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Colormatic Coins
Colormatic Coins
The performer shows three small plastic caps with different colored spots on them. As the performer turns away, a spectator is asked to secretly places a coin under any of the caps he wishes.

Turning around the performer can instantly tell which cap contains the coin, without asking any question or touching the caps.

The trick can be repeated immediately, as often as you wish. Supplied with caps and instructions. Use any small coins that fit under the caps (US 25c size or equivalent).

Itemid: fu-11012 Weight: 14 Gram Available: 7 Price: $1.50
Countdown by Aldo Colombini
Countdown by Aldo Colombini
You place a prediction in view. Three numbers are also placed on the table and a spectator arranges them in any order. The order of the numbers is used to deal a packet of cards several times. At the end of the deal the top card matches the prediction! All the other cards are blank! Everything can be examined.
Itemid: ms-11203 Weight: 45 Gram Available: 5 Price: $15.00
Cruise Control by Larry Becker and Lee Earle
Cruise Control by Larry Becker and Lee Earle
A participant is given four different full color travel brochures, each highlighting worldwide selections of exciting vacation cruises. After looking them over, the spectator then gives three of them to other people in the audience. The four participants combine their thoughts to create an imaginary dream cruise, including all prices for their choice of ocean liner and destination, hotel stay over, shore trips, and guided activities.

They also freely select the month in which they will travel, how much spending money (by grabbing a random handful of travelers cheques) they'll take with them, and even their seating preference for shipboard meals. All their vacation expenditures are openly recorded on an envelope the performer holds (for large audiences, you can use any size pad at all - the envelope is simply more convenient when working for small to medium size audiences). Then all the expenses are visibly totalled and that figure is also clearly written on the envelope or pad.

When the enclosed, typewritten letter is removed and read aloud (as participants visually read along), it even confirms their choice when they embark, seating reservations, and printed in large, bold type the total cost of the dream cruise. Following a hurricane of applause, the performer notes there is a P.S. in the letter. When the post script is read aloud, suggesting an amount of mad money to take on the cruise.

Remember the travelers cheques? They are now counted aloud for the first time and their total exactly matches the amount suggested in the letter! And the applause becomes a typhoon! Cruise Control comes complete with full color brochures which are custom designed and professionally printed on durable stock intended to last for many performances, plus fifty colorful "Travelers Cheques" in $20, $50, $100, and $500 denominations which are so authentic looking you may be tempted to spend them!

All brochures, options, and prices are absolutely different from one another. No impressions. No carbon paper. No double or secret writing. No switches. No pre-show work. No stooges or assistants. And you get everything you need except for the beaches and sunny skies.

Itemid: ms-10774 Weight: 230 Gram Available: 1 Price: $80.00
Delphic Deck by Zanadu
Delphic Deck by Zanadu
This effect when performed correctly is probably the most baffling and amazing piece of magic you can perform.

You have a pack of Bicycle Playing Cards that have a rubber band around the middle, you explain to the audience that you would like to try an experiment in Mind Reading.

So it is completely random, I will toss the deck out and whoever catches the deck will riffle through the cards and take a peek at just one card.

(This can be done for a small group of friends, a living room full of people or even on stage.) The spectator is asked to toss the deck to someone else.

That person peeks a card and again tosses the deck to someone else.

This can be done with up to ten spectators. Have everyone who peeked at a card stand up. I ask them to concentrate on their cards? I stand with my eyes closed... I ask them to project just an image of the color of their card? I look out. AHA! I see a red card, and I smile as I look out, and a Black Card, and I see a Five. I see a heart, another Heart? An even Spade, an Ace, A king, A two, A five, A Black Eight, the Ace is Black. Yes a Club, the King is Red. A Diamond. As I call out I look at the people standing.

Usually one of them will give away their card, I will look directly at them and name the card I think is theirs. I then repeat all ten cards. If you have heard your card called, please be seated.

If they all sit, (This is usually the case) I take a bow, If some are still standing, you are now in a position to look at them and with a few questions name their cards and have them be seated also.

Know that you have completely fooled the most logical and smartest minds in the audience.

You will have left them with something to ponder for a very long time. Many people in the audience will believe after witnessing this experiment that you can really read minds! In fact they will be lined up out the door wanting you to tell them the future. This effect needs to be used responsibly as I am certain you could start a New cult or religion with this effect.. It is really that powerful. They will talk about you for the rest of their lives!

Itemid: jg-10149 Weight: 130 Gram Available: 1 Price: $22.00
Desserts Prediction by Henry Evans
Desserts Prediction by Henry Evans
Magic in excellent condition!
It works in the spectator's hands.
"Everything can be examined from the beginning to the end"
You receive:
  • A plate (1 photo prediction behind it)
  • 10 small cards printed with different desserts
  • 1 small special card
  • Explanation on DVD
Itemid: he-10038 Weight: 170 Gram Available: 5 Price: $29.00
Die Divination
Die Divination
A Spectator places a die with a freely selected number of spots on top into an examined opaque container, which is closed with a tight press on lid. This container is then placed inside a second larger examined container which is also closed by the spectator.

The spectator then concentrates on the number of spots on top of the die. The performer correctly reveals the selected number.

A well made, and extremely low priced model of the item, this is supplied complete with instructions.

Itemid: fu-10969 Weight: 20 Gram Available: 13 Price: $1.50
Divide and Conquer by Meir Yedid
Divide and Conquer by Meir Yedid
A large envelope containing a prediction is placed in full view as two spectators select a card. The premise is simple, you state that within the envelope are two predictions, the first is the same suit but one-half the value of the first spectator's card and the second prediction is double the value of the second spectator's card.

In a loud clear voice the first spectator is asked to name his card. It is the ten of spades. Which means that your prediction should be the five of spades. Open the envelope and remove a giant (7" x 11") five of spades.

Turn to the second spectator and ask him to name his card - to everyone's shock he yells out the seven of clubs. This always gets a huge laugh since there is no such card as the fourteen of clubs. Just when everyone thinks you made a mistake the giant card is turned over to show your prediction - the fourteen of clubs.

Suitable for stage, parlor, close-up and perfect for emcees.

Itemid: fi-10158 Weight: 60 Gram Available: 1 Price: $14.00
DNA by MagicSmith and Mark Jenest
DNA by MagicSmith and Mark Jenest
With Mark's DNA - YOU'RE GUILTY of performing an eerie effect using an idea that's hot off the headlines.

You reveal the identity of a selected card by scanning & analyzing its DNA molecules with your Super Secret Scanning Wallet.

Here's how- You show a series of transparent plastic slides printed with apparently random DNA patterns. As you place the slides on top of each other, the card magically appears. It's downright creepy! The final revelation is totally unexpected & absolutely awesome.

Includes custom silk-screened slides, wallet & complete instructions.

Itemid: sh-10104 Weight: 50 Gram Available: 12 Price: $17.00
DoDeckADeal by John Archer
DoDeckADeal by John Archer
A fantastic coincidence effect using a pack of cards.

As seen on the best-selling DVD Educating Archer.

An experiment is conducted to find the relationship between chance and choice.

A deck of cards is fairly shown. After briefly shuffling the deck, half is given to a spectator, who again shuffles them and then begins to deal them into a small pile. The spectator is instructed to stop dealing by chance whenever she likes. The magician shuffles his half and allows the spectator to make a free choice from the face up cards. This chosen card is placed face up onto the spectator's pile.

Now this same procedure is repeated twice more for the sake of scientific consistency. When the piles are examined it is found that the card stopped at by chance in every case is the exact mate of the card selected by choice!

  • Can be repeated for the same audience!
  • Easy to do! Extremely quick reset!

DoDeckaDeal is supplied with full written instructions and special Bicycle deck of cards.

Itemid: ms-11081 Weight: 130 Gram Available: 1 Price: $24.00
Dramatic Envelope by Katsuya Masuda
Dramatic Envelope by Katsuya Masuda
The magician explains that he made a prediction in the wallet. Then he introduces five ESP cards and have a spectator choose one from them. The performer takes out an envelope from the wallet and hand it to the volunteer. The prediction inside the envelope matches his selection.

Comes complete with special wallet, gimmick, envelope, ESP cards and instruction sheet.

Itemid: tx-10127 Weight: 90 Gram Available: 1 Price: $34.50
Duel Match by Alakazam
Duel Match by Alakazam
The Magician places an envelope on the table explaining that it contains a prediction card. Next a deck of cards is freely shown to have different faces and back designs. With the cards spread face down, a spectator freely selects one which is then placed face down on the table. Next the deck is spread face up and a second card is selected and placed face up next to the first chosen card.

The prediction card is removed from the envelope and shown back and front. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to match either of the selections perhaps the trick has gone wrong! The Magician explains that since he was able to see the cards being selected, he was really trying to predict the other side of each card. The two selected cards are then turned over to show a perfect match.

Itemid: ms-11082 Weight: 110 Gram Available: 1 Price: $25.00
Eye Candy by Becker & Earle
Eye Candy by Becker & Earle
The performer tears a few pages from a current copy of Time, Business Week, or Newsweek magazine, giving the pages to people in the audience. They pass them on to others, ensuring a random selection of helpers. The Mentalist, with two of the helpers, illustrates how our eyes are attracted by the clever placement of text or graphics in almost all magazine editorials and ads.

One participant's page is torn into more than a dozen pieces to guarantee a random outcome by eliminating any bias resulting from the page layout. Obviously, every scrap has totally different printed content on both sides. While the mindreader's back is turned , the participant freely discards all but one piece which he holds between his forefinger and thumb for everyone (except the Mentalist) to see.

After verbally ensuring that the helper can read numerous words and phrases on the scrap of paper, and while the performer's back remains turned toward the participant, he says, "I am visualizing part of a word but it's somewhat obscured by your thumb. Move your thumb over, please. That's better. Would you please read for the first time that which Business Week printed on the piece of magazine page you chose. I believe the word " soared " was under your thumb. Is that correct?" He exclaims, " YES !"

  • No stooges
  • No assistants
  • No pre-show work
  • No sleights
  • No switches
  • No writing
  • No mirrors
  • Nothing added or taken away
  • Helper can stand across the room
  • No electronics
  • Unbreakable
  • Not the same words every time
  • Fully examinable, even the discarded scraps!

Eye Candy's "gaffus" is sufficient for up to 100 performances.

Itemid: ms-10773 Weight: 750 Gram Available: 2 Price: $79.50
Eye Of The Storm by Brad Toulouse
Eye Of The Storm by Brad Toulouse
Using a tie dye silk to represent the sea and with some "crystals," the performer weaves a tale of the Norse god Odin and of his magick.

The spectator is asked to hold ten crystals in his/her hand, and the performer assembles the rest of the crystals into a 4-sided diamond shape pattern on the silk. There are only 15 crystals on each side. This represents the Eye Of The Storm, a mystic zone Odin cast upon the Norwegian Sea. The spectator is asked to add their 10 crystals to the others on the silk. The performer does not remove any crystals whatsoever and all the crystals remain visible at all times.

However when counted again, there are still only 15 crystals on each of the four sides... the spectator's crystals have become magickly lost in the Eye Of The Storm!


Comes complete with colorful silk, sparkling crystals, and detailed instructions for performing this amazing trick!

Silk Dimensions Approximately 22 inch x 22 inch (56 cm x 56 cm)

Itemid: ms-10780 Weight: 75 Gram Available: 2 Price: $45.00
Forcing Pad by Vernet
Forcing Pad by Vernet
This is a wonderful utility prop that looks like a normal leather note pad, but it's specially made. A hand made black leather note pad with brass corner pieces embossed and which contains a pad of plain papers. A pencil is attached and also fits inside.

With it you can perform different and amazing effects, for example: You show an envelope and say that it has a prediction. You ask to different spectators to write numbers on the pad, one under the other. You don't have to see the numbers, someone else totals them together and you ask a member of the audience to open the envelope to show that it matches the total.

It's made in real leather by experts craftsmen. It has the right size. It fits perfectly in your jacket pocket.

Itemid: vt-10151 Weight: 130 Gram Available: 1 Price: $59.95
Fortune Telling Fish, 3 PSC.
Fortune Telling Fish, 3 PSC.
The Amazing Sardini will amaze you by curling in your hand. The back of the package translates his actions into your daily fortune.

The Fortune Telling Fish is fun and easy. More than a little odd, the fish is a great give-away item.

Itemid: fi-10649 Weight: 20 Gram Available: 10 Price: $1.00
Future Mental
Future Mental

You'll love this beautifully crafted mentalism item!

Three crocheted balls of different color sit atop the closed box. While your back is turned, the spectator selects one of the balls and shows it around for the others to see. He places it right back where he got it and tells you it is OK to turn back around.

Have the person open the lid of the box and place the balls inside in any order they wish. Close the lid. Explain that before you began the experiment in mentalism you placed a duplicate ball in your pocket. Hopefully it matches the person's free choice. Remove it from your pocket and hold it in your fist. He names the color. Open your hand and it matches. In fact, it is actually his ball!

Have the spectator open the box. Their ball is missing! No duplicates are used! Clever and practical!

Itemid: fi-10168 Weight: 170 Gram Available: 5 Price: $65.00
GYP-Necklace by Vernet
GYP-Necklace by Vernet
You show a beautiful necklace made of "poppit beads" and give it to the audience to be examined.

Then ask anyone to call a number. You pull the necklace apart showing a long string of beads and give it to the spectator. Then ask him to pull on the ends of the necklace and the string breaks at the exact chosen number. You can repeat the effect with different numbers.

  • You can repeat the effect with different chosen numbers
  • Look like real pearls
  • It's always ready
  • Can be repeated immediately
  • No skill required
Itemid: vt-10153 Weight: 65 Gram Available: 3 Price: $21.00
Gypsy Photo Frame
Gypsy Photo Frame
The Gypsy picture frame is a flat folder type picture frame. And in the simple act of closing and opening the frame, it can change one or both of the pictures inside. It can even change the same picture several times through a series of changes. It's uses are many, as a time machine, (change pictures of people or places to the past or future), as a frame that reveals additional dimensions (see the ghosts or UFOs around haunted places), or as a touch of magic (a selection in a crystal ball) - you'll have to look carefully to spot the selected card in the crystal ball in the illustration!)

Very easy to use, this accepts pictures of a size up to 5 inch wide and 7 inch tall, making it suitable for larger audiences. It comes with an 8 page manuscript of ideas for presentation, and half a dozen changing pictures to enable you to put it into your act immediately. You can easily design any picture to suit your specific requirements. And it costs much less than you would pay for a utility prop of this nature. Highly recommended.

Itemid: fu-10415 Weight: 380 Gram Available: 4 Price: $14.50
Gypsys Whisper by Pieras Fitikides
Gypsys Whisper by Pieras Fitikides

Pieras Fitikides has invented some very unusual effects and marvels for the Magic community. This is his latest and it is a real winner....... The Gypsy's Whisper.

A brand new effect using a clever principle in a very unusual way. The uses for this apparatus are mind-boggling.

Just one of the effects possible: The performer removes an old laminated photo of a mysterious Gypsy from an envelope; she is gazing into a solid black scrying ball. The performer states that some cultures believe that if their photo is taken the possessor of the photo also possesses their soul. Such is the case with our Gypsy fortune-teller.

A playing card is selected by a spectator without the performer knowing its value. The Gypsy is asked to reveal the selected card. Slowly gazing into the black abyss of the scrying ball a faint speck appears; slowly the image becomes clearer and finally it is seen that the name of the selected card is revealed in the center of the crystal ball! Just as mysteriously, the image fades into blackness.

Another spectator is asked to select a card and the Gypsy again is asked to reveal its identity. Again, slowly another image appears, the image of the second selected card! This also fades to black at the command of the performer.

Anything, and I mean anything can be predicted by the Gypsy; a word, line drawing, number, playing card, serial number, you name it. The effects are only limited by your imagination.

The laminated photo comes complete with detailed instructions and everything you need to make multiple predictions. Card measures 8.5 inch x 6 inch and is less than 1/16 inch thick. The Gypsy's Whisper should give you years of performing service as there is nothing to wear out, no batteries, magnets, etc. Self contained. There is nothing on the mental market to compare to this unique effect. Highly recommended by the staff at The Merchant of Magic. This simply looks like an old laminated photo.


Is this easy to perform?
Yes! The special photograph included does all the hard work , so you can focus on your presentation and enjoy the audiences reaction! Within the pack you will recieve a detailed, photo illustrated book taking you step by step through everything you need to get the most from this versitile device.

You will recieve Presentation tips and ideas, special guides for single and double revelations, and much much more!

Can ANYTHING be predicted?
Yes! You are just limited by your imagination! use it with your booktests, card predictions. Why not use it with a pack of Tarot cards for a multi-phase fortune telling routine!

What about the reset?
Super fast! It allows an instant set up and once your familiar with the method, you could, for example, have two spectators select a card. Then turn to the first spectator and have the photo reveal the card, then turn around to the second spectator and the photo will transform to show their prediction!

Is this suitable for working magicians?
Yes! It's great for table-magic as it is instantly set up; and its a great piece for the trade-show performer as well.

Itemid: ms-11339 Weight: 150 Gram Available: 1 Price: $69.00
Happy Hour, Drink Menu by Erez Moshe
Happy Hour, Drink Menu by Erez Moshe
A volunteer from the audience is invited to the stage. The performer asks him to think of a drink from the variety of drinks that are presented in a menu.

The volunteer reveals in front of the audience the drink that he thought of:
To the surprise of the audience, the performer opens the paper bag that was standing on the table amazingly the same drink that he thought of is inside the paper bag.

Itemid: mm-10483 Weight: 115 Gram Available: 6 Price: $34.00
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