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Zinger by Meir Yedid
Zinger by Meir Yedid
A quick, simple and direct prediction using a handful of coins.

Three coins are placed on the table or in a spectator�s hand and a prediction coin is placed in your fist. A spectator freely selects any of the three coins. When you open your fist the prediction coin matches perfectly.

No extra coins, no switches, no forces. You will love performing this and will carry it with you -- everywhere. Very easy to learn and almost works itself. Comes complete with the necessary gaff and photo-illustrated instructions. Use your own coins.

Itemid: fi-10251 Weight: 20 Gram Available: 3 Price: $9.00
Zodiac Influence
Zodiac Influence

The stars influence your character, and effects using birth signs are of natural interest to spectators.

In this effect the performer displays four visiting size cards, with random Zodiac designs on their faces. The backs of the cards have all the twelve Zodiac designs. A spectator is asked to select his own or someone else's sign of birth.

He places the cards which have his selected design in your pocket, discarding the others face down on the table. The magician can reveal the selected design without looking at the faces of the cards, or asking any questions.

The Zodiac Influence is easy to perform, and comes to you complete with all the silk screened card and full working instructions.

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