenton Knepper's ingenious application of the White Tagger to create a close-up experience of fortune telling that they will never forget!

CELLULAR THOUGHTS: A wild new approach to George Schindler's Watch Your Thoughts that you'll carry with you for an impromptu miracle in a bar or restaurant. Any borrowed cellphone. Any stranger chosen by your party to assist. You know the number they dial with merely a wave of your hand over the phone! (A bonus secret available to you exclusively in digital format.)



Includes label device, permanent marker, mini-pencils and paper, and 33 page instruction manual. (Label device runs on 5 AA batteries which are not included)

Itemid: ms-11225 Weight: 550 Gram Available: 2 Price: $160.00
X-Posed by Wayne Dobson
X-Posed by Wayne Dobson
A funny slightly risqu revelation of a chosen card.

The performer has a spectator select and replace a card in the deck. After the card has been replaced, the performer displays a picture of a risqu flasher inside a leather window wallet. The picture is now removed from the wallet and held so that the spectator can see that there is a message written on the back. It reads as follows:

  • Let your mind go blank...
  • Concentrate hard...
  • As quick as a flash...
  • I'll reveal your card...

After reading it out loud, the performer places the picture card back into the wallet before finally turning it over to show that the flasher has opened his raincoat to reveal the chosen card. It always gets a big laugh and looks magical as well.

Itemid: ms-10418 Weight: 40 Gram Available: 11 Price: $24.00
XPert by Neil Tobin
XPert by Neil Tobin
An Indispensable New Utility Device for Mentalists and Magicians

Discover a new utility device, one that's already being used by performing mentalists and magicians who appreciate its understated power and seemingly limitless possibilities. Utilizing the subtle principle illuminated in Kenton Knepper's manuscript, X, and launching it into the next dimension, the Xpert makes possible a wide variety of miraculously direct and virtually sleight-free effects, including:

  • Out of Body Xpert
    A borrowed coin is chosen from a handful of change, marked with a participant's initial, has its date noted, and is tightly held in anybody's hands- yet the performer invisibly extracts the coin; it is soon found in the pocket of another participant some distance away!
  • Xpert Epic
    The performer clearly and boldly numbers the blank sides of three postcards one through three. Picking up each numbered postcard in proper sequence, the performer shows the number on top and then writes his thoughts beneath. At the conclusion, all three postcards are shown to have correct predictions and may be given away afterward. No forces necessary.
  • Xpert X-ed Card
    A card is freely selected (no force) and kept facedown while its back is visibly marked with a bold X. The cards are mixed, and the performer not so amazingly locates the X-ed card. But then comes the surprise-although the performer is no sleight-of-hand wizard, he is a mentalist: the X-ed card is turned face up to reveal the words "My Prediction" printed on its face. All the cards may be examined or given away. Instant reset, ends clean, no switches.
  • Xpert Vampire Hunter
    A participant selects and signs a card to represent her in the role of "vampire hunter." To represent a vampire, another card is signed with an ankh, the ancient symbol of the immortal; it is then lost within a packet of cards. The participant inserts here card face up into the packet anywhere she chooses: if she's a successful vampire hunter, the vampire will be found just beneath her card. But when the cards are spread, the vampire card is gone! Yet she's successful after all-her signed card is turned over, and inscribed on its back is the vampire symbol! This card is given to the participant as a truly bizarre souvenir. No specially printed cards, no palming, no swamis.

The Xpert device is the missing ingredient to my work on the X principle. No working magician or mentalist doing any X work can afford to be without this! -Kenton Knepper

You receive the staple-bound, 16-page, illustrated manuscript and gimmick.
Itemid: ms-10420 Weight: 45 Gram Available: 1 Price: $29.95
You Can Do It by Boris Wild
You Can Do It by Boris Wild
A fantastic Motivator for Corporate Events and School Shows!

Five Jumbo cards are shown and are used as a prediction of what is to come for the people of the company. Through audience participation, interaction and positive reinforcement it motivates your audience to be the best that they can be! Corporate patter, children's self-esteem patter, presentation suggestions and five colorful, jumbo laminated cards are included.

Itemid: ms-10476 Weight: 260 Gram Available: 1 Price: $28.00
Zenner Tech by Mark Elsdon
Zenner Tech by Mark Elsdon
A standard pack of ESP cards is displayed to the audience, and one of each symbol is removed: circle, star, wavy lines, square and cross. The performer sticks a small white sticker to the back of each one (the spectator can check that they really are stuck) and mixes them up. The spectator freely decides which of the five symbols to draw on each card, with no forces, equivoque or other hokey magician's ploys.

One by one the cards are flipped over (the spectator can flip the cards over himself) and each card perfectly matches what is drawn on its back! Oh yeah, and the cards may be fully examined.

Zenner-Tech is a very direct and commercial ESP test. No extraneous props, no sticky cards and no sleights. It is perfect for a formal close-up or mentalism performance or as an encore piece when you need to perform a killer closer. The spectator makes all the decisions and yet the outcome is guaranteed, every time! If you want to add a stunning mental effect to your repertoire, then Zenner-Tech fits the bill.

Itemid: ms-10724 Weight: 100 Gram Available: 4 Price: $40.00
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